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  1. Their debut self titled EP was really fucking good (didn't realize YAF came out last year). So the fact that this is the best these guys came up with during COVID is kinda disappointing ngl.
  2. The Word Alive will never live up to anything they released early/mid-career unless they seriously consider making some changes to their "formula." Telle is such an incredible vocalist that it's truly disappointing where this band has ended up. This album is definitely better than their last, but not by much. They dont have to go back to the old sound. I wouldn't even mind a return to something between the Dark Matter/REAL. era sound. But this is just extremely boring and sounds the same the entire way through. I cant see myself ever wanting to listen to it again from start to finish. I'll pull a couple tracks out and onto a playlist because there is highlights here, catchy choruses and decent riffs and something to at least enjoy in the back ground and hum along to... but that's a sad thing to say about the band that wrote The Deceiver. Standout songs: Numb Love, K.F.
  3. TL;DR: The thing about Polaris, isnt that they're doing something "different" or "ground breaking," it's that they're taking sounds that we are all so familiar with and turning them into something interesting. They break the generic structure, maintaining a slightly progressive and expiremental edge, while still sticking true to the punishing metalcore sound. They're extremely FAMILIAR, while continuing to separate themselves from the crowd and proving why they will be the standout band of the 2020's. Pray For Rain: acting as the intro track and painting the perfect scene for what's to come on this album, clean guitar ambience, relentless chugs, top notch vocal performances. Enjoyable in the context of the album, yet a little too drawn out for a playlist - 8/10 Hypermania: the circle pit song, takes heavy influence from Southern Metalcore and a classic metal sound, but this song only really shines in a live performance - 6.5/10 Masochist: I didnt like this song as a single, it scared me for the tone of the album, but after hearing it in context of the album its quickly become a top tier Polaris track and I cant get enough of it even after all this time. A perfect fusion of classic emo/post hardcore with modern metalcore - 8.5/10 Landmine: We all know this song is fucking amazing, and the choice of using a scream/chant refrain in place of a hook, and slapping a single random clean sung chorus in the middle of the song is a Polaris staple at this point. Not to mention the breakdown... - 7.5/10 Vagabond: This to me sounds like it belongs somehow on both "Neon" from Erra, and also any SXM Octane playlist ever. It feels true to today's METAL, but oddly out of character for Polaris. Which isnt a bad thing for a band that can seemingly do no wrong. This song is very fun and powerful, but nothing impressive - 7/10 Creatures Of Habit: MVP to the instrumentals here, this song is full of riffage and flaunting of musical talents, even in the chorus the instruments are on CENTER stage, again proving that Polaris is fueled by every member of the band and constantly looking to do things that are familiar to metalcore, yet unique to them - 8/10 Above My Head: returning to the more emotional side of the spectrum, the lyrics shine the most here. Catchy post hardcore/metalcore track with a more generic structure. Solid - 7/10 Martyr (Waves): probably the most out of the ballpark track on the project, an emotional ballad that pushes the vocal performances from both frontmen to their absolute limit. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Polaris just doesn't miss - 8/10 All Of This Is Fleeting: MY FAVORITE SONG OFF THE PROJECT! Amazing vocal performances. Ridiculous instrumentation. Perfectly punishing breakdowns. Slightly atypical structure. Perfect for the pit. Perfect for the sing along. The standout moment comes from the jarring breakdown. It doesnt even sound like it's from the same song and that's why I love it - 9.5/10 The Descent: The outro might be my least favorite song on the project. I found myself constantly zoning in and out of the song trying to remember to focus on the track so I could dissect it. Very expiremental song in terms of structure, however hard to hold onto for 5 minutes plus. Makes more sense in context of the album but falls short anywhere else - 6/10 Overall thoughts - 8/10 album. I'm incredibly disappointed that after waiting three years since hearing The Mortal Coil, I only got 10 songs to make me fall in love with Polaris all over again. Although they succeeded... This stands up to the pressure they received from the success of their 2017 debut. My favorite part about this album is that I can perfectly hear all of their influences. I hear the classic emo post hardcore from Silverstein and Hawthorne Heights loud and clear. I hear the Norma Jean. I hear the Killswitch Engage. I hear the Linkin Park. The Memphis May Fire. The Slipknot. The Of Mice & Men. The Suicide Silence. It's all there. Polaris knows how to showcase their influences in bits and pieces without sounding like a carbon copy. They're managing to make music from all ends of the spectrum that is incredibly entertaining and versatile without being too flashy or too much of an outlier as other bands tend to become. Polaris is determined on delivering high quality music with poetry and skill. Easy album of the year contender right here.
