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  1. THANK YOU! I'm very very excited for this!!
  2. This album is bomb. BIGBRIGHT is the song of summer.
  3. Sick, didn't even know El Ten Eleven had a new album coming out! Excited to listen to this!
  4. Yeah i know, was just hoping that when quality gets updated that it pops up in the new releases again, that would be super convenient. I like browsing through recent releases but I don't download 128's, so I always have to go back and manually check something periodically for a 320 update if the album is originally posted in low quality. Thanks for posting this at all though, have listened to the stream on youtube 3 times today, album is fucking incredible.
  5. will this pop back up at the top of the list new release list when 320 is uploaded or do I need to just keep checking back manually every once in a while now?
  6. DAMN I read Battle of Mice and thought it was something new! I've listened to this SOOOOOOOO much since its release. Amazing album.
  7. FUCK YES. Thanks dude. Most likely AOTY for me! Incredible.
  8. Their last album, Droids, is a fucking masterpiece, so I have high hopes for this one!
  9. Just a heads up this isn't the final release and a lot of the files are transcodes. Hopefully this will get updated when the real thing hits.
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