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  1. Definitely worth a download. Some of this wouldn't feel out of place on their YPAA album. Considering the 25 year gap, that is something.
  2. The last 1 minute 10 seconds of the album.... wish we could get a genuine full album of that sort of material from this band. FUCK.
  3. This introduced me to this band about a month ago and I REALLY like this album. Such a shame they're no longer active.
  4. Unless someone makes me a Tuna sandwich now I will not listen to this.
  5. Really like this! Always good to randomly find a band you instantly think sound great. Another reason why having at least one track as a preview works!
  6. 1. Brand New - Science Fiction 2. Thousand Mile Stare - Incendiary 3. Glassjaw - Material Control 4. Blood Youth - Beyond Repair 5. Fire from the Gods - Narritive Retold 6. Ded - Mis-An-Thrope 7. Thousand Below - The Love you Let too Close 8. Ocean Grove - The Rhapsody Tapes 9. Falling In Reverse - Coming Home 10. While She Sleeps - You Are We 11. Sorority Noise - You're Not As _____ As You Think 12. Private Lives - No Future
  7. Love pretty much everything up until the last record which had around 2 songs I liked. Personally really dislike this song/direction but they're dudes who put out new nusic frequently. Can't stop them doing something different.
  8. Unfortunately pop sells and is radio friendly. Was at a party the other week and someone referenced Enter Shikari as a shit screamo band - the next morning tried waking someone up playing their music. I've seen them countless times and have to say this isn't what the core fans want to see live but if they want to make money I can't hold it against them. People like catchy and it is that.
  9. Are you sure? Its been discovered the album art for this album was used back in 2012 or something for a different album. The girl is like 17 or something now.
  10. 3/10 just not my style Casey - Cavities One of my albums of the year
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