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  1. This should be getting way more love.
  2. 320 this early? Guess I won't be waiting till my pre order arrives. Always excited for anything by these guys.
  3. Could never get into this band despite multiple tries. Yet their most hated work kinda does it for me. 🤷‍♀️
  4. Pretty good start in redeeming yourself after Eminem.
  5. They would probably get bigger if they wrote more songs like King Of Nothing.
  6. Yo all the bullshit aside this is a straight banger. I'm really stoked for this album
  7. I haven't really been able to get back Into this band since their debut. Was hoping this would be the one.. not so sure anymore.
  8. Their first album made me cringe.. it just felt very forced and had every metalcore cliche possible. IMO This one however made me a huge fan. Tyler Smyth clearly co-wrote this but damn they really put together a killer album all the way through.
  9. Love state champs but the feature just felt lazy haha
  10. this album surprised the hell out of me and the sidngers vocal control is fucking impressive.
  11. Finally. This is the best they've sounded in years.
  12. I enjoyed this more than their entire full length.
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