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  1. This is honestly a blast to listen to, well done guys. Better shout me out on Bummercore III though or I'll have to drop the bannhammer
  2. This is like Koi No Yokan mixed with the heaviness of the self-titled album... I'm so fucking here for it.
  3. TylerDurden


    My mom told me not to download unknown files from strange websites
  4. You can have whatever opinion you want of the band’s music, but a “comparison” like this is not helpful at all, and is needlessly hurtful and offensive when you could have easily made your point without it. Do better.
  5. Really loving this. Definitely a different vibe for TDS but really gorgeous.
  6. I think this is really cool. I'm usually a fan of psychedelic pop when done well though, so I'm not surprised. When the bridge kicks in and the guitars get louder in the mix, that's a really cool moment.
  7. Hmmm. This is an interesting experiment from them for sure... not sure if it exactly plays to their strengths, but it's a cool change of pace at least. I just hope this album doesn't turn into their version of Highly Suspect's "MCID" where it jumps wildly in a dozen different directions.
  8. This is honestly pretty great. The more alt metal influences work REALLY nicely for them, songs like the opener "Dead and Done" strike a really nice balance between melody and more aggression than I've ever heard from this band before. This is a really pleasant surprise.
  9. Never heard of these guys, but that’s an amazing band name lmao
  10. Lol a 2-month wait for just 3 more new songs... that being said I actually like Space and The Water so I think this could be solid. Agreed with @BlueWall that I’m really glad Headrush didn’t make the cut for this.
  11. This is alright. Just wish there was more of their old creative spark in these new songs. But it’s enjoyable for what it is.
  12. This is SO damn good. Worth the wait for me.
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