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  1. You just can't listen to this and tell me it doesn't sound like a song every single second-rate metalcore band from 2011/12 was putting out back then. I'm talking those bands like Through Arteries or Close To Home or some shit. This sounds like it could have been a song written by any of those sorts of bands back then, when everyone wanted to be as big as Asking were. It's hilarious, and OM&M still has such an obnoxiously subservient fanbase while dropping the blandest music ever. It blows my mind.
  2. can't wait til this cancerous album finishes its cycle come two years time and every 20 something white girl stops fucking quoting it
  3. I remember not liking Node when it dropped way back when and then not really giving Mesmer a chance when it came out. Some time early last year I watched their Resurrection Fest full set and was blown away by how good they sounded, so decided to give both albums another chance. Legit the best choice I ever made. Both albums are insanely fucking good, and now Northlane are probably my favorite progressive core band right now lmao. So excited to see what they've made for the new album.
  4. Fuuuuuuuuuck yes. The most obnoxiously underrated core band probably ever. Really hope they do a few more than just the two anniversary shows they have planned now.
  5. The three singles off this album are easily the three worst songs they've ever put out. They're still kinda alright though so I'm not too mad I guess. The mix sucks as so many have said. Shame they've lost that heavy punk edge from TITS and Brainwashed that really put them on another level.
  6. I reeeeeaally can't wait for this record. I must have listened to Don't Cry at least 200 times since it dropped lmao.
  7. Gotta download this just so I can delete it.
  8. This could literally be any modern pop artist you hear on UK radio throughout the day. Granted that's probably what they're after these days but holy fuck it's just laughable.
  9. Just saw them last night for the 2nd time that week, 6th time overall I think. Still the best band.
  10. Preferred Fulton Street much more but this is great too. Looking forward to this one; haven't really been heavily into them since Wildlife.
  11. Kinda repetitive but still a great song. So much atmosphere in it. Consider me hyped for this record.
  12. I thought YAW was lame as fuck overall compared to everything before it, but this is just laughable. How do you go from one of the best bands in the genre to putting bland shit like this?
  13. So fucking good. I never really got into their last album/EP or whatever it was. Broken // Bones has been my shit ever since though, and this has that same vibe.
  14. Fuck this is actually kinda bad. I'd put CoF in probably top 15 albums ever, but this is just really boring. Absolutely no energy in it at all, which is rare for Oh, Sleeper. Mix is also fucking horrendous. I hope that isn't the final album mix, sounds like a well-produced demo.
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