Deftones has leaked -- however, at the request of a significant member of the fan community, Kingdom Leaks has decided not to aid in its spread until Thursday morning EDT. What you do with that is up to you, but please don't be asking us for links or publicly aid others in finding it on this website.



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  1. Thanks! I do like this and will pre-order. But I am glad they put the songs from the Iridescent EP on here as I prefer that type of sound a little bit more than the other songs on the album
  2. Although it’s different from their previous releases I do enjoy this album. It’s so crazy to me how different the vocals are compared to the Rain in July EP.
  3. I like it, but they are capable of so much more
  4. Really like this album! Fave tracks are Crazy Pills, Learn to Love the Lie and Seventeen
  5. Love these guys, hoping to hear a full length soon!
  6. Really enjoyed this!
  7. Not what I was expecting, but I kind of like it
  8. Yeah it's kind of like this album is missing something
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