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  1. yeah, as (sic) as i wanted it to be!!! now who's got the whole Metal Hammer cd with all the Knot covers?!?!
  2. for such a good band, this song was terrible...i hope this isnt the new direction...
  3. THIS is the ONLY way to truly experience this band. Live. Errorzone was sorta weak to me so this is a real treat!
  4. If you get a chance to attend this years Summer Slaughter, make sure you don't miss these guys. They were absolute perfection...
  5. well, thank you as usual KL, for the leak. Now, as a long time BT fan, i was beyond excited to see them returning. with that being said, out of all the reunions we've had, Eighteen Visions & Zao more specifically...this? this is just terrible. the last 5 songs are the best on here, which leads me to believe this should have been a reunion ep. hearing the intro and track 2, i knew this was gonna be a dud. im actually really saddened by this but extremely happy i didn't have the $$ to pre order it. so for me, in 2018, my biggest let downs have been this, the new For The Fallen Dreams and that odd MyChildren MyBride record...
  6. i can't take this band seriously with that 6th grade Media Room project they call a video...other than that, music wasn't too terrrible...
  7. the original upload i submited had BroJob on it....
  8. always loved this song. this is a great re-imagining of it.
  9. its beyond real how good this band was and is. they have yet to disappoint!
  10. after seeing these guys live a few times, i had high hopes for them. this new single? making me rethink that hope...
  11. this kid is the perfect mix of Eminem and Hopsin. Good flow...
  12. sick! love these dudes! too bad the cover is so...plain! LOL that song with Bryan Garris is NASTY
  13. i LOVE whoever tagged this shit ass band with alternative/dance LOL sorry, i used to love them, but they showed their asses way to much at the venue i work at respect from me. but please, KEEP LISTENING! im just one person!
  14. man, i LOVE these guys. THANK YOU!
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