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  1. Circling circling circling your head Contemplating every tweet you’ve ever sent, now I see your streaming numbers bruh, two million and two point six on Pandora, See you later “I’ll make what you will make, in a year in a single weekend, bitch” See inside, this hundred cap venue, It should be over See you should come see me, chris Put me on that guestlist Chris Brown, I’ll take you on Headstrong, get scraped by anyone Your fifteen minutes are gone Said you were Headstrong, but you’re wrong Chris Brown, I’ll take you on Headstrong? won’t take on anyone You know that you are wrong and the internet is not where you belong I’ll take your 13 fans away They don’t, listen to anything but this song anyway Conclusions manifest, your one hit wonders got to be your very best, we know you’re full of shit and that’s alright, playing shows to 40 people every night, that’s forever You’re blaming local bands, for low attendance, you’re the headliner, that’s your fault So boast about, 500 cap rooms yeah, But they’re all empty And I can’t wait til you hit Me with a cease and desist, pussy FUCK Hm Chris Brown, I’ll take you on I hit you up, Thought you’d take on anyone? Your ex band mates were not wrong They’re Headstrong, and you’re a dork We one live 40 minutes apart Time and place, pack a lunch, buddy I’m not far Shoutout to Metalsucks, rockfeed Loudwire spreading the good word about this clown I’ll take your 13 fans away They don’t, listen to anything but this song anyway Who the fuck, uses pandora anyway? Step to me, chris And maybe we’ll share a kiss Pants down, I’ll suck you off Headstrong, I’ll suck off anyone Drop trou, let’s see that dong Cause we love, the big dongs Chris Brown, we’ll take you on Headstrong, get scraped by anyone Your fifteen minutes are gone and this is not, where you belong
  2. This one gives me strong '90s alternative vibes (in a different way than a lot of their past songs)... very good stuff!
  3. Man, I miss this band. Wonder if they’ll ever come back with Lacey...
  4. Really into this one. Gorgeous ambience and the chorus is instantly catchy.
  5. Wow, yeah that's a banger. Hoping we finally get an album announcement soon!
  6. Slaves single “Talk To A Friend” out March 27
  7. Different strokes my friend. Yes, to me this is his most cohesive and interesting release since the mixtapes (I also knew Trilogy wasn’t one album, I just used that name for it as shorthand, no need for the condescension as we’re clearly both fans). Kiss Land’s high points to me are some of his best work, but personally I find it to be too bloated and meandering in places... it feels like a lesser version of the mixtapes imo, yes the concept ties it together but there’s too few great moments scattered over the runtime, and a lot that is pleasant enough but doesn’t leave much of an impact. It’s an interesting project, but I think After Hours was executed better. The mixtapes (or Trilogy, however you want to refer to them) remain his masterpieces to me.
  8. If you're into the darker R&B moments on this album, I'd strongly recommend Trilogy, which is a compilation of his three mixtapes from 2011 which got him his initial popularity: House of Balloons, Thursday, and Echoes of Silence. It's three albums basically, so take your time with it lol... most fans still consider those releases his peak. If you're into them, I can recommend you some similar artists!
  9. As someone who became a fan in 2012 with Trilogy, I'm totally in love with this. This absolutely is his most cohesive project since then... there's still more "pop" moments but everything feels like it has a purpose as part of the larger aesthetic, as opposed to BBTM and Starboy which felt much more like collections of individual hits without a strong cohesive identity. This is without a doubt his best project since Trilogy, and I'm so glad he's gotten to this point.
  10. Oh hell yeah!! These guys were great for the short time they existed.
  11. Actually pretty stoked to hear this, the songs so far have been his best solo music by a long shot imo
  12. Thanks, excited to check this one out!!
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