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  1. Not a fan of how this record is mixed. I don't like how the vocals are mainly panned to the left and there isn't panning on both sides. Makes it hard to enjoy the record
  2. I loved the last EP and I love this record more than their first record. Saw these guys on the trilogy tour and they are sick live! This record is great!
  3. This is probably the best metalcore record to come out this year. Definitely an AOTY contender for me. Holy shit! They pulled through hard!
  4. This song is one of the best I have ever heard. WOW!
  5. This record is super good! I never listened to Anchor & Braille prior but I'm a long time Anberlin fan
  6. Very much a fan of this record! Didn't enjoy last young renegade but I really enjoyed this!
  7. Gonna be honest, I wasn't too impressed by this record. I personally feel like it was overhyped a bit. It's definitely a step in the right direction for the band and I'm curious to see where take things following this record.
  8. The band themselves remixed the album and put it back on streaming platforms and there's a major difference between the original and the new mix. Should grab it and swap the files
  9. I wish I liked this but I really can't get into it
  10. Been jamming this ever since it got released! Solid easy listening r&b record, love it!
  11. This is solid! This is their best release in about 6 years. It has everything you'd love about the band in it. I don't think there's a bad track
  12. I'm definitely into this. I wasn't the greatest fan of Violent Noise since there was plenty of forgettable songs on the record. Dark Matter was meh but I've enjoyed Burning your world down and this song slaps. Erik Ron definitely helped develop the band in a great way.
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