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  1. New Slaves single "Prayers" out Nov. 22nd... starts @ 12:34
  2. They’re being pretty mysterious right now, but it’s looking like a full reunion! They just posted that their new album “Higher Lonely Power” is out in 2020.
  3. Seriously breathtaking comeback track... so excited for more to come!
  4. Looks like Slaves are dropping a new single this month (their second with Matt McAndrew). Can't find a song title or details yet however.
  5. This album isn't on streaming services anymore sadly. 320 would be great if possible. Thanks!
  6. >"disappointment" >"sounds like 90s R&B/neo-soul" Pick one
  7. While I definitely prefer the two songs this project released with their old vocalist Devin Barrus (also their ONLY two songs lol)... this is pretty solid. Nice to see Dave back in a band, definitely missed his vocals on the new CtE album.
  8. lmao just noticed that there's two tracks, I can't listen now since i'm in class. I get it now
  9. Sad to see you go man, but I totally understand it. Best of luck to you in the future!
  10. Wow, this is awesome!! That switch-up after the chorus is super addictive, and the overall structure of the song is really creative.
  11. Man, this is catchy as FUCK. I love it... guess I need to go back to The Spark if it was like this, I don't remember that album much honestly.
  12. I like it, but it's definitely more straightforward than most of their stuff. Not my favorite by them, but it's pretty immediately catchy... the bridge is my favorite part.
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