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  1. Pulses. - Bouqet. (2017)

    Yessss this is amazing I need more
  2. Ghost Atlas - Cry Wolf [Single] (2017)

    Where'd you hear this?! And do you know when we can expect a release?
  3. Your Dream Line-Up

    I think this is an interesting discussion. If you could see a line-up of any bands you wanted, what would they be? Even feel free to add set lists too so people can oogle/fanboi/flame! Oh, p.s. it'd be good to say what kind of genre it is just because if you're like me you like underground bands that people have never heard of (and it might help others discover good shit \m/). But pretty much feel free to go into as many or few details on your dream tour as you want otherwise. Mine would be: A progressive metalcore tour because proggy music is awesome Invent Animate: Nocturne: Lost Faith Celestial Floods Dead Roots Wolf Skin Moon Phase Native Intellect Dark Bloom Agora Half-Life Born of Osiris: Follow the Signs Abstract Art Empires Erased Dissimulation Two Worlds of Design Exhilarate Aeon III Automatic Motion Ascension Illuminate The Afterimage: Pursue O N Y X Unseen Follow Reverie Reach Shallows Pathogen Construct Paradise: Wanderlust Haunt Me Crystal Contemplations Personal Vendettas New Design Citadels Lucid Dreams Aerial: The Ascent Foresight Foreign Coast Inspire Everlasting Wage War: Blueprints (in its entirety) Sprinkled with the stuff they've released off of Deadweight Erra (last but not least, would probably be headlining): Seven Spirits Away Invent Irreversible Dreamcatcher Crimson Pulse Warrior Rebirth Skyline
  4. Currents - The Place I Feel Safest (2017)

    It's alright, I like his lows, but I dislike that he doesn't use his range. That doesn't mean Currents isn't a good band, it's actually really good instrumentally, but I just don't enjoy the repetitive mids (ngl though he is a good singer too).
  5. Currents - The Place I Feel Safest (2017)

    But does the new vocalist do lows? Their single after their old vocalist left sucks, but I am willing to give this album a try
  6. Volumes - Different Animals (2017)

    (not comparing buuuuuuuuuut) Can it stand up to even Via's sound?
  7. The Artificials - Heart (2017)

    A truly amazing album, I can hear that Erra sound, too bad Alan can't do the lows Garrison can, if he could I think his band could overthrow Erra, albeit this is still amazing!
  8. Northlane - Mesmer (2017)

    I know this is opinion and all, but I wouldn't be too hasty, The Artificial's new album is AMAZING (albeit lolit technically hasn't come out yet) and Veil of Maya is releasing a new album this year, and apparently Erra might as well... this still isn't bad, but I wouldn't consider it AOTY
  9. God-Tier Albums

    For me... Erra - Augment and Impulse Born of Osiris - The Discovery Northlane - Singularity Invent, Animate - Everchanger Killswitch Engage - As Daylight Dies