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  1. Same. There are few things in life I truly anticipate more than a new record from the Almighty
  2. I really wish I didn't read any of these comments, its really gonna bug the shit out of me on repeat listens... Any chance its a fluke or there's a better quality mixing out there? Nvm I just found out they have different mixers...lame
  3. I feel ya. Northlane did it for me. But Slipknot and Knocked Loose have been on repeat and I can't wait to see them again next month
  4. Pinch me I'm fuck way
  5. a bunch of sassy black ladies screaming gospel music in sweet harmony
  6. more of a reason to celebrate the release
  7. dang i just got off that train the other day....
  8. ptl was down recently too to prepare for the massive traffic they were expecting once this big boy dropped...cuz holly fuck was this a big dookie of a leak
  9. No nom fr Peppa Pig?? This site is biased
  10. it's like 1999 again, two decades later...what a time to be alive
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