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  1. BTBAM nd Frontierer have to be my biggest anticipations of the year, cant go wrong with either one. Nice to see that BTBAM got nominated twice this year, even tho it should've just been released as one album. Bury Tomorrow was a nice surprise, their best yet. Shame Scars on Broadway didn't make the cut, I sure enjoyed that.
  2. wait a second...this isn't a re-release of one of my favorite albums...lame
  3. i do the same thing, this band definitely deserves some monetary support just wished the cd wouldnt ship so much later, especially since its comin from overseas, but ill be jammin to this for years to come
  4. the gt in the video belongs to that youtuber dragtimes guy...such a waste
  5. Gentlemen, welcome to the final frontier [of the year]
  6. this is my new workout jam...if i ever get back to the gym
  7. this is pretty good, but i see no reason for them to call this texas metal...maybe just southern rock/metal
  8. I kinda agree with this, going back to those two albums are great but kinda old at this point...still super excited for Aftershock, nevervous at the same time since its been ages since soad was around
  9. fuck yeah, btbam one week, the agony scene the next...month isnt so bad after all
  10. Holy fuck that transition from glide to voice of trespass...automata is the AOAT imo, couldn't ask for a better listening experience
  11. to listen or not to listen? that is not a question
  12. i agree with post cuz thats how I think, Ive always kinda liked this sound but i dont think its been presented as well as in this album before...but if its just as passable as those bands then im just high
  13. Well...Vein could easily replace many bands on this list