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  1. man i miss the chariot....but man i am digging '68, has a qotsa vibe to it (josh scogin + josh homme, hmmm)
  2. where has my linkin park gone...where has my linkin park gone. it was the band of opportunity that we held dear, but now theyre singing like all the other asshole popstars out there. where has my linkin park gone...
  3. eh, at least their not going the way of lp
  4. Too bad some of the most underrated bands are the best, more people should give HIL a listen to
  5. What he said
  6. oh man, this is gonna be a good day today...my first official 420 nd new gorillaz album
  7. fuck yeah
  8. sounds like a late 90's early 2000's numetal/screamo band which i can dig but unfortunately it sacrafices their deathmetal vibe weve all grown to love, so while the song isnt bad it does sound like a bit of an identity crisis which some bands go through and most of the time develop and build from. eh...itll probably sound better live. but seriously, why is it that so many recent albums from heavy metal bands with clean vocals are being compared to chino moreno? I get hes godlike but there are so many other alt metal bands out there. if anything this sounds like chino from around the fur...20 years ago!
  9. What, is Zao too good for KL now??
  10. In Reverent Fear (aka now Stomacher)
  11. man they really went in a different direction this time around...its almost like this is a completely different band
  12. totally forgot i was waiting for this. great way to close the year off
  13. Dude I didnt even know Say Anything, Billy Talent, or Taking Back Sunday came out with new material this year. Just gave some of the songs a spin nd I can see why....pretty disappointing, I really love Billy Talent Not too many disappointments: OM&M - biggest let down but not as big as last years Bring Me the Horizon DGD - an improvement but still too poppy for me Rob Zombie - some good tracks but too much filler Block Party - kinda went in a weird direction, didnt grow on me as Id hope Billy Talent - went soft...meh Taking Back Sunday - gone indie? Say Anything - meh, need to listen to more