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  1. While I definitely prefer the two songs this project released with their old vocalist Devin Barrus (also their ONLY two songs lol)... this is pretty solid. Nice to see Dave back in a band, definitely missed his vocals on the new CtE album.
  2. lmao just noticed that there's two tracks, I can't listen now since i'm in class. I get it now
  3. Sad to see you go man, but I totally understand it. Best of luck to you in the future!
  4. Wow, this is awesome!! That switch-up after the chorus is super addictive, and the overall structure of the song is really creative.
  5. Man, this is catchy as FUCK. I love it... guess I need to go back to The Spark if it was like this, I don't remember that album much honestly.
  6. I like it, but it's definitely more straightforward than most of their stuff. Not my favorite by them, but it's pretty immediately catchy... the bridge is my favorite part.
  7. Fantastic EP. I definitely agree with the comments comparing Early Grave to Deftones... Follow is a banger too!
  8. Wooo!! Hyped to hear this one.
  9. Gotta snag this before the inevitable Disney copyright lawsuit
  10. Yep, this rules. Definitely still hard to believe we're finally here!
  11. This easily exceeded my expectations. I was trying to keep my hype in check even after loving Solway Firth, because the last two albums were very mixed bags for me. But this is everything I hoped it might be. They found a great balance of experimentation and re-connecting with what made them great in the first place. Songs like "Nero Forte" and "Red Flag" are the best of both of those elements, and then there's a song like "Spiders" that's totally unlike anything they've done before yet is fantastically executed. I also love how the album overall feels like a very cohesive experience, with the interludes and many of the tracks fading into each other really nicely. Gotta say I'm extremely impressed with this one.
  12. Yeah I think what you mentioned could end up being the band's biggest issue going forward, a lack of distinctiveness. That being said, I think Matt does an admirable job here considering how recently he joined. He's definitely a talented songwriter from what I've heard of his solo music, so I think he may actually end up their secret weapon and best chance of remaining relevant... because I agree that the music alone wouldn't do it.
  13. What a pleasant surprise... Matt McAndrew actually kills it here! This is super catchy and promising for the future of this band. Who would've thought?
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