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  1. it's not bad, it's not good...sounds like where he left off with FTFD. want to hear more before i decide if i'm excited or not lol
  2. I'm probably in the minority here but, I haven't really enjoyed either new song that much from these guys. I also didn't vibe on that return of Desolated either...
  3. man, this band...i end up not liking their albums but then i see them live and they always blow me away. this new stuff isnt doing it for it is lol
  4. the end of the song is ridiculous!! thanks for sharing!!!
  5. such a good band. got that killer Comeback Kid energy, appropriate since they have that band name...highly recommend!!
  6. by the way: Aaron Heard of Jesus Piece guests on 'Seeing God'
  7. should be out in a few months lol
  8. pretty sure once it's all out it will be available on all formats
  9. only a few months from my understanding
  10. I was told a few months ago by the band that yes, there is a full albums worth of songs, BUT, its being released as a series of EPs/7"s
  11. is this an official release? almost all these are older releases
  12. this band...great people and killer music. love this single! now maybe we will also get a new AXIS single? sorry, if you didn't know, they share members
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