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  1. I saw these guys open for Famous Last Words a few years ago. They're not bad honestly. They sound like an edgier heavier Get Scared (which is a good or a bad thing). They just have a chronic identity crisis and don't know what they want to look or sound like. They really could make great music with some more direction though...
  2. I can honestly say this doesn't sound like anything I've ever heard before. It's not amazing by any means but it's a very original take on the current state of metalcore. The obvious lack of a breakdown? The way the intro sounds like its building into a breakdown and then hitting us with eerie cleans? It's so jarring and unexpected from the band that's been known for the last decade as "generic." Me personally, LMTF was one of the few bands I could go to when I wanted an all around good old fashioned punchy metalcore angry breakdown song. But these last two singles have been so different compared to everything else in their discog and it sounds GOOD. Very excited for this next album but was this good enough to be a single?
  3. These guys didn't have a bad album. At times they were hit or miss, but honestly such a solid post hardcore discography.
  4. Lazy song writing, but the instrumentals are nice. I expect more from their next release.
  5. This band has insane potential. They need a year or so to grow their sound but they really could be huge.
  6. Telle's chorus in this is literally just Monster by Starset. "You're the pulse in my veins, you're the war that I wage. Can you change me? Can you change me?"
  7. This isn't my favorite green day of all time but I honestly prefer this style of rock to the over produced pop bullshit they put out awhile back. Solid 6 from me at best.
  8. Sorry you intentionally torture yourself
  9. At least 2 people knew how to take a joke and not downvote their disapproval 💀💀 and sorry I can't get behind the blond. It's the stereotypical shit every musician does when their act falls off for a couple years. A midlife crisis gimmick to make people interested and a misleading single so people buy the next album. The older style just fit his voice better and this new shit is hard to not cringe at. Listen to what you want but I've 1000% grown out of this band and can't see how this is enjoyable music 😬😬
  10. Off the single alone I like this more than the last album, but that doesn't excuse Kellin Quinn for doing that shit to his hair... or how much this band has declined since 2012...
  11. L. For Today, Impending Doom, Memphis May Fire, August Burns Red. There's plenty of great Christian rock bands, this song is garbage compared to Disciple from 1999-2012
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