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  1. The best part is them hiding their likes to dislikes and deleting all negative comments from the videos lmaoooooo nothing screams Trump quite like completely hiding or monitoring perception
  2. I know this opinion isn't going to be popular, but even as a big fan of metalcore for 15+ years I haven't been able to get into this band. They sound pretty good, talented dudes, but i've heard absolutely nothing special from any of their music and they seem very mediocre and don't stand out in any way. I'm gonna download the album and give it a try or two to see if that changes but I don't have the highest expectations.
  3. 2020 somehow keeps finding new lows and it isn't halfway over what are those wannabe RATM riffs lmao good lord... why did people let hard TSwift get famous
  4. This sounds like a high school band's demos except considerably worse
  5. Well it's exactly how I expected it to sound after the singles? 2.5/10
  6. I'm confused as to how this is getting mixed reactions and mediocre reviews from dgd fans here cause this is considerably better than their last 2 albums and possibly their best album ever. IMO. But dgd fans never make sense anyway, I love it. Whole thing is absolute gas 10/10
  7. I love JG Wentworth, they give me cash when i need it now!
  8. lol @ all of you judging how the album sounds at 128 kbps. That's like judging taco bell without using any sauce. I wait, patiently.
  9. The bad reviews must be from people that expected them to return to their old sound or something cause I think it’s absolutely incredible, not to mention most Shikari albums are growers, but I think it’s really diverse and encompassing and takes you through all the emotions. It’s very much a journey of a listen. Can’t say it will be their best but it’s right at the top of their best material ever. Possibly second to AFFOC for me or on par with the Mindsweep
  10. Another song completely lacking in any sort of substance... idk why I keep holding out hope when I honestly haven't liked much of anything from them in quite some time BUT this is sounding considerably worse than their last album which was entirely forgettable imo. All of these singles are hot trash.... shame
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