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  1. This band has been underrated for some time...glad to see they're getting more attention. Thanks for sharing this early @Summers!
  2. Thanks for this! Hopefully people that are less familiar with Eighteen Visions will take a listen to their earlier records and hear how they used to sound and how they evolved.
  3. I found this Band when this album came out. Fantastic album. Been a Sylosis fan ever since. Good job posting this, hopefully people don't over look it.
  4. Thank you for this! I have the physical album from a long time ago but its not in good condition. Agreed. Although i honestly haven't listened to music Angels and Airwaves.
  5. I agree with @FallujahQc. August Burns Red called, they want their riffs back haha. Quality worship attempt, though.
  6. @eris Thanks for posting this nonetheless.
  7. My apologies for misinterpreting what he said..... Thanks. Sorry for the confusion. I misinterpreted what you said in the post. Its early here, my brain isn't quite awake yet.
  8. Havent listent to all the songs on the remastered yet, but comparing the songs i have listened to, imo while trying to improve the drums, they sacrificed the quality of some aspects of the rest of the mix. But that is a risk you encounter when remixing/remastering and such. I wonder if they did it themselves or someone outside the band.
  9. Thanks for posting it! Hopefully some people appreciate it.
  10. Another one of those albums that came to early. I bet people would dig this more if it was released today.
  11. @SummersHey, not trying to bother you, but i noticed the "Silver Bullet" bonus track, and when i went to open the files after DL the album, the tracks are all there except for "Silver Bullet". Is that a user error or something weird with the file/link?
  12. Well, in a sense your not that far off with the ADTR comparison, as Cody has written/assisted in writing some of ADTR's songs.
  13. No problem! I can understand that. Member changes can create skepticism of whats to come with new material. But Zac Mayfield is a solid drummer! He's been with them since post-SOTM material, and the drumming has only gotten better imo.
  14. While I think their best album is debatable; with each release, I do find myself going back to some songs from SOTM and asking myself if the new songs are up to par. If that makes...But yes. Great band nonetheless.
  15. If you haven't already, check out Son Of The Morning (their 2nd release), as well as Children Of Fire. Each release after SOTM has a slightly varied lineup except for their frontman and their lead guitarist/clean vocalist (whom was also in Wovenwar).
  16. Yep! I noticed as well! And Ii was wondering the same thing.
  17. LOVED this record. WAY ahead of their time! Thanks @Lord Rorschach for posting this edition w/bonus tracks!
  18. Stoked to kick it with the 18V dudes and watch them kill it tomorrow! Will be weird without Mick and Ken though.
  19. No real particular order: Darkest Hour Mastodon Pallbearer Culprit Northlane (though their excess "djentyness" bored me)
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