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  1. This is fantastic. Really builds off of the greatness of “Emotion” while still feeling like something new. I can already tell a lot of these songs are gonna soundtrack my summer.
  2. I dig it. Definitely isn’t as different as I thought it might be lol, it’s still definitely in their wheelhouse but I think it’s enjoyable.
  3. They pull off this sound SO WELL. I grew from liking this a lot when I first heard it, to not being able to listening to it. So hyped for the full album.
  4. Spot-on. The atmosphere and groove is what really makes this song memorable for me, which is also true of my favorite tracks from Mesmer. Marcus continues to prove why the hate he still gets from some segments of the band's fanbase is ridiculous, he shows yet another side of his vocals here and absolutely makes the song. Very stoked for this album.
  5. I was excited because of Brendon’s involvement, but I’m really not a fan of this. I’m not gonna bash anyone who does like it, but imo neither Brendon nor Taylor are utilizing their talents well on a song like this. Feels very cookie-cutter and lifeless imo.
  6. Issues announced a new single for May 3rd too! No details yet
  7. Holy fuck, this is a HIT! Honestly this should’ve been the first single lol, I like Lonely but this is way better
  8. YO this is actually really good. I wasn't even a big fan of Danny's country album, but he has a great voice and it works really well for this style of music. I also agree that this is more blues/soul than country.
  9. This is dope. Very cool collab project.
  10. Hell yeah, Paak is incredible. Stoked for this!
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