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  1. Better than almost everything off YNYA lmao. Nice surprise.
  2. Just disappointed they had something somewhat unique with the EP and blended some of my favorite parts of metal. Disgusting has some extremely poor and formulaic songwriting bar a few bangers, and I ended up liking Aggressive after about a year. The production on Disgusting was also garbage. If that makes me a purist then sure.
  3. This sounds like a demo lmao. Not terrible though. As long as the full thing isn't as terrible and cringy as Disgusting then it'll be fine. Sick EP still best.
  4. shit Silent Planet really out here coming for that AOTY huh
  5. I've hated everything since Adrian left but this bangs. Damn. Also this is a one-off track, next album is a long way off according to Josh himself.
  6. VoM mix was fine the drums were just a few db too loud. Didn't say it was a bad mix. "Listen on something better than a potato" lmao. Moron.
  7. Mix fucking blows. Drums are obnoxiously loud, same as Veil's most recent album. Song itself is alright but pretty boring. I think I just don't like JT in this band much. Somehow still sounds monotone even when he's changing pitch lmao.
  8. Just out of curiosity, what would you cut from SYRE, thinking it's too long? I feel it's pretty dialed in overall and he is big on movies, and I think I read there was a SYRE short film being produced so I imagine it was more of a soundtrack type thing than an album for him creatively.
  9. Barely. B is a single letter and was caps on the original album, Lost Boy is incorrectly tagged here and should be "Lost Boy ELECTRIC", and ICON was always all caps. Just Ninety and Fallen which have been capitalized for this one release. Though ERYS could be all caps single-word titles based on GHOST, there's really not enough there to call it "jumping on the bandwagon" imo. Also Jaden is obviously very concise in his artwork and production values so I wouldn't really call it that just yet.
  10. So fucking good. The talking in the background at the end of "ICON?" is so cool. He's spoken a lot on Twitter lately about how ERYS is gonna be much darker than the SYRE character, and the end of this EP being him talking about how we should "remember that this is the real him" and "he's not responsible for what ERYS says" then just straight up starts yelling "I CAN'T CONTROL HIM, HE'S COMING". It's made even more poignant being said right after him just spending the previous 3 minutes rapping so positively about spreading his message and unity etc. Dude knows how to put together a great visual and story for his work imo. ERYS gonna be a banger.
  11. Future Hearts was pretty garbage imo. But my opinion on this band is very different to most fans I imagine; I literally only listen to LYR and Straight To DVD 1. Hearing the studio versions of songs from STDVD makes me cringe.
  12. Sigh. They found such a great sound with Last Young Renegade and now they're just back to sounding like Future Hearts again. Super disappointed.