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  1. The best thing about this album is Drew Fulks production. Big ol' MEH from me.
  2. FUCK YEA! Love this band. does anyone else find the vocals mixed a tad to low or is that just me?
  3. So god damn good and underrated. I cannot wait to catch these guys live if touring ever comes back.
  4. Am I ever happy I took a chance on this album. My god.
  5. Really great album. could have lived without Footprints i found the lyrics to be rather corny and that's all i focused on for the entire song BUT OTHER THAN THAT it was as good as i hoped.
  6. Album: Still Searching (Deluxe Editon) - No. Title Length 14. "Can't Be Saved (acoustic)" 3:07 15. "Calling All Cars (acoustic)" 3:28 16. "Lost and Found (acoustic)" Album: Life Is Not A Waiting Room 15. "Coming Up Short" (iTunes bonus track) 2:14 in the highest quality you can find. please & thank you.
  7. I've never been able to get into neck deep but I don't hate this. What's their best album? I'm gonna dive in.
  8. Can we please update this with the fixed tracklist? @mR12 I'm looking at you. 😇🙏
  9. super stoked, not loving the 2 minute track time but i feel it'll work for them. thanks!
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