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  1. Very well said @mR12. What you noted about “partial piracy” is exactly how I’ve operated for years. The convenience of streaming is just unmatched for me, and I can always download whatever isn’t on Spotify and fill in the gaps myself.
  2. Been on here since 2014 I think, crazy how time flies. I have so many fond memories of waking up early to download the latest album I was so hyped for that I just couldn’t wait that extra day... as well as discovering so many great new artists from this community. Thanks for everything.
  3. I’m un-ironically stoked for this after the singles I’ve heard, thanks!
  4. NO FUCKING WAY, they’re back!! Fuck yeah I’m so hyped, had no idea this was coming out! Their first two albums are some of my favorites of the last decade, this made my whole week haha EDIT: I was so hyped I commented even before listening lol... yeah this fucking rules, no surprise there. They have such a distinctive sound.
  5. This is definitely one of my favorite songs they’ve done. I can totally hear the more progressive rock influence, like others said this feels more “proggy” than a lot of prog metal does.
  6. Yeah, that's what I was thinking when I saw the listed locations... usually those are the only ones listed when a video actually isn't accessible at all. I don't think it's gonna leak.
  7. Damn... crazy if it actually leaked this early.
  8. I’m very into both songs so far. These guys changed up their sound in a really cool way.
  9. Yo, this is great! I think it's really cool how they took the psychedelic elements that were lightly present on the Mind & Time EP and made them their dominant sound here. They pulled off this sound change really well, these songs are very catchy and have a lot of cool sonic layers.
  10. I'm definitely intrigued by them changing up their sound this much, and some of it honestly sounds pretty great. I'm excited.
  11. This is an interesting one... I like it, but it’s definitely quite different for a Foo Fighters single. Very curious how the album will turn out.
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