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  1. time to stop pretending this band is still good
  2. These guys really found the right spot with this album so far. Can't wait for the full release.
  3. nu-Architects really is nothing to get that excited over. Hollow Crown is the only outstanding release they have, and a few tracks from Daybreaker (Devil's Island, Black Blood). They were excellent live though, til Sam blew his voice out after Tom passed. You really aren't missing much though.
  4. It's alright. Ending was pretty good. Glad to see Sam doing something a little different with his voice for once. Riff is boring as fuck though. No doubt this will be eaten up by everyone anyway though so good luck to em ((((((Hollow Crown v2 fucking WHEN lads))))))))
  5. Vocals remind me of old Aerolyn before the vocalist changed. Just sounds more polished than they did. Also reminds me a bit of Life On Repeat. Anyways, this is pretty great. I prefer the heavier side of them but can't deny this is catchy as hell.
  6. I wish I was joking but this is actually garbage. Rest in absolute pieces. Why the fuck does Baretto sound like Denis Shaforostov in like half of this lmao. Shame.
  7. in the words of Dwesk.. S H I T E
  8. o shit didn't even know he was dropping something new. Yellow was super underrated, looking forward to giving this a spin
  9. this bout the dumbest shit I've ever read on this fuckin website
  10. Tons of memories tied to this album. Haven't listened to it in a good 4 or 5 years—will be nice to revisit once it re-releases.