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  1. This is beyond amazing. The whole band truly poured their rock'n'roll, heart and soul into this effort. As per usual they keep their signature HIL sound (which cannot be duplicated or replicated), yet add a fresh twist you'd never see coming. Not one bad song on the entire album. Once again the boys from NC prove they're here to stay.
  2. Yup. Like we knew it would be. I'd say it's one of their best yet
  3. Really dig this. love the emotion, esoecially from Brian Swindle's voice. From so soft, to absolute just helps to ooze the emo out of the speakers. Wonderfully written lyrics as well. Really dig this for sure.
  4. Not gonna lie; Incubus had kinda lost me over the years between 'Make Yourself' to now. Going through my mid-teens, Incubus strayed further and further from "the heavy", while my tastes delved further into it. In my youthful naivety, I failed to hear the beautiful intricacies and elements some of the softer side of tunes (especially coming from a band like Incubus), could have. Regardless of tastes in genres or levels/lack of heaviness, the demon-moniker group just wasn't reeling me in. Until '8'. It's funny that even with such a simple title, the music could be so complex yet accessible at the same time. You've got heavier, almost a-la garage rock sounding tunes ('No fun', ''Love In A Time Of Surveillance'), alternative rock gems ('State Of The Art', 'Glitterbomb'), some atmospheric grooves ('Loneliest', 'Make No Sound In The Digital Forest), and even a Latin themed interlude that makes ya wanna shake your maracas ('When I Became A Man'). True, this is not the most eclectic or intricate Incubus album ever, but it has everything it needs to be a great, enjoyable, fun listen that brought this long-lost tune adventurer, back to one of his original musical homes.
  5. Daaaaannnnng, this white boy has them super smooth, R. Kelly type chops to em. Seriously though guys a phenomenal singer, with some seriously enjoyable music. "This shit is fire. Keepin' it 100" as the kids say these days
  6. The veil has been lifted, and the sounds are fantastic. Singer has quite the set of lungs on em. Only complaint is that it's an ep, with an intro track...seems...a misuse of space if you will...yet none the less the rest are some awesome tunes.
  7. This is so goddamn good. So far this is my PERSONAL* favorite deathcore release thus far in 2017. This shit has teeth. Heavy as hell, yet so super foot-tappin' melodic. There are some absolute bangers on here (such as 'Bury You Corpses Deep', and 'Their Souls Are Mine'). The kinda bangers that make ya drive 30 over the limit, while white-knuckling the steering wheel without noticing kinda bangers. Dig it big time. *all y'all opinionated, self-righteous, "butthurt" folk out there, pay attention to that word very closely. Also learn how to take a joke.
  8. oh boy, oh BOY, OH BOY! This is sounding pretty suhweeeet! 'Bury Your Corpses Deep', 'What Lies Beneath', and 'Reborn' sound like some bangin', bangers for sure
  9. I am. for the select few that fall into that category yes. Once again though, not trying to make you or anyone else agree with me. As you said; opinions will be opinions. So I repeat take it easy they bud
  10. No one is butthurt as you so eloquently put it. You need to read comments closer before you choose to pick them apart. I'm not lumping all who don't like the album into one group. I said for those who have specific reasons as to why they like it or don't, there's nothing wrong with that. It's the people who want everything to remain the same, or don't like something simply because it's not "heavy like they used to be", don't have much of a leg to stand on. No real reason for not liking something other than not being open to something new or different. So take it easy there
  11. Overall it's a pretty decent album. I do enjoy it. But I hyped myself out way too much, and it didn't live up to it sadly. The singles (imo) were so stellar, that I expected more from the album as a whole. It will stay on my iPhone (mostly cause I have the 256G model), and get some plays from time to time, but of the two Stay Sick albums that dropped on March 3rd, this did not take the winning title...
  12. Such an awesome album! Admittedly, I honestly didn't really know about the band until I had seen some of the singles for this release. I dig it big time. Such a huge old school AFI/Alkaline Trio feel, and that's never a bad thing. Check this out, or you shall be referred to as "sleeping"...and possibly deaf...
  13. This album is absolutely stellar. People NEED to stop bitching about "blah blah blah the band doesn't sound the same anymore", "blah blah blah this sounds nothing like their old stuff". For one, progression in sound is only natural for any band in any genre. Playing the same old stuff, over and over for years can get stale. It helps to reignite the excitement and passion needed for making (and still loving to make) music for all. And stop comparing the new to the old. They aren't the same Northlane (see point A), things change, people change, tastes change...yup, you guessed it...change is inevitable in life (not speaking to the people who just simply don't find this their taste of music. a logical and concise reason for not liking something has to be respected as well). Anywho, I personally am definitely digging this album big time. I'll admit it took me a few listens to fully take in every subtle nuance and element, but once I had, the album as a whole just blew me out of the water. Marcus' vocals have definitely grown. He seems to have more range in both screaming and cleans. It was also nice to see an album that covered a broader spread of subject matter. Worrying about the Earth truly is something of great importance, but when every single song is related to that topic it COULD get a wee boring (didn't find NODE boring in the SLIGHTEST, just simply saying persistence of only one subject could become tiresome). Stylistically I miss a bit of the ambience that was more prevalent on Node, but by no means is that ambience fully lost on Mesmer. Overall this is a stunning album, and it really concretes Marcus' role within the band (personal opinion), and shows these Aussie boys aint slowin' down anytime soon.
  14. Whether ya love him, or hate him, ya gotta admit the man has some talents. The dude can play multiple instruments, and although some aren't too fond of his whiskey soaked, smoke coated singing (I definitely am), you still can't really say he's a man without some chops. He's one of the few out there that has crossed so many genres (this guy is literally the opposite of anything to do with being pigeonholed), and really done it with such a talent and multifaceted craft that it's really gotta be admired. now although lyrically this album isn't anything new per say, it still shows an even more emotional side of Worsnop, and at times in a much darker way (and at least the man can write some intelligible lyrics as opposed to just being way too straight forward and cheesy). I know I'm a bit biased, but I love this dude and everything he releases, so I'm definitely stoked to pump this while havin' a drink and a smoke.
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