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  1. that was the first time I saw them live, and correct, the shows have only gone downhill since. however, I saw them recently at a private show at the palladium and they played a pretty diverse setlist. theyre still able to play their more metal influenced songs but I suppose they choose not this point id be hard pressed to see them again
  2. this is the best thing muse has released in years!
  3. I always felt like there was something a bit off with the great misdirect, like there was just a tad too much feedback, so i for one am excited yeah it sounds considerably cleaner so imo its preferred but you may not even notice it or prefer it if you do
  4. Same. There are few things in life I truly anticipate more than a new record from the Almighty
  5. I really wish I didn't read any of these comments, its really gonna bug the shit out of me on repeat listens... Any chance its a fluke or there's a better quality mixing out there? Nvm I just found out they have different mixers...lame
  6. I feel ya. Northlane did it for me. But Slipknot and Knocked Loose have been on repeat and I can't wait to see them again next month
  7. Pinch me I'm fuck way
  8. a bunch of sassy black ladies screaming gospel music in sweet harmony
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