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  1. Well thats definitely what a majority of people think, for years and years it what people were saying lol, maybe not every single person but a heavy amount of people were saying it. But those albums still did something different, they definitely didn’t sound like generic pop. Songs like Doomed, Happy Song, Throne, Wonderful Life, Sugar Honey are just a handful of songs that have that BMTH sound but just expanded from being metalcore. There are even songs on this EP that could have been on either of those albums, Teardrops, Obey and 1x1 for example. Pretty much have the same formula as songs on TTS and Amo, only difference is they are heavier and have a breakdown in parts. So that’s why i definitely feel that people are saying they love this, and thats fine to like something heavy, but it’s not that far far far off what they have already been doing. and i’m not boxing in people’s opinions, i’m just saying i dont understand how so many people are saying this is a “return to form” when they have been doing a very similar formula just without the heavy. Yaknow?
  2. Everyone is saying this is a “return to form” I wouldn’t even say that and I don’t get it. And it seems like everyone is just shitting on TTS and Amo just because it’s not heavy, and if it isn’t heavy then its not BMTH and its trash. Ya’ll need to just accept that BMTH has been able to mix multiple genres and create this level of creativity with their music, that not many bands can do this well. This EP is great, don’t get me wrong. But I honestly don’t think they ever dropped form, or had a horrible album. Just because it isn’t heavy doesn’t mean it’s bad. If anything I would say they have gotten better every album since CYB and have matured every single release. They were teenage kids when they wrote that and they didn’t even really know what they were doing, they were just having fun. This EP isn’t something insane that we haven’t heard before, it’s got a set formula each song, but it works. I understand if people don’t like TTS and Amo, but you also need to understand that without those albums, this level of where they are artistically probably wouldn’t exist at all.
  3. Not great, not awful. I honestly liked all the singles, but personally Soak Me In Bleach was quite boring after a couple listens. I’ve listened to this album a couple times now, and I have to say there are a couple standout tracks, but also some songs that I just skipped each time because I really do not like them. The one thing that confused me so much about this album, was that I watched multiple interviews with Joel before this album releasing where he said “We went way too soft with Misery, i just wanna make heavy music again and this album is” But the album is far from being “heavy” at all. And even by saying that, the heavy songs on this album are personally my least favourite tracks. A majority of listening i felt like they were torn between making heavy music they wanted to make, and making something radio friendly/closer to Misery. Also half of the choruses are very bland to me and really don’t catch me as much as Ahren’s choruses normally do. But I honestly feel like I prefer Amity now when they are making tracks that take a bit of a risk to sound different. Because the heavier songs, or the more classic Amity sounding songs on this album for the most part, bored me. But track by track overall: Coffin: Cool intro, cool to hear Amity do a heavy intro, they haven’t really done anything like this before. So it’s cool. But nothing amazing. All My Friends Are Dead: Probably my favourite single, i feel like the basic chorus works well with the vibe of the song and it works well, a good mix of heavy and catchy vibes Soak Me In Bleach: I feel like this is a song that just happens. It’s Amity doing Amity but it doesn’t do anything to wow me. Its okay. All I Do Is Sink: I love this track. Probably my favourite. It’s catchy, simple and it’s a perfect balance of Joel and Ahren complimenting eachother vocally. The only thing i dislike about this track is the random ass break in the middle of the song that sounds like its about to go into a massive breakdown, only to change after 10 seconds and go back to the song. I don’t know why they even bothered putting that in there. Baltimore Rain: Meh Aloneliness: Mehhhhhh Forever: Pretty good track, not amazing once again. But Amity doing Amity Just Like Me: Love this track too, My second favourite track. It’s close to the vibe of Misery, its catchy, it’s got a sense of heavy. And it’s not straying too far from that Amity sound. Born To Lose: It really surprises me that the heaviest song on the album would be one of my least favourite tracks. But this bored me. It did nothing new and i really wasn’t feeling pumped up at any point of the track. Kinda falls flat and thats sad. Fever Dream: its alright. Nothing amazing once again. Catatonia: Another cool track, i like this one too. But it’s very very similar to the structure of AMFAD.
  4. Where to start... I've listened to this about 3-4 times in full now, and this album really is not as bad as people are saying, and I was was pretty 50/50 about how they were gonna pull it off. BMTH were always going to take this path, they said that after they released TTS, so nobody should be surprised. I think they pulled this off really well. Even songs like Nihilist Blues grew on me way quicker than I thought, I just wasn't a fan of the interludes, I really don't see the need for them being here at all. And the intro was a bit of a let down just compared to Doomed and how massive that intro was. Although they have scrapped a majority of "heavy" parts from their songs, this doesn't stray too far from TTS, or their own sound that you can tell it's BMTH. Massively surprised by this, experimental and each song holds another surprise around the corner. Favourite Tracks: - why you gotta kick me when i'm down? - sugar honey ice & tea - heavy metal - in the dark 7.5/10
  5. I love how every Bring Me release just cops so much shit, then people end up loving it. I even remember how many people used to shit on "There Is A Hell..." because of the change in sound and now people love it Same even for Suicide Season when that came out. And I bet even That's The Spirit has grown on most people too And it's even funnier because people are acting surprised at the sound when they've been saying they were gonna do it for over a year lmao. It's certainly not the most amazing release they've had, and sure it's a lot "poppier" But I'm keen to listen to the album whole, because every Bring Me album is the same for me, I love it after a few listens as a whole as most songs compliment each other pretty well. I just hope they mix it up and add some things that make it "Bring Me" styled - like "Doomed" did, cause I really hope it just doesn't turn into an average pop record when they're so much more than that.
