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  1. I hate how good this is. It's still fuck Jonny Craig though.
  2. I was really hoping after the disaster of their last album they'd do something more interesting even if it was gonna be in this genre. However even Erik Ron can't seem to make this band interesting anymore.
  3. Singles + a couple others are really good. half of it sounds like filler to me. Kinda like every dayshell album if im being honest. Disappointing considering how much talent this guy has.
  4. Wasn't self produced. It was co-written and produced by Hiram Hernandez.
  5. This is the best metal album of 2019. I'm literally amazed by how good this is. WOOOOOOW. 20+ years, not one bad album.
  6. Easily my favorite album by these guys. 10/10
  7. I think I'm just older than you. I was listening to MM in the 90's his sound changed in like 2006 IMO. that's kinda the time I stopped listening. Music taste can change.
  8. I actually like this. It's been awhile since I've said that about Marilyn Manson.
  9. This may be better than roots. I haven't liked a Prada album this much since I cut my emo hair off. TIME TO GROW A MULLET AND HARDCORE DANCE IN THE LIVING ROOM (I'm aware that's a chiodos song don't @me)
  10. Easily their best record, this was interesting from start to finish. and the transitions between parts was outstanding. flexin still sucks. edit: honestly head space is probably better but doesnt take away from how good this is.
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