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  1. Yeah, this absolutely rules. Even though there’s no growls, this is imo a great mix of their current sound and heavier side.
  2. Yeah, this band is SO underrated. They need to get on some better tours or something to get more exposure, because they really do put out consistently great music.
  3. I’m usually a big fan of when bands go in a more mainstream direction if done well. Imo these guys are doing a decent job with it but... their new songs really aren’t on the level of their old post-hardcore stuff yet. I think the instrumentation and overall songwriting on the first two albums is still much better than these new songs... and ironically the old stuff had better hooks too. I do like this song for what it is, but it is still a step down for me.
  4. Does this site actually have a good track record? I'm skeptical as well, but those Russian sites do often get legitimate scoops...
  5. Anyone else get a bit of Deftones and Tool vibes? The vocals definitely give me Deftones vibes at times (with the reverb and the backing screams).
  6. WOW. I absolutely love this. Definitely has a different feel than their last album, I guess a bit more groovy? But it works so nicely.
  7. Definitely better than they’ve been in quite a while, but that’s not saying much. Still feels very generic... more radio hard rock than a “return to roots” for them.
  8. Don’t tell me what to DO, TAYLOR. I’ll calm down when I’m FUCKING READY
  9. Wow, this is next-level. They really added some cool new textures to their sound and progressed in a way that feels more epic and grandiose in the best possible way. Despite the insane length this could easily end up my favorite by them. Yeah I don’t agree with this at all lol. Would be interested to hear your reasoning.
  10. I actually like this way more than I thought haha... super catchy.
  11. Probably my least favorite of the three singles, but still catchy and enjoyable.
  12. Tbh this song is gonna be everywhere, definitely Chris’ best song in a LONG time. I’m not a fan of him as a person, but this collab works really well.
  13. “First” should’ve made the album imo... apparently Joe and some of DNCE’s co-writers wrote that one, it gives me DNCE vibes.
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