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  1. So fucking good. I never really got into their last album/EP or whatever it was. Broken // Bones has been my shit ever since though, and this has that same vibe.
  2. Fuck this is actually kinda bad. I'd put CoF in probably top 15 albums ever, but this is just really boring. Absolutely no energy in it at all, which is rare for Oh, Sleeper. Mix is also fucking horrendous. I hope that isn't the final album mix, sounds like a well-produced demo.
  3. Fucking god tier. Production is great yet again. Such a pleasure listening to this band.
  4. Pretty sure this band is from my town lmao
  5. It's like he's trying to imitate every cookie-cutter shitty "rapper" that's on the radio these days. No idea what he was going for with this one. Some great instrumentals on here too, and there are definitely parts I like, but the vocoder shit on his voice gets old real quick. SYRE was tight and so was Electric so it's a shame to be saying this. Hopefully we get ERYS soon.
  6. Imagine thinking that this isn't a huge fucking jam Bit repetitive but other than that it's so enjoyable. More sax plz
  7. Dan

    Hellions - Rue (2018)

    Naaaaaaaah the callbacks to/continuation of Lotus Eater in The Lotus is too fucking sick. This band is on another level.
  8. Dan

    Hellions - Rue (2018)

    13 seconds into track 2 and I'm already calling this AOTY. What a god tier band. Jesus christ. Just fuck me up.
  9. time to stop pretending this band is still good
  10. These guys really found the right spot with this album so far. Can't wait for the full release.
  11. nu-Architects really is nothing to get that excited over. Hollow Crown is the only outstanding release they have, and a few tracks from Daybreaker (Devil's Island, Black Blood). They were excellent live though, til Sam blew his voice out after Tom passed. You really aren't missing much though.
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