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  1. I see we have similar tastes. Definitely hear the influence, with a bit of old Underoath as well. Good stuff.
  2. Aftershock lineup releases...time to check out what I've been missing
  3. when did dgd get good again? *not a tilian fan*
  4. same lol its about time to update
  5. I believe it would be kind of hard for a band that was ground breaking out the gate to be ground breaking again. It's just 110% Periphery, nd nothing wrong with that.
  6. They played at Swanfest, and holy shit what a show did they put on, really one upped DGD at their fest. Also, I snapped up the album after he announced they had it at the show. I don't think it'll be leaving my car anytime soon.
  7. Any love fr afterlife? lol 1. Afterlife - Breaking Point 2. Born of Osiris - The Simulation 3. Fever 333 - Strength in #s 4. Guillotines - The Killing Season 5. King 810 - Suicide King
  8. Saw these guys live a few days ago, had to check this out. shits been on repeat
  9. why cant bands just change their damn name anymore when they completely change their style? its not like new fans who are into pop are all of a sudden gonna get into deathcore cuz they listened to bmth back catalog...smdh
  10. palisades and church tongue were both awesome new finds for me but alas church tongue is not an option so that makes it easier to vote. there weren't many releases last month so i don't see why church tongue isn't up there
  11. 1. Greyhaven – Empty Black 2. Between the Buried & Me – Automata 3. The Voidz – Virtue 4. Frontierer – Unloved 5. Deadmau5 – where’s the drop? 6. Vexes – Ancient Geometry 7. VCTMS – Vol. III Halfway Happy 8. Bleeding Through – Love Will Kill All 9. Denzel Curry – TA13OO 10. Vein – Errorzone Too much good stuff this year. Honorable mentions (couldn't fit in my top 10): 11. Somewhere to Call Home - Haunted 12. Ratgod – (ST) 13. Ghost – Prequelle 14. Fit for A King – Dark Skies 15. No Ghost – Animate: VOID 16. Parkway Drive - Reverence 17. Recode the Subliminal - Disconnected 18. Failure – In the Future Your Body Will Be the Furthest Thing from Your Mind 19. Crossfaith – Ex_Machina 20. Ice Nine Kills – The Silver Scream 21. BLKLST – Hard to Swallow 22. Rogue Half - Refraction 23. Palisades – Erase the Pain 24. Shattered Skies – Muted Neon 25. Zapruder – (ST) Many others like Crystal Lake and Architects were really good, not a bad year for metalcore (almost an over saturation imo).
  12. multiverse - beyond somewhere to call home - haunted failure - the furthest thing ffak - dark skies the black queen - infinite games thrice - palms good tunes this month, too bad my top 3 arent listed but ffak was pretty kewl
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