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  1. Nifty. The new single is dope, definitely different but cool.
  2. Is this the same Ascariasis that used to be a progressive metalcore/deathcore outfit?
  3. Wikipedia on some kinda shit I guess haha.
  4. I think homie was referencing the genre of electronic music named "downtempo," its like a weird style of house I think? A friend of mine who makes electronic music tried to explain it to me when I started talking to him about Downtempo Deathcore once and he was like "bruh what ive never heard of any of those and I MAKE downtempo" lol
  5. Yeah thats a little cringey. Of all the jokey names we got, "bummer beatdown" was far and away my favorite. Also caveat--iTunes fucked the order up for the album. 10.21.13 is the fifth track and Wounds is the fourth.
  6. No stress homie! Im just glad you checked it out, you're certainly entitled to your opinion!
  7. New full length is actually very close to being...well, almost done haha. Just gotta get a break from medical school to finish writing the lyrics and laying down the last vocal tracks.
  8. I love both of you. Thanks for supportin' my jankity band
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