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  1. Upcoming Singles [Updated 2/17]

  2. Upcoming Singles [Updated 2/17]

    Underoath - No Frame (February 22)
  3. Screaming Females - All At Once (2018)

    I've gotten a few screaming females in my bedroom over the years if YA KNOW WHAT I MEAN
  4. Some people still think they’ll try a comeback, personally I really doubt it.
  5. Slaves - Beautiful Death (2018)

    I definitely get where you’re coming from... and I don’t think it’ll be my AOTY either. But tbh I can understand why it might be for some people. If you REALLY love that mainstream post-hardcore/hard rock sound, this album does it REALLY well imo. And I didn’t like either of their first two albums. I think partially people may be overhyping it because it’s such an improvement over their old stuff as well.
  6. Slaves - Beautiful Death (2018)

    This album is so vastly superior to their first two that it almost feels like a different band fronted by the same singer... and I’m totally fine with that.
  7. Slaves - Beautiful Death (2018)

    Ah yes, how can one ever top the breathtaking songwriting brilliance of... *chug chug chug* Jonny vocal melody #1 *chug chug chug* Jonny vocal melody #2 *chug chug chug* Jonny vocal melody #1 *chug chug chug* Jonny vocal melody #3 (“We’re changing it up guyz!!”) *chug chug chug* Jonny vocal melody #1 ...Aaaaaand repeat for 15 tracks and you basically have Routine Breathing (I’ll give Winter Everywhere a pass because that’s a great song which I suspect was largely written by either Tilian or someone else who didn’t write the rest of the album).
  8. Slaves - Beautiful Death (2018)

    I meant that he hadn’t released anything on this level since 2011, when DBMII came out. Imo none of his albums since that point had matched his early work, until now.
  9. Slaves - Beautiful Death (2018)

    The Pact is an incredible song. Overall this is BY FAR Slaves’ best release, and easily Jonny’s best album since DBMII.
  10. Slaves - Beautiful Death (2018)

  11. The Plot In You - DISPOSE (2018)

    @Frak The Gods Aaaayyyyyyy
  12. Slaves - Discography (2014-2015)

    He's been out of the band since after the first album haha. It's totally understandable, this band's lineup has changed more often than Jonny's face tattoos.
  13. Slaves - Discography (2014-2015)

    Good timing for this post since these albums got taken down for streaming/digital purchase lol
  14. Pianos Become The Teeth - Wait For Love (2018)

    Fantastic follow-up to Keep You. Really love the whole sonic aesthetic of this album.
  15. The Plot In You - DISPOSE (2018)

    God, this is incredible. Other bands have done similar mixes of styles to the ones on this album, but imo few of them have elevated it to art like this one does. You can feel so much raw passion in every track, Landon is incapable of coming across as not genuine. Even when this album gets really "poppy" for TPIY, it always feels passionate and real. I recently went through a rough breakup, and I can already tell this album will be getting a LOT of plays. I'm usually not even a diehard listener of this band, but I'm so impressed by this.