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  1. WOW!!!! I was super nervous because of the singles, but this album is honestly fantastic!!! There are sooo many songs with amazing hooks and melodies! The album feels like a mix of Let's Cheers For This and Madness!! Current favorites: Never Enough, Ghost, Another Nightmare, P.S. Missing You, Dying To Believe, Blood Lines 8.5/9 out of 10! 
  2. Gotta give it more listens but so far it's pretty great! 1. Ghostin 2. In My Head 3. Needy 4. Bad Idea 5.Break up with your girlfriend, I'm bored/Fake Smile
  3. I don’t even know where to begin with this album! For starters, I can’t get enough of it!! It has to be the best album they’ve ever made in my opinion. It has such a heavenly vibe to it that just makes everything so much better. My favorite has to be Neon Gravestones. It has got to be one of the best songs they’ve ever written, it really messed me up. It’s straightforward, to the point and just breaks my heart a thousand times. Pet Cheetah (God this song is absolutely wild), Morph, Chlorine, Cut My Lip. Leave The City, My Blood are also fantastic! I’m very happy they did what they wanted to do and made songs they really wanted to make instead of going the same route of Blurryface! They really outdid themselves! This is really close to being my AOTY! 10/10!
  4. 1. With Confidence/As It is are tied for #1 cause I've been loving both of them pretty equally but I ended up voting for With Con. 2. Ariana Grande 3. Trophy Eyes
  5. Ugh, June was such a good month for music! I was expecting DGD to be my album of the month but honestly, 5SOS's new album completely shocked me with how amazing it was. I'm still trying to really get into State Champs's new album which is odd cause I was really expecting them to blow me away. It's still really good though! 1. 5SOS 2. DGD 3. Mike Shinoda 4. Panic! 5. Mayday Parade 6. State Champs
  7. Yaaaaaaaaassssss!!!! I'm loving this album!! Holy Water, P0WDER, Saved, and Window are my standouts!
  8. YAAAASSS!!! I'm loving this album so much!! Crybaby, Tantrum, Rare and Peach (Lobotomy) have to my favorites at the moment!!
  9. Yaaaasss!! Been waiting for this collab since the album was announced!!
  10. Personally, I really enjoy the album. I Need To Know, Closer, Trouble, The Chase, and Gossip are the best songs for me. Thanks again KL!
  11. Whoa! This is WAY better than Legends!! This is a banger and probably should have been the lead!
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