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  1. That has to be the best accidental typo I’ve seen on here lmao
  2. His sound has changed a little since then but he's still really good imo... very consistently high-quality stuff.
  3. Memphis May Fire hasn’t been good for like 7 years and they’re inexplicably still really popular. Also some of Matty’s solo Christian songs are laughably bad, even for that genre.
  4. Falling in Reverse continuing to have such a huge following blows my mind. Their music is so often just unbearably corny for me, and Ronnie’s obnoxious personality and terrible lyrics ruin most of what could be redeemable about their songs. Coming Home was their one good release, and then they immediately went back to making trash.
  5. Man, just seeing the picture of all of them together made me really sad again... RIP Kyle. I can't imagine how the rest of the band feels right now.
  6. Woah, this fucking rules. He’s really found his solo sound on this album it seems, it’s gonna be so good.
  7. This actually makes me more interested to check this tonight when I get home since we seem to agree a lot... I don’t have that high of hopes, imo the singles showed some promise but the execution could’ve been stronger.
  8. Damn, this is so good. It feels like the band firing on all cylinders and just killing it, this really might be their best album since Layne was in the band.
  9. The whole project is even better
  10. Yep, they're still on Hopeless. My guess is not including "Drift" was more of an artistic decision, this new song is pretty different from that song and my guess is "Drift" probably wouldn't have fit well on the new album.
  11. Very pleasantly surprised by the single, consider me hyped. I’m surprised by the short runtime though, 10 tracks and none over 4 minutes. Let’s hope they’re all jams. Wait are they not on Hopeless anymore?? They only released Drift through them.