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Everything posted by DisturbedOne

  1. Ive been here since they started. This is a great album. This is for the djenty bois
  2. Does the deluxe album come with bonus tracks? or what. I cant find any info on whats different
  3. Their self-titled was great and this is good as well.
  4. This is not bad, checking this band our right now. Not bad at all.
  5. That intro song doesnt hype up to the same level as the other songs at all.
  6. First song was forgettable but the rest is pretty solid stuff
  7. This is good but different, first its modern metal, then goes alternative and even some metalcorey parts.
  8. Im only here for Bite Your Teeth
  9. Omg, thats how fans of the genre like it. When were they different?
  10. Overall enjoy The Grey more but i like this chorus better
  11. Not amazing but not bad. I like it way more than the first song
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