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  1. This is sick! Really smooth feature from Tyler and the instrumentals are great.
  2. Most of this is pretty boring but... honestly the closer isn't bad lol. It's a cover so I'm tempted to not give them that much credit but... it's something I guess.
  3. I’m not usually big on this style of hardcore, but this actually does it for me. Very cool intro, and then it becomes a total banger for the rest of the track. I’m into it!
  4. They keep killing it! This is great.
  5. Damn I’m impressed by this haha, they have a lot of releases and this is quite comprehensive. Nicely done!
  6. Holy shit, this is a very nice surprise!! Can’t wait to give it a listen.
  8. That’s what I was leaning towards but wasn’t sure, thanks!
  9. Can someone let me know what Track 14 - “Shelter” is a cover of (or if it is)? The other two covers were pretty obvious, but not sure who the original artist is for that one.
  10. If this is a troll it’s not a very good one
  11. I dig this one more than Headrush for sure. I doubt they’ll ever top their first two albums for me, but I still don’t hate their alt rock direction. Anon had some pretty good songs, and this would be one of the better ones on there imo.
  12. Isn’t Zach Garren + Ben Rosett just... 2/3 of Strawberry Girls lol? It’s a good track don’t get me wrong, just a little confused
  13. Thanks for blessing us with the FLAC
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