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  1. there is no news on a new album,I hope these last 3 songs will be part of it and do not remain single
  2. WTF? new album arriving? (after not even a year from the previous one) however very beautiful!
  3. OMG Finally a good version of Under the Influence: A Tribute to the Legends of Hard! I've been looking for it for a long time, thank you
  4. It's fucking awesome. I will follow ezekiel and the guys in the new projects! D&D RIP 2018
  5. 1. Falling In Reverse - Coming Home 2. Asking Alexandria - Asking Alexandria 3. Marilyn Manson - Heaven Upside Down 4. Danny Worsnop - The Long Road Home 5. Harry Styles - Harry Styles 6. Motionless In White - Graveyard Shift 7. Eminem - Revival
  6. nice,hype for the album. PS: The song looks like christmas lol
  7. I love this Album. best songs:Vultures,Eve,I Am One and Room 138, album rating: 10/10
  9. I'm surprised.,my hype has increased. but....Let me be before? again? it's just a copy and paste
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