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  1. I've never been able to get into neck deep but I don't hate this. What's their best album? I'm gonna dive in.
  2. Can we please update this with the fixed tracklist? @mR12 I'm looking at you. 😇🙏
  3. Their best album by far. 😍
  4. super stoked, not loving the 2 minute track time but i feel it'll work for them. thanks!
  5. Amazing. Annoyingly short but still great.
  6. Why though haha. This and I'm sure most albums in this genre would sound much better with the vocals more upfront in the mix not being drowned out. This is solely my opinion but it doesn't sound good & kinda takes away from this album.
  7. This album is insane. I love it. However the vocal Mix drives me insane. They're drowned in distortion. It sounds like static 50% of the time. 🤷‍♀️
  8. I've never really cared for these guys.. This album changed that big time. 🤘
  9. Oddly enough this is the first time I ever felt bad about a leak. These guys went through alot. I'm still downloading BUT WHATEVER. very excited. If you like it show these guys support come release day!
  10. was just about to ask the same thing, they did replace both vocalists at the end, it's possible this is that line up.
  11. Better than the last album. The self titled felt half hearted IMO. If you were listening to Asking Alexandria for the sick breakdowns you should broaden your music catalog. Roll with change and listen to this with an open mind. It's actually a good album and it's well written. Listen to Danny's vocals on this they're insane, his vocal runs and harmonies are outstanding. Take it for what it is.
  12. Youth sounds exactly like If Green Day wrote Crazy Amanda Bunkface by sum 41
  13. The most important album released this week. Don't @ me. This is unbelievable. 👽🤘
  14. One of my favorite DGD albums with Tilian.
  15. This caught me by surprise. Hope this is good
  16. Their best album since Nothing Personal. Stoked to be able to actually listen to them again.
  17. I genuinely wish I could love radio rock hands like houses but I just can't do it. 😩
  18. Can't get over how good this truly is. These boys have a big future ahead of them.
  19. Hate to be "that" guy 2 months into a year but this is probably my AOTY. been awhile since i've heard something this good from start to finish.
  20. Went in expecting to hate this... Pleasently surprised. Let's pray for an album with this sound. ?
  21. Purpose was a guilty pleasure but this was just awful from top to bottom. ?
  22. Insane. I hope they can find a vocalist who can actually do this live.
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