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  1. It was pretty great. NY is the best.
  2. genuinely a hilarious album from the self-proclaimed "greatest human artist of all time". sounds like it was thought up, written, recorded, mixed and mastered all in the space of one day. laughably bad in just about every sense, and that's even if you disregard the religious gospel shit. best part of this whole thing though is the entirety of hiphopheads shitting on it. never thought I'd see the day
  3. black veil cucks sux!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. more of the same. can't really complain though cause I loved the last album lmao. good memories listening to it while wandering around nyc during winter last year :^)
  5. twice really said bangers only in 2019
  6. thanks! probably my favorite composer.
  7. Transit is an all-time favorite for me so I tempered my expectations extremely heavily for this record, seeing as a follow-up to a personal favorite almost never delivers anywhere close, but damn. They might have actually done it for me here. The more I listen the better it gets. There are so many incredible moments that just build into this really lucid overall experience that I didn't think they would pull off again. Really hope Mike does another track-by-track for this one because a lot of these lyrics are a tad more cryptic than those on Transit, but you can hear the depth from both Mike and Jeremy. As Kids is unbelievably good.
  8. nice, love to see DADARAY on here. would love to see the new indigo la End if possible
  9. I don't think I ever listened to their debut more than twice, so I don't really have a bar set for them to be striving for something better. the point you make is fair though, I just don't care much for the genre as a whole so it doesn't bother me
  10. sometimes it's nice to have a pretty generic, unchallenging album to throw in the mix every now and then, like Palisades' self-titled, BAAO's Waiting for Morning to Come etc. I guess this album will do it for me this year. pretty okay record, decent to listen to while doing anything else.
  11. >plethora I knew your comprehension was bad but now you seem to just be trying to be stupid. Maybe not tho.
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