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  1. "this song is next level" "best song of their entire discography" what fucking planet is this community on lmao
  2. this comeback has been completely and undeniably based
  3. Great record. If you played this album and didn't tell me who it was, though, I would have guessed Hammock long before I ever thought of it being TWDY. Not really an issue though as I absolutely adore Hammock.
  4. Nice. Been listening to S/T and Young Mountain a lot lately so looking forward to checking this one out.
  5. Sublime record. The only issue I have is that a lot of the songs seem to end a tad abruptly which gives them a tinge of an underwhelming feeling. I mean, most tracks on ILIWYS are hitting the five and six minute mark where as here they often aren't even hitting four minutes. That said, the second half of this record is pretty much exactly what I wanted and has some of their best tracks to date. Having No Head is the spiritual successor to ILIWYS (the song) that I've always wanted. The order of the songs is a bit incongruous but it's not that big of a deal for me, whereas others seem to take serious issue with it. Overall very happy with this release, though. With time I could easily see this taking a definitive #2 spot in their discography; for now it sits very closely behind, if not tied with, ABIIOR.
  6. One of my favorite bands. There are a handful of great tracks on here that I'd say are amongst their best work, but overall I think this is their weakest album ahead of only Darumasan; most of this record is just borderline 'good', and they've shown countless times that they're capable of much more.
  7. Fuck me the singing is pristine. Insanely good melodies. This band is just getting better
  8. fucking hell the uk garage/trance influence on this record is nuts. Marionettes I & II are gonna be mental at Ally Pally. yeet
  9. exactly that. it sounds like all the Ringmaster stuff on Rue (also an insanely special album that is woefully underappreciated).
  10. Shikari, my favorite band of all time, putting out songs with 1975 and Hellions vibes (two of my other favorite bands) is just fucking prime. what an album. some serious wubs on this thing and Rou produced em perfectly. these songs are gonna go off live, but it's Shikari so of course they are. cool to see Dan Weller back in the credits (not that I dislike Kosten's work though). overall, the sounds on this album are what really make it for me; a real treat for music nerds.
  11. 2000s phc vibes, reminds me of define the great line or something. actually love it.
  12. The emptiness of the main riff makes for a pretty boring track tbh. Kind of makes it sound like they accidentally muted ambient DAW tracks or something lmao. Chorus is by far the worst part of the song though, and it was exactly the same with the last single as well. They don't fit the songs even slightly. Shame, Hollowed Heart was the best song they'd put out since a few of the only decent songs on Old Souls.
  13. some crazy faithless insomnia vibes on this. album is gonna bang, but it's Shikari so of course it is
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