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  1. Tell me that main riff isn't just a rip off of Jaden's song Watch Me...
  2. update: damn Jaden wasn't lying when he said he straight up threw a punk song in the mix. Fire Dept is sick lmao
  3. hope this is good. SYRE and Electric were sick but almost everything he's done since those has been ass
  4. one of the very few bands that still holds up from the early 10s' scene days lmao
  5. It's a shame you can hear how fucked his vocal cords really are now, and how reliant he is on pitch correction. Song is still super catchy though
  6. honestly pretty lame. expect way more from Silverstein tbh
  7. Sounds like they accidentally pasted the pre-chorus and chorus from one song into another.
  8. So inoffensive it's offensive. Probably unpopular opinion, but just go back to the Madness sound already.
  9. "you need to calm down" is gonna be the next "thank u, next" for white girls on twitter at least this song's decent tho lmao
  10. I'd recommend a simple interface (the new gen 2i2 from Scarlett is perfectly fine) and if you want to stay as cheap as possible then an SM57 to go with it. It's a pretty standard live mic for heavy bands and it can take a beating (so picking up a used one isn't a bad idea). If you want something a bit nicer, try a Sennheiser E935. Used to have one myself and it was pretty great, and I know a few years back tons of vocalists in bands like Issues, BMTH etc used to use it. Of course, if you can afford it, get a condenser microphone – ideally an SM7B. This will give you studio-grade quality, and you can probably find a decent one used as well. Entirely avoid and USB microphones.
  11. do yourself a favor and don't go anywhere near a blue yeti. if you're gonna spend 100+ on a mic like that you might as well save a bit longer and buy something that isn't total shit.
  12. lmao thanks for bringing this up, hadn't heard of Dagny before. KP literally just took this absolute banger and made it worse
  13. fuck yeah. honestly wish this vocalist was still in Cursed Earth instead but hyped on this either way
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