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  1. fuck yeah, btbam one week, the agony scene the next...month isnt so bad after all
  2. Holy fuck that transition from glide to voice of trespass...automata is the AOAT imo, couldn't ask for a better listening experience
  3. to listen or not to listen? that is not a question
  4. i agree with post cuz thats how I think, Ive always kinda liked this sound but i dont think its been presented as well as in this album before...but if its just as passable as those bands then im just high
  5. Well...Vein could easily replace many bands on this list
  6. this doesnt make knocked loose look just makes them look like a bunch of loose asspussies
  7. he's speaking into my soul hole...
  8. I bet youre one of those AA fans who prefer new AA to old AA lol
  9. fuck ya, this is some old school chino right here. wish there was a real solo project that had this lineup
  10. hell yeah this is greatly unexpected
  11. Haha, this thread is great. Lots of moral judging going on, just another day on the internet. Anyways, its a great song despite what Tim did was wrong. Its up to each individual to see if they can move past it.
  12. best dgd album since the new guy came in. rattler is pretty sick
  13. Bleeding Through gets my vote but Parkway Drive was another top album of the month, both were among the best of the year imo
  14. this is exactly what I thought after my first listen through, its like a 70's prog rock pink floyd album. lot of great metal references in here nd i love it. i was never a ghost fan although i love me some goth metal but i am definitely digging this album, so i can see why some are saying that this isnt their best album
  15. Zippyshare and ptl are both great, i think it depends on circumstance as one is sometimes faster than the other. but i prefer ptl cuz of less adds nd the ability to play singles without downloading
  16. ok this is their best album, couldnt stop listening to it all week. improves with repeat listens nd flac quality really brings out the various instrumentation
  17. damn this rocks, sounds pretty similar to fever 333....
  18. After listening to this I felt compelled to go back to their last few albums. Declaration and TGF will be what I will always remember BT for, imo they are metal gems in their own right. I was looking forward to something similar after the first single, but unfortunately the first half of the album is just good. My complaints are similar to what others have mentioned, with the cleans being a bit too present but I personally enjoy the build up from the weaker songs to their better songs at the end. No one and slave will be a killer tracks live. Reunion is very reminiscent of Declaration so my love for it is definitely nostalgic.The ending is another great ending song, just behind sister charlatan and distortion devotion, but overall the album doesn't have that same emotional punch as their last 3 outings. Hopefully the better quality will display the synths and guitar work better, so I will wait to give my final judgment until then. It might not be their best but Im just glad theyre back
  19. this album rules witha rulez, nuff said