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  1. Their first album made me cringe.. it just felt very forced and had every metalcore cliche possible. IMO This one however made me a huge fan. Tyler Smyth clearly co-wrote this but damn they really put together a killer album all the way through.
  2. Love state champs but the feature just felt lazy haha
  3. this album surprised the hell out of me and the sidngers vocal control is fucking impressive.
  4. Finally. This is the best they've sounded in years.
  5. I enjoyed this more than their entire full length.
  6. Amazing, emarosa writes great music no matter what.
  7. I can never judge an album until I listen to it as a whole. with that said, that was a hard 46 minutes to get through.
  8. Are they progressively getting heavier again? Cause I dig this. i didn’t find the radio rock sound suited them very well. 🤷🏼‍♀️ and Trevor really should show off his ridiculously improved scream god damn.
  9. It’s okay. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Happy I didn’t pre-order cause I’d be much harsher if I had paid for it. #bringmebackthehorizon
  10. Yikes. this is uh.. cool for some edgy radio rock.
  11. Really digging this album. Their last album didn’t do it for me. As much as I love heavy BTF it was time for them to progress a little. I do hope they find a way to use Jared more on the next album cycle but this is a great album regardless.
  12. Wish it was longer, 9 songs and an interlude is disappointing. Regardless, their best work to date IMO.
  13. I liked smile but I find they really figured out their sound with this one.
  14. Can’t see how anyone would dislike this album. They kill it every time.
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