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  2. He's my dad.
  4. Bruh expected some meme shit but got some good shit instead thank you KL once again for the crowdkilling fuel PAPA BLESS
  5. Even in 128 this is some of the best shit i've ever heard. We get Counterparts and this in the same year, we don't deserve this.
  6. Pretty good, didn't really dig the chorus at first but it's growing on me. Still like the first single better.
  7. It's not the way it has a build up, but the fact it really has no payoff. Look at Naked and Cold from Holy War or Doomed From Birth on Hate. It builds up, has a payoff and fades out. This one literally cuts off mid riff. Maybe my file is broken or it's not the full song? This is not how usually bands close their albums, from my experience at least. And especially Thy Art.
  8. Yo is it just me or does the closer kind of just end? Talking about "The Final Curtain" since No Absolution is a bonus track. It builds up and just cuts off, find it kind of weird. Other than that really killer album from just the first listen, definitely enjoy the Behemoth influence and great riffing. Not too breakdown centric but when they come they fucking slap.
  9. Hop on aboard, new people are always welcome. Do yourself a favor and work your back through their discography. In my opinion last two albums are their strongest, and one in which they really found their stride. The first 2 aren't bad either, far from it.
  10. Seriously though this album is going to save my life and i haven't even heard all of it, how can a band be THIS good. Someone let me know ;_;
  11. just give us the album fam
  12. A O T Y O T Y
  13. this man is one with the B's memes