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  1. It's metal, that lamb is getting devoured sorry pal
  2. I'm gonna give this one a go. a lamb = young sheep. People are usually sheep tips fedora. EDIT: Didn't mean to post so quickly. Maybe they're suggesting that the sheep is feeding on something ultimately destructive, something that's going to be the end of it. People are consumed by greed, evil, death etc. so much it's going to be the end of them.
  3. Manny who wrote in my opinion the best Hundredth albums is the lead guitarist now. So i'd say they're in pretty good hands, as this song suggests. Also, in an interview they said this album is much more of a collaborative work between all members.
  4. The album art is awesome, and the song seems to be pulling a lot from death metal with fast riffing and it's great. Was kind of afraid it's gonna be a rehash but it certainly does sound a bit different, color me excited.
  6. Same here man, ever since i stumbled upon The Current Will Carry Us i knew this band would be something special. They just got better over time and honed in their own sound. I don't have a tattoo yet, but i'm certain my first one will be dedicated to this band.
  7. We can definitely be, i jerk them heavy on /r/melodichardcore and our discord room. I just started using KL forum features though
  8. all aboard the hype train, we can survive until late september boys. My favorite band ever, "Bouquet" is amazing and i'm certain the rest of the album will be at least as good. Counterparts just isn't a band that puts out subpar music.
  9. Best band ever, can't fucking wait to hear the full album.
  11. Wouldn't expect nothing less, all of their previous work was connected.
  12. Neverbloom is one of my favorite albums of all time, but why are people scared of the new sound when it's done so fucking well? They're great musicians that delivered on all of their material, why doubt this. Plus they said this album will have variation, so i'm sure even deathcore elitists will love a few songs.
  13. It sounds so much better in 320. Love this song and love this band, can't fucking wait for the album to drop i might actually cry.
  14. Fuck yeah, great song imho.
  15. Fuck yeah this song is awesome, another album to get excited for.