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  1. fuuuuuuck. when the singing kicks in, the progression is so evocative. Transit is a top album of all time for me and I've been wondering if they'll be able to follow it up well, but if there's more to come like this then I can't fucking wait
  2. lets fucking go boys honestly the cleans are hit or miss for me really; I think they excel most when they're just going hard as fuck. thankfully the 2nd half of this album is exactly that. ending breakdowns in Kerosene Dream and Decay are god tier, and the entirety of Splinter is straight up fucked. Adrenaline is a great interlude too. banger of an album, can't wait to see em with Northlane, Polaris and Silent Planet in December
  3. nice. Michael always comin in hot with the best posts on KL
  4. this is even more hilariously braindead after reading your post on fucking lana del rey lmao
  5. in the grand scheme of things this isn't anything special, but it's a nice change of pace for him at least. dude knows how to pick em for sure; super chill song.
  6. a little off-topic I guess but fully recommend seeing this band live. they basically turn into a hardcore band. all their shit is way heavier live and they just all round are way more enjoyable in that setting imo.
  7. well it's certainly a Counterparts song
  8. never thought I'd say this in a year where Northlane also drop an album but I think this is my AOTY currently tbh. maybe OWEL/Tyler will take it overall but my god this record just fucking bangs. Putney has gotten so much better over the years and it really shows with this album. pretty much everything I could want from a hardcore record
  9. metalcore brainlets btfo by god tier tdwp yet again
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