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  1. Nah the lisp is Jonny lol, like @humbleledger mentioned I believe Jonny has some false teeth now and you can hear the little lisp on some songs from Beautiful Death. It doesn’t bother me much personally, but is definitely there. The EP is cool.
  2. Yeah I agree with this. I like the song, but it does feel like they could’ve done more with a song of this length. The main riff imo feels a bit generic which they usually manage to avoid. It’s good but doesn’t quite wow me like most of their songs... but regardless I’m still pumped for this album.
  3. This album is really something special, I've had it for a bit now... please give it a listen, everyone!
  4. So weird how he dropped a bunch of singles and the album never came out lol... I actually liked this one a lot.
  5. Gorgeous production on this one. These guys are killing the style change so far, so ready to hear the whole album.
  6. Yep. That was a VERY solid debut, but everything after has been a hard pass... both Mikey’s antics and the mediocre music.
  7. Emarosa’s teasing what looks like a new single... hopefully next week!
  8. I agree, but I also think that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The description you used could also describe pretty much any DGD album, which is what some people criticize that band for... basically writing catchy and technically saavy music but not really reaching for greater thematic depth. However the flip side of that is that (imo) not every album needs to have a ton of depth to be enjoyable, sometimes catchy bangers are enough. I think it really depends on what people look for in a “great” album.
  9. I do hear both of these lol... the Bruno melody is a pretty common pop melody as another user said, so I’m inclined to chalk that up to coincidence. Considering how much this band clearly draws influence from DGD though, I’m not so sure the part from “The Cuddler” being in there is a coincidence... but in any case, it’s still not that bad imo. Still interesting finds though!
  10. This is absolutely fantastic. The band is really able to showcase their creativity and stylistic diversity across the entire runtime, while still keeping a consistent core sound that's distinctively them. Absolutely lives up to the expectations I had... very impressed that they were able to deliver on all the hype.
  11. We never find out if the characters in the Foreword get out of the elevator, 0/10
  12. Weirdest album intro I’ve heard in quite a while, but so far this is great!
  13. I'm very into this. Obviously not everyone has to like it, but I've always thought it takes a ton of skill to make a great, well-written pop song. And I think BMTH knocked that out of the park here. I'm very impressed by the diversity of styles these guys can pull off, and am looking forward to Amo.
  14. The first two singles before these 3 were “Killer in the Mirror” and “Lonely Dance”.
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