  4. Coffin: Unexpected to hear from TAA. Solid. - 6.5/10 All My Friends Are Dead: equally unexpected, one of my favorite tracks from this band in the last 5 years tbh. - 7/10 Soak Me In Bleach: a little underwhelming but generic TAA - 6/10 All I Do Is Sink: Incredible track from TAA, true to the standard I hold this band at - 8/10 Baltimore Rain: Extremely disappointing, boring as fuck - 3.5/10 Aloneliness: Literally sounds like a Blue October throwaway track from 2006 - 4/10 Forever: returns to that generic TAA filler track - 6/10 Just Like Me: poppy as hell, big sad boi vibes. Not bad just not my favorite - 5/10 Born To Lose: Feels like it should've been a power anthem, but completely sells itself short. The breakdown saves the song... somewhat - 6.5/10 Fever Dream: I've heard the same progression from this hook several times already. Pretty boring song tbh, hella lazy - 4.5/10 Catatonia: Very similar to All My Friends Are Dead, but I like this song more for the fact that the hook is more than 3 words, reading the apple music description puts the lyrics into heavy perspective as well. Probably my favorite from the album - 9/10 Final Thoughts: not extremely disappointed, but it is sad that I'm at this point with TAA that I'm expecting to be let down. I feel like we all just EXPECT to get mid from them. After reading Joel Birch's commentary I was expecting more passion, more pain, more creative song writing. Expectations were not met. It sounds like this band wants to recreate their 2014 success SO BAD that they've done it for the last 3 ALBUMS SINCE. Tweaking little things here and there to make it authentic enough to be a "new" album. I hope that someone talks some sense into these guys, the lyrics on this album are just cringeworthy, the tone is all over the place and it feels incredibly sloppy. 5/10
  5. Isn't this a joint album? Yung Gravy & bbno$
  6. When I first heard Death Is All I Think About however long ago that single came out, I was skeptical, but it ended up being one of my favorite songs of last year. This band has some great potential to stand out from the crowd.
  7. This is a welcome surprise holy shit
  8. Better than Kamikaze, better than Revival, on par with MMLP2. Arguably the best thing he's released in 10 years (after Recovery obviously). First 10 songs are great with some AMAZING production (In Too Deep is a bit of a weak track though). Unfortunately tracks 11-15 are just terrible, the Anderson .Paak and Don Toliver tracks are great, so the album ends on a high note but this album really could've been 6 tracks shorter and been a much better project altogether.
  9. I'll pass on the screams, but everything else sounds great
  10. They literally have 3 logos, one of them ripping off Memphis May Fire's 2011 logo and one ripping off Famous Last Words's 2014 logo.
  11. My 2019 was dominated by rap music, mainly because the bigger name rock and metal releases weren't impressing me at all. Wage War let me down, among many others. Just my opinion
  12. If they release an album 2020 it already has my vote for AOTY. I've listened to MTH and In Flames for years and it's so refreshing to hear something HEAVY from them. I also loved Night Verses last project so hearing that guitar work behind the vocals was just perfect. It does sound very unpolished from a mix and master stand point but I have extremely high hopes for a solid LP from these guys. A collaboration I didn't know I needed, but now I can't live without.
  13. I've listened to VOTS since their first single and I knew he was the vocalist for them yes, did not know about Blind & Crossed though. What I meant was more so both of them together because they make a great pair when they share vocal duties and two frontmen make for great live shows as well.
  14. Never heard of them before but this is very interesting. Only really wanted to hear Shawn Milke's voice again but I'm surprised by how original this is. The unclean vocals are jarring, the song is structured beautifully, need more like this for sure.
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