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  1. The guitar tone is very reminiscent of The Afterimage to me, dig it
  2. I miss the album with Bark Twice, Double Threat and all those great songs D': #MakeMissFortuneGreatAgain
  3. Got this EP at Warped this year, and I've seen 'em live once before, and this is a pretty great band. Some cool dudes too!
  4. I'm friends on FB with Dillon from Nerv, he's a pretty cool guy! He's also the former singer of Incredible Me
  5. I feel that on the A7X. City of Evil was alriiight, Waking The Fallen was their overall best album imo for sure
  6. Two Weeks is pretty good, but I also, Chiron and, my personal favorite, Not alone Edit: Just listened to the song, DAMN they went way heavy
  7. Oh, dear jesus. You really, reaaally do. Their WHOLE "Haven't Been Myself" album is amazing, but I recommend you listen to Crooked Smile, Miss Your Face, Inside Voices, and Eiley*, specifically if you're wondering if they're for you. *Eiley is one of the saddest songs fucking ever
  8. I second the TCTT vibes, I fucking love this.
  9. Possibly. I know I sure am lol. I still jam a LOT of 2010-2013 music
  10. Holy shiiiit Didn't expect to be so blown away by this. I can honestly say I've never heard anything quite like this they're unique as fuck
  11. Ooh, yeah. Definitely another addition to my library
  12. This dat Egyptian-style djent. I can fuck with this HARD
  13. Fuck yes! I said something about this song being posted on YT yesterday in the chat box thing, I'm so glad it's hereee. Also, thanks for tagging me @Frak The Gods
  14. I saw this and was like.. "How fucking long has Beautiful Death even been out?!" I forgot there's two of 'em Petition for this band to officially change their name to Slaves UK
  15. Promising band, they've got some talent. 9/10 could jam