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  1. why does this sound like some old Avicii song but without the good parts? it's like she just took everything from his songs that wasn't a drop or a chorus and only kept the build up lmao
  2. anyone saying this isn't trash is kidding themselves lmao. this is the kind of bland, elementary songwriting you expect from c-tier core bands not fucking Silverstein. love this band and even Dead Reflection was good but jesus this is just sad to see
  3. niiiiiiice. for some reason the vocals give me old Underoath/old Adept vibes. perfect BPM for live shows too, has that bounce to it that always pops off live
  4. this is trash. disappointing. dude clearly wants those tiktok plays
  5. You were right! The rest is quite excellent. Subverted my expectations entirely. I love Cherry & Falling, and the coda of She is really great (and pretty 'out there' for your average major-artist pop record). Sunflower Vol. 6 and Treat People With Kindness are sublime, as well. This is definitely one of the best pop records of the year; comes from so many angles that it's reminded me of old 2000's indie pop artists, but also classics like Fleetwood Mac. It's up there with Cabello's Romance for me (not sure how I ended up liking that record as I typically hate Top 40 pop but somehow it really stood out to me).
  6. nice. hoping this is good. the singles were great albeit a tad repetitive—even just as 3-track release—so hopefully the rest is a bit more varied.
  7. love that these guys are back, and personally really glad that it sounds more akin to something from The Fantasy Effect or Exi(s)t but I gotta be honest this song is pretty underwhelming. there really isn't that much interesting instrumentation going on here. definitely sounds promising for the future, though
  8. hahaha we sound pretty similar. BMTH was my fuckin life from CYB through There Is A Hell; literally defined my scene years and I don't think I've ever loved a band as much as I did them. don't think I've ever been so disappointed as I was when Sempiternal dropped, and they've only continued to regress with each release for me. then it happened with Sleeps as well when You Are We dropped (probably made even more disappointing by the fact that I'm in the Hurricane music video lmao). then it happened again with Architects. LF//LT was probably my AOTY that year and luckily I got to see it all live before Tom passed. AOGHAU was mediocre musically despite having weight lyrically. Holy Hell was fucking awful and Sam's voice has been shot ever since that long touring stint they took after Tom's death but people will never admit it because apparently it's forbidden to talk negatively about them lol. happened with tons of others as well though. Casey was a big one for me, and to some extent Northlane's newest record is a bit meh despite me thinking it would be my AOTY. probably the only band that's never once let me down with a release has actually been Adept lmao, love those boys
  9. completely correct. You Are We and everything since has been mediocre as fuck and comes nowhere close to the excellence that is the EP and first two full lengths. Sean needs to go back to his 5150 with low end cranked to 10, and start writing actual fat fuckin riffs again and not rehashing the same four note breakdown he's been doing since Four Walls. hard to believe this was my favorite band at one point in time.
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