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  1. Alright this is looking like a solid follow- up to False Idol. Very pleased.
  2. Basically finished with this record and I now have a firm understanding as to why nobody liked this album. It does have it's moments and their are some catchy hooks but it's unfortunately nothing special compared to WFMTC which was amazing! I won't be coming back to this record all too often.
  3. How did this leak so god damn early? Pure Noise feel like letting it go early or something?
  4. How in gods name did this leak so freakin' early?
  5. @flokand1991 I can try and do that, just need to figure out how bc I ripped it to m4a right to my itunes and did the upload right from there
  6. Just finished listening to the album and it is the best SP release, this band never fails. Lower Empire has to be my favorite aside from Share the Body and Visible Unseen
  7. Kind of anxious to listen to this but at the same time I don't want to listen to it because of the quality and early leak.
  8. Crossed and Sacrament are the same for me
  9. Target bonus tracks in the morning? I'd assume
  10. Wasn't very impressed by this release, was exactly what I expected it to be
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