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  1. Overall I'm really enjoying this album, despite a few elements I'm not completely sold on yet. They manage to make an album of largely more downtempo compositions be actually quite compelling for the most part... the piano on here is really gorgