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  1. "They could have made it but Jonny Craig happened." FIFY
  2. Song's alright, would be too out of place on Retrograde. Honestly not that interesting, would've been cooler to see them try something new.
  3. So you're saying their last album got the Tim Lambesis Boost™?
  4. Easily their best album. Surprised how much I enjoyed this having never cared for them much before.
  5. Honestly extremely over OLN at this point. Their pop covers started out as a decent gimmick, but they’ve honestly over-extended themselves and have gotten less interesting over time. Their original music is generally decent, but if we’re being honest they wouldn’t be nearly as big as they are currently if they had to rely just on that. So good for them for finding a gimmick that works for them... personally I’m over it.
  6. Hoping for a second single soon. Album will rule, as always with this band.
  7. Tyler’s a talented singer, yes he’s very pop-leaning so I understand why people might not be into that when it’s in a “scene” band like Issues... but he definitely stands out. It’s not that surprising that he’s found a big fanbase, he has a great voice and is blending genres of music together that are each popular on their own. Never gotten why so many think he’s “overrated” when he’s at least doing something different for that music scene, that’s more than can be said for a lot of bands fawned over on here. Oh yeah, song rules. Lophiile’s production keeps improving, it’s been dope to see him get so much bigger outside of Issues.
  8. 5. Losing My Wallet 6. Losing My iPhone 7. Losing My Self-Esteem 8. Losing My Virginity
  9. Everyone should check this out. So fucking good!
  10. Echoing the other comments, this band can do no wrong. Looks like the other 3 tracks on the EP are re-workings from the last album? In any case, stoked.
  11. Fucking stoked for that second Deaf Havana single! “Sinner” was phenomenal.
  12. Well this absolutely rules. They pushed the pop elements even further than ever before, and it works so well for them.
  13. I actually really like the opener haha but I get why people wouldn’t be into it, that one’s way different even in the context of this album. Title track grew on me but still may be my least favorite song.
  14. If the only thing you liked about Hoobastank was the hard rock sound then yeah you probably won’t like this... but most of the album isn’t as poppy as the singles, and has some of their best songwriting, instrumentation, and hooks ever. It’s more mellow but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.