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  1. After listening to this around 10 times I'm still blown away, NFG rules but this album throws it back to an older sound. Much more up beat, energetic a true "pop punk" sound and Himalaya absolutely slaps!
  2. After seeing them play by the grave live for the last year and a half it's nice to hear it in studio version. This album slays. I'm crowd killing everyone in November.
  3. Sounds like heavier breathe carolina. Really struggled listening to this.
  4. My personal favorite song is My World. But really anything off I am King or Forever. Bleeding in the blur gives you an idea of how different this band can be.
  5. Holy shit. I wish I was in a room with tables and chairs. I'd kick every one of them over
  6. This makes me more excited to see them next week with four year strong. Does anyone else here the old school sounding Linkin park riffs in what's your big idea?
  7. Yeah clearly, when you have escape the fate, twenty one pilots, ghost town, chunk no captain chunk and asking Alexandria. Moose blood and state champs are the worst bands. Lol.
  8. I'm just here for moose blood and state champs. Fuck the rest of these shit bands.
  9. Sorry, but this isnt actually Of Mice and Men right? Like LOL you named the new breaking benjamin album of mice and men to mess with us?
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