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  1. HIL electro ejaculated into my ear holes, always a pleasure
  2. this is what my hentai has been missing
  3. No Loser...damn. Plenty good releases this month. Diamond Construct, Silver Snakes, Tyler, and Interpol were my other tops. Would like to hear more Conductor in the near future.
  4. <\/c0de> was used to play Thoughts & Prayers
  5. ...I used past tense cuz the series is officially over Also, they had a pretty big uphill battle after they finished following GRRMs writing. Not defending the writers but it was never gonna be on the level of Breaking Bad
  6. I think thats because the kids who used to use that site grew up and got jobs...
  7. I feel like all the writing went to the songs in the last season....
  8. I see we have similar tastes. Definitely hear the influence, with a bit of old Underoath as well. Good stuff.
  9. Aftershock lineup releases...time to check out what I've been missing
  10. when did dgd get good again? *not a tilian fan*
  11. same lol its about time to update
  12. I believe it would be kind of hard for a band that was ground breaking out the gate to be ground breaking again. It's just 110% Periphery, nd nothing wrong with that.
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