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  1. Gonna check this bad boy out, Into the Great Beyond was INSANE!!! Ryo givin off them Karl Schubach vibes
  2. Least favorite so far but not bad by any means. Pumped to hear this
  3. Welp didnt really care for that sadly. Also, How you gonna have a 9 song album, with a re-recorded older song and 2 - 2 minute songs?
  4. Fuck this is sooo goood. Imma be jammin this alot
  5. I was very skeptical of this goin in but this is damn solid, ngl
  6. Indeed. They got an album too, its good stuff if you aint checked it Their album was awesome but this is awesomer
  7. Im gonna have to hear the whole thing before i judge. (Also thats my girlfriends name )
  8. Oh boy <3. You gotta support the good ones my dude, especially when the members are also just nice and genuine people on top of being cool af 😘
  9. This was their best album, really got me into them and this is another great track to add to it.
  10. This mans vocals are just on another level
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