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  1. This is a welcome surprise holy shit
  2. Better than Kamikaze, better than Revival, on par with MMLP2. Arguably the best thing he's released in 10 years (after Recovery obviously). First 10 songs are great with some AMAZING production (In Too Deep is a bit of a weak track though). Unfortunately tracks 11-15 are just terrible, the Anderson .Paak and Don Toliver tracks are great, so the album ends on a high note but this album really could've been 6 tracks shorter and been a much better project altogether.
  3. I'll pass on the screams, but everything else sounds great
  4. They literally have 3 logos, one of them ripping off Memphis May Fire's 2011 logo and one ripping off Famous Last Words's 2014 logo.
  5. My 2019 was dominated by rap music, mainly because the bigger name rock and metal releases weren't impressing me at all. Wage War let me down, among many others. Just my opinion
  6. If they release an album 2020 it already has my vote for AOTY. I've listened to MTH and In Flames for years and it's so refreshing to hear something HEAVY from them. I also loved Night Verses last project so hearing that guitar work behind the vocals was just perfect. It does sound very unpolished from a mix and master stand point but I have extremely high hopes for a solid LP from these guys. A collaboration I didn't know I needed, but now I can't live without.
  7. I've listened to VOTS since their first single and I knew he was the vocalist for them yes, did not know about Blind & Crossed though. What I meant was more so both of them together because they make a great pair when they share vocal duties and two frontmen make for great live shows as well.
  8. Never heard of them before but this is very interesting. Only really wanted to hear Shawn Milke's voice again but I'm surprised by how original this is. The unclean vocals are jarring, the song is structured beautifully, need more like this for sure.
  9. Just from the single... god awful cliche song writing, terrible mixing, boring vocals and instrumentals. NO THANKS.
  10. Surprisingly good! Modern deathcore done right.
  11. This is startercore. Terrible idea from a marketing stand point for whoever reinvented this band under the same name. Most of D&Ds past singles have been worth the listen so this just makes the band look like it's deteriorating. And as for Denis and Christian, they need to get their shit together and stick to one fucking band already and just make some damn music.
  12. The full name of this album is Music to listen to, dance to, blaze to, pray to, feed to, sleep to, talk to, grind to, trip to, breathe to, help to, hurt to, scroll to, roll to, love to, hate to, learn to, plot to, play to, be to, feel to, breed to, sweat to, dream to, hide to, live to, die to, go to.
  13. This is an interesting compilation of guest features... you got the Wild 'N' Out girl, NOT Hopsin and NOT Tech N9ne, an SXM radio host, the angry Canadian YouTube rapper, and a SoundCloud memer (among others)... think Imma pass on this one. Anybody else can let me kno if this was good or not.
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