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  1. Im gonna have to check these guys out, super solid song.
  2. I mean its just how i feel. I like these genres for what they are, i dont care about genericness, i welcome it. But i appreciate your opinion and not being a dick like most people would.
  3. What a damn great EP right here. DR back at it again with those bangers
  4. This is meaty. Jake Hill needs to do more metal stuff.
  5. CJ's Lorna Shore doesn't even compare to Tom Barber's Lorna Shore. And Tom Barber's Chelsea Grin doesn't even compare to Alex's Chelsea Grin.
  6. Like Vultures is a much better name anyway Solid track my dudes
  7. Dear AA: Be heavy again. Stop this trash. Sincerely every AA fan ever
  8. A flaming pentagram just erupted on my floor
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