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  1. Been jamming this ever since it got released! Solid easy listening r&b record, love it!
  2. This is solid! This is their best release in about 6 years. It has everything you'd love about the band in it. I don't think there's a bad track
  3. I'm definitely into this. I wasn't the greatest fan of Violent Noise since there was plenty of forgettable songs on the record. Dark Matter was meh but I've enjoyed Burning your world down and this song slaps. Erik Ron definitely helped develop the band in a great way.
  4. I realize he's done some dumb shit but this song still slaps
  5. Really loved their last album! This song is super good, I love his singing
  6. @evna Actually no, my favorite TWA record is Life Cycles. It's simply a username. I didn't enjoy the last 2 TWA records tbh
  7. I love this song and Heavier. The next 12 songs we're gonna hear on the new record are going to exceed expectations, I guarantee it. The record will be better than Beautiful Death, mark my words. Matt is taking this band to overdrive!
  8. Yeah, I lost all hope in this band. This new record is going to flop mad hard. Song was extremely mediocre and nothing special at all.
  9. Why are the interludes just not one whole track? This is supposed to be a 16 track album or something, not 22
  10. Take what you want Pt. II? Literally the same note usage in that intro, almost the same melody as well. Still a good song
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