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  1. Man, I really like the original and was hoping for a more impactful heartfelt element in the acoustic version, but it kinda let me down a bit. Not terrible, just not as good as I was hoping I guess?
  2. I LOVE Whether, I. Am I to assume this band is also from Houston, TX?
  3. So much emotion in this cover. I really want to hear TCTT cover the Beatles, super ready for this album to droppp
  4. Been waiting for 6 years, and I fucking love it my boys Phil Druyor and Nick Sampson killin' it
  5. This song and the meaning behind it are beautiful.
  6. Shit yeah, been waiting for this. Shut It Out is my shit. Thanks!
  7. The guitar tone is very reminiscent of The Afterimage to me, dig it
  8. I miss the album with Bark Twice, Double Threat and all those great songs D': #MakeMissFortuneGreatAgain
  9. Got this EP at Warped this year, and I've seen 'em live once before, and this is a pretty great band. Some cool dudes too!
  10. I'm friends on FB with Dillon from Nerv, he's a pretty cool guy! He's also the former singer of Incredible Me
  11. I feel that on the A7X. City of Evil was alriiight, Waking The Fallen was their overall best album imo for sure
  12. Two Weeks is pretty good, but I also, Chiron and, my personal favorite, Not alone Edit: Just listened to the song, DAMN they went way heavy
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