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  1. FUCK, it sounds so sexy
  2. I need that pillars of serpents re-record :'(
  3. Great stuff. Singer is soo great
  4. This is fucking SAVAGE!!!!!! SO GOOD!!!
  5. Pretty decent soundtrack, bout 4 I dont like but the rest are quite good.
  6. This is going to be their best release, all 4 singles have been ridiculously good. Cant freakin wait for this.
  7. Well this is officialy their best album <3. And im gonna be - 10. Learning To Survive without more great tracks lol
  8. ITS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. So the Japanese Edition has a re-recorded version of Pillars of Serpents - AWESOME!!!
  10. Yea I freakin love Vengenace Falls too, probably my 2nd fav. But Silence In the Snow is just awesome to me, sure it may have no screams and stuff but the cleans are freaking great and theres a lot more heaviness and harder riffs and things on that album to me.
  11. This is great stuff, but Silence In the Snow is still my favorite
  12. Really good song, I like it
  13. Damn this is great. Cant wait to hear the new version
  14. Good shit