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  1. I like this release okay, but Amo has way more memorable hooks than this does.
  2. Producer: "Hey Alexisonfire, how do you want your single mixed?" Flo Rida: "Shawty got LOW, low, low, low..."
  3. "Just How I Feel Pts. 1-4" Didn't realize Jonny Craig joined Hotel Books
  4. Yeah I really dig this. Instrumentation has a really cool groove to it, and both George and Dallas sound dope.
  5. "Raped By Pigs - Mental Diseases And Congenital Malformation" Oh man, I bet this band sounds like The 1975!!
  6. I'm not even a big fan of this band, but they sound NOTHING like Imagine Dragons. Once you start hearing La Dispute on pop radio, then get back to me lol... spoiler alert, it's not going to happen.
  7. WOAH. Their best song in a long time imo... I fucking love everything about this.
  8. My take is that at this point Our Last Night have deliberately chosen to make pop covers an integral part of their identity as a band. It's worked out well for them, but by that same token I think it's fair game to criticize them for it since they really do make a TON of covers. That being said, I actually like this song. I like that they're incorporating the pop influences a bit more into their music in the verses, I think it works well for them to emphasize those contrasts in their sound.
  9. I’ve never been huge on this band, nu-metal type bands usually have to do something really special to win me over. But the comments made me decide to check this out... and I really dig it!! Super groovy and fun song. I think the lineup change might make me a fan of these guys if this is any indication of their sound going forward.
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