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  1. wwwooow this came outta nowhere!! damn this is just good and angry, reminds me of Burn Victim...
  2. so far, it looks as if this record will be pretty damn awesome
  3. yes!! the 2 track demo they dropped was good but with better production this shit is heavy!
  4. been curious about this, hopefully it's poetry written the way she pens her songs...
  5. yeah, this is gooooood...reminds me of the Ferret Records era of metalcore, def has a strong Scarlet - Cult Classic vibe...
  6. god this so good. Scott Vogel still kills it
  7. what a trainwreck...couldn't even finish this
  8. is every track like the preview song? downloading regardless...
  9. anyone have the bonus track 'Ghost Shaped People' yet?
  10. gonna be 100% honest here: i have NO earthly idea why i chose to listen to this...but i did...and. i. loved it. you should give it a try!
  11. this. was. fantastic. thank you for this!
  12. been listening to these guys SO much, this is such a great release!!!
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