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  1. I hope the rest of the songs are better than the 2 we got
  2. This is very Northlane-y sounding. its good tho. Kinda reminds me of this band called Burn To Suffer also
  3. This is kinda in the middle. Not bad but not great
  4. This is a good album but not even close to Dig Deep level.
  5. I not a huge spite fan but i really like this one.
  6. Oh man, this is excellent. Gonna be jammin this ALOT!
  7. The Disguise breakdown isnt bad but i found it quite under average.
  8. I also may go back on this one as well, its soo good. Let Me Be Sad is fucking amazing. The vocals are absolutely the highlight of this album. The cleans, screams, raps its all fantastic.
  9. I may go back on my word and say this is their best album. Cant stop jammin it. Definitely on my buy soon list.
  10. Pretty dope. Vocalist sounds similar to Angela Gossow
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