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  1. One of the best posts I've read on here, fucking preach. I certainly still listen to my fair share of music made my shitty people, but I definitely think it's also important to hold people accountable for their actions. I personally think separating the art from the artist is possible... but I don't think that should mean forgetting what an artist has done. If someone wants to listen to Miss Fortune, that's fair imo, I still listen to Jonny Craig's various projects, and plenty of other music made by "problematic" people. However I think this is always a fair discussion to have (ESPECIALLY when the artist in question has shown no willingness to admit their faults or change in any way).
  2. Yeah I fucking love this. Listened a bunch already.
  3. I won’t fully judge until I hear the song but... yeah, it kinda sounds like newer Tame Impala which is...... not a sound I’d expect from Pearl Jam of all bands
  4. This is a snippet of the single dropping Wednesday, apparently from Bill Simmons' podcast. I didn't believe it was real until I Shazam'd it... it is indeed "Dance of the Clairvoyants".
  5. Do we know when it’s dropping? EDIT: Looks like the first single is coming out on the 22nd! Stoked
  6. Anyone got that single and wanna hook me up lol?
  7. @Summers just curious, where’d you find the 320 of this? I thought YouTube was the only place this song could be heard so far lol... if this is a legit 320 though I’ll replace my rip with it
  8. That’s a good guess tbh! I hope you’re right
  9. Why does that album art look like something I could’ve whipped up in a couple minutes lol (I have virtually no graphic design experience)
  10. Was wondering the same thing. Seems kinda late for that imo
  11. Keep reading this as “Bilmuri - RICH CHIGGA” whenever it pops up in the chatbox lol
  12. I actually really like this project's more mellow side, but this is dope too. Also, track 4... did this man just title a song after a Star Wars prequel quote?? Fucking legend.
  13. I know I’m in the minority, but other than the shit production/mixing I thought The Canyon was really interesting and a cool change of pace. This is alright, but kind of The Used by the numbers... Jason Butler is easily the best part, he goes harder here than he has in his main bands in a while lol
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