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  1. is every track like the preview song? downloading regardless...
  2. anyone have the bonus track 'Ghost Shaped People' yet?
  3. gonna be 100% honest here: i have NO earthly idea why i chose to listen to this...but i did...and. i. loved it. you should give it a try!
  4. this. was. fantastic. thank you for this!
  5. been listening to these guys SO much, this is such a great release!!!
  6. not groundbreaking but damn this is good!!
  7. wonder if this was a B-Side? nah, i don't. this is gold.
  8. gonna be some nasty records dropping this year! END. TGI. TAS. ready
  9. love this. great vocals, thick production. so good. their FB link is there as well
  10. any luck? you may need to just upload it to a torrent site and drop the link here...
  11. no worries. you guys are normally on top of your game. and this bands deserves to be heard!!
  12. whoever linked the bands FB didn't do theirs at all. heres the bands Bandcamp: and Facebook:
  13. yeah, i like these guys a lot! good, heavy and angry!
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