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  1. Not worried because it's soft cause they've always been good at soft and heavy but this song just has absolutely no substance, very poppy and simplistic and all around deplorable. They definitely hung out with Marshmello too long.... this is not good
  2. Hopefully releases an instrumental version, I love these for sure but the instrumentals have been more enjoyable so far. Personally prefer Tycho without vocals all day.
  3. Everyone, like me, thought they might return to something like R&R sound and this is the exact opposite lol ugh... they definitely spent a lot more time with the video than the song
  4. I miss this band so much... Shadows is sick but not quite FACT
  5. this makes me want to sip some tea and pet my kitty... it's quite lovely
  6. This really worried me cause that song is a classic in post-hardcore imo but this sounds really good. Whew
  7. yessssssssss thank you!
  8. This band's music has always been pretty subpar or even shitty to me and it doesn't seem to have improved it all. They resort to selling sex to gain attention and fans and I mean I get why because Ash is hot as fuck and their music is shite but like come on.... yawn city
  9. Crooks is done? I haven't kept up with them but that band was the shit
  10. Emmure + Chelsea Grin + immaturity + extra cringe + less skill than both those bands at their absolute worst = this album
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