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  1. ive heard of this group for years. not sure why i never got into them...but better late then never! this is great
  2. hey this is good, why is there no 320/flac love???
  3. gotdamn i did not see this coming....tis impressive
  4. damn its that time of the month nd im late, must be bleeding through
  5. i dig it, clean vocals are better than the last albums, hope it carries on throughout this new album
  6. well i wouldve voted btbam but my vote already went to greyhaven, which is fine cuz they are a great new band automata is only half out, so kinda weird to judge
  7. but where the fukk is BTBAM?!?
  8. @thatonenoob this is good shit, i'll share this with my friends
  9. good stuff, just wish i knew what they were saying
  10. 10 fucking years since lost in the sound of separation came out, nd its still one of my favorite albums. then disambiguation came nd it was UO at their most brutal nd this, 8 years later one would expect a significant change in sound. its lighter, cleaner, more refined nd definitely weirder but i dig it, maybe on just below define the great line for me, maybe itll grow on me. irregardless itll be great to see them once again on 420
  11. dude im just pulling your chain, im not saying youre literally 12 but.....age can play a huge role in music/genre preference
  12. wait that post wasnt towards you that was the other guy? did I somehow offend every current DGD fan? Im not saying Tilian is a shity artist, like you said its just his high pitch vocal style, in which I particularly cant stand in the songs which are otherwise awesome. Tilians vocals definitely improved between AS nd Mothership, hopefully he'll change it up a bit so I can enjoy one of my favorite bands from the last ~10 years when I quote one person Im all of a sudden speaking to "everyone on the internet"....well maybe there are a bunch of 13 y/os on the KL then nd I just offended their leader
  13. haha based off your favorite artist and genre, you were probably sucking your mommys titts when they first started
  14. im just tired of seeing the background of this album in KL cuz it is the most popular band on more salty that this used to be a favorite band of mine but the new singer sounds like shit