  6. That's your opinion lmao. And yes it is unfinished haha, he is dead. He didn't have time to fully complete/add anything/release the album himself. Hence why most of the songs are a snippet on a loop.
  7. I don't see why people are taking this album so seriously like "this is so short" "this is crap and unfinished" lol. 17 was 20 minutes long, and ? was 32 minutes; but had double the tracks, that's just how X made his songs. I loved X and a majority of his music, most of these songs are cool, but half of them seem unfinished, because they are. And that's why I feel like this should just be viewed as an album of the last songs he ever got to make, not complaining about how short it is etc etc... If X was still alive, 90% of Skins would be so different, which is sad but what else can you really do but enjoy what he has left. I wouldn't even rate it, or say its good or bad, because I don't think that's even fair considering it's essentially not even his album.
  8. Catchy as fuck. The only part I find weird is the lead-up to the breakdown with the claps. But I know it'll grow on me But as a whole, this is a strong song. People are just always gonna hate on Bring Me cause it's become the norm to hate on them. Gotta love internet culture.
  9. Doomsday: good song but eh (6/10) Feels Like I'm Dying: grew on me (7.5/10) Holier Than Heaven: solid tune, gives me a little Youngbloods vibe (8/10) Burn Alive: 50/50 at the moment, bit boring (5/10) Misery: nothing amazing, but that break in the middle is cool as fuck (6/10) Kick Rocks: chorus is huge, catchy af (8/10) Black Cloud: tune, breakdown is hard EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH noise is nice (8/10) D.I.E: i don't really like the spelt out lyrics cause they feel a bit dragged out in some parts, but the chorus makes up for it (7/10) Drag The Lake: this just gives me Severedties vibes in some parts and I fucking love it, best song so far (10/10) Beltsville Blues: good song but again nothing amazing (6.5/10) Set Me Free: sound effects are kinda unnecessary, but they work real well at the same time, i like it, and that breakdown/solo at the end is 100% severedties feels holy FUCK (9/10) The GIfthorse: very chill, real good way to end the album though. I've always wanted an Amity song like this, works so well. (8.5/10) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Overall, this album is a lot better than I expected, wow. While it isn't amazing, it's a lot better than the past 2 albums they have released as a whole. I've been a massive fan of Amity since Severedties came out, and honestly from Youngbloods-TCBHB it has kinda been a downhill slope, just because It was the same recycled album/formula with the same/similar lyrics. And everyone asked for a change, and they did, and they did it well. There's no part of the album that feels like they went "too over the top" and it doesn't stray too far from Amity's sound, but holds a lot more energy because it's something fresh. And I feel like even the songs I gave a lower rating will grow on me even more after a couple of listens, but there isn't any track on the album that I consider "awful", it's just that they don't stand for much on their own. Keen to give this a couple more spins.
  10. This is a banger. Not the most amazing track i've ever heard, but I'm so excited for the rest of the album because I know it will provide a bunch of surprises like TTS did. I loved TTS and it completely grew on me, and such a more mature move in sound. Anyone saying 'wHy DoN'T ThEy MaKe anOthEr cOunT YoUr BlesSinGs oR SuiCidE sEaSoN" - because when they wrote those albums they were literally 16-20 years old, and they had no experience in writing music lol. And I bet most people who originally hated on their new sound are people that now love it and bump it heaps, it's just one of those things that takes a couple listens because you are stuck expecting to hear some screaming and heavier music.
  11. Yeah this album is getting more and more promising each single and teaser I hear. Doomsday didn't wow me a lot, but everything else I have heard since has me super keen. This reminds me of Youngbloods a bit, and I love it.
  12. Chill album. Chigga doin Chigga. No complaints.
  13. 10. Gideon - Cold 9. Jaden Smith - SYRE 8. Vince Staples - Big Fish Theory 7. Every Brockhampton Album 6. Neck Deep - The Peace And The Panic 5. Code Orange - Forever 4. J.I.D - The Never Story 3. Tyler The Creator - Scum Fuck 2. Joey Badass - All Amerikkkan Badass 1. Kendrick - DAMN
  14. I like how some people are just like "lol" or "shit" before even listening - just because it's Jaden Smith? For a majority of the music he's put out - it's actually been pretty impressive. And this album is fucking beautiful as a whole. Was so keen for this to drop and I think he killed it. And especially for the fact that is he 19 YEARS OLD - this is pretty damn good compared to some artists his age.
  15. People take Attila too seriously, wow. Of course their lyrics/music isn't going to be the best, but fuck; you can't deny it's fun to listen to when they drop an album. In saying that, this is probably one of their better songs in a while.
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