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  1. Their best album since Nothing Personal. Stoked to be able to actually listen to them again.
  2. I genuinely wish I could love radio rock hands like houses but I just can't do it. 😩
  3. Can't get over how good this truly is. These boys have a big future ahead of them.
  4. Hate to be "that" guy 2 months into a year but this is probably my AOTY. been awhile since i've heard something this good from start to finish.
  5. Went in expecting to hate this... Pleasently surprised. Let's pray for an album with this sound. ?
  6. Purpose was a guilty pleasure but this was just awful from top to bottom. 😴
  7. Insane. I hope they can find a vocalist who can actually do this live.
  8. Ouuuuf. Wasn't sure I was capable of loving this album anymore.
  9. Eminem is back and stronger than ever.
  10. I hate how good this is. It's still fuck Jonny Craig though.
  11. I was really hoping after the disaster of their last album they'd do something more interesting even if it was gonna be in this genre. However even Erik Ron can't seem to make this band interesting anymore.
  12. Singles + a couple others are really good. half of it sounds like filler to me. Kinda like every dayshell album if im being honest. Disappointing considering how much talent this guy has.
  13. Wasn't self produced. It was co-written and produced by Hiram Hernandez.
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