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  1. Vulfpeck - Mr Finish Line (2017)

    dope shit
  2. Converge - The Dusk In Us (2017)

    haha fuck i came here to download converge, what i got was fucking spiders all over my gotdamn screen, fucking A good one kingdom, cant wait to spin this shit
  3. Enter Shikari - The Spark (2017)

    fuck at first i didnt think id like the album, couple hit or miss songs, but the last few songs are awesome. really love the album even though theyve toned down their screaming
  4. '68 - Two Parts Viper (2017)

    man i miss the chariot....but man i am digging '68, has a qotsa vibe to it (josh scogin + josh homme, hmmm)
  5. Linkin Park - One More Light (2017)

    where has my linkin park gone...where has my linkin park gone. it was the band of opportunity that we held dear, but now theyre singing like all the other asshole popstars out there. where has my linkin park gone...
  6. Muse - Dig Down (Single) (2017)

    eh, at least their not going the way of lp
  7. 2017 Best April Release

    Too bad some of the most underrated bands are the best, more people should give HIL a listen to
  8. He is Legend - Few (2017)

    What he said
  9. Gorillaz - Humanz (Japanese Edition) (2017)

    oh man, this is gonna be a good day first official 420 nd new gorillaz album
  10. '68 - This Life Is Old, New, Borrowed and Blue [Single] (2017)

    fuck yeah
  11. Suicide Silence - Doris [Single] (2017)

    sounds like a late 90's early 2000's numetal/screamo band which i can dig but unfortunately it sacrafices their deathmetal vibe weve all grown to love, so while the song isnt bad it does sound like a bit of an identity crisis which some bands go through and most of the time develop and build from. eh...itll probably sound better live. but seriously, why is it that so many recent albums from heavy metal bands with clean vocals are being compared to chino moreno? I get hes godlike but there are so many other alt metal bands out there. if anything this sounds like chino from around the fur...20 years ago!
  12. 2016 Best December Release

    What, is Zao too good for KL now??
  13. In Reverent Fear (aka now Stomacher)
  14. Spitfire - State of Mind (2016)

    man they really went in a different direction this time around...its almost like this is a completely different band