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  1. Hello, I noticed the last two tracks are skipping and don't match how it sounds on iTunes. Is it possible to re-upload this?
  2. Such a great album. Overwhelming, powerful, and captivating!
  3. Thanks mR12! Can't wait to listen to this
  4. Any higher quality update for this release?
  5. Jamie Cook (the guitarist and the only other band member who's on every track) suggested to Alex that it should be a solo album. Alex didn't want to do that, and here we are.
  6. Thank you so much! One of the most reliable sources for keeping links online. And this place uses sources that make sure you can get your albums quickly! Fantastic job.
  7. If you are to split the tracks, split the FLAC file so that way it isn't a transcode problem.
  8. The Veldt - Universal Boat (1996) The Veldt - Love at First Hate (1998) Apollo Heights - White Music for Black People (2007) Mahogany - Connectivity! (2007) Thanks in advance!
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