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  1. Definitely their best work since sempiternal. They preform well live and are at their best when they blend genres as opposed to going straight pop or straight deathmetal
  2. ...depends on what your definition of normal is, polyamory is considered a norm in other cultures. Here in the states we have been moving away from monogamy for decades
  3. Normally I don't get/agree with singles being put up on trending but this is an exception
  4. I remember him mentioning he was gonna continue through other projects, glad didn't have to wait so long for this
  5. sergio is that you? I can recognize that end riff from rosemary anywhere, Ive heard it so many times
  6. why isn't loathe in the lead...
  7. AOTY. This has great elements of mathcore, deathcore, and deftonescore that I could only dream of in an album. This is coming out at one of the most difficult times of my life, nd I'll probably be spinning this for the rest of the year. One of the best albums I've heard in years, and assuredly years to come. Two Way Mirror, New Faces In the Dark, and a Sad Cartoon are definite highlights loatheasone
  8. that was the first time I saw them live, and correct, the shows have only gone downhill since. however, I saw them recently at a private show at the palladium and they played a pretty diverse setlist. theyre still able to play their more metal influenced songs but I suppose they choose not this point id be hard pressed to see them again
  9. this is the best thing muse has released in years!
  10. I always felt like there was something a bit off with the great misdirect, like there was just a tad too much feedback, so i for one am excited yeah it sounds considerably cleaner so imo its preferred but you may not even notice it or prefer it if you do
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