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  1. They're incapable of making bad music, always in conversation of AOTY no matter what lol
  2. They’re gone for this long and come back with an Emmure cover album? Smh... The Color Clear is considerably better... there’s a few good tracks but I’m already bored after my second day listening to it.
  3. Their best album since No Time to Bleed, imo
  4. I'm much of a fan of theirs but liked some stuff, but this song is absolutely killer
  5. I liked Purpose, but Yummy was fucking horrendous, so tell me someone.... is yummy the worst song on the album? Or is it all worse than Purpose
  6. Sounds like they're trying awfully hard to follow in BMTH's footsteps with their own twist of boring dad rock and it absolutely does not do it for me at all. Boring as fuck...
  7. @967-EVIL bless you kind sir
  8. Gimme a taste of that 320
  9. Pretty solid, but so far the first 2 singles don't live up to the hype or The Mortal Coil..... only by a slight margin though I still think the new songs are solid. But did not quite meet expectations.
  10. There's a chance it could be coming from my end, but I don't think so cause other album downloads are working, but i tried downloading from 2 different links and this album won't download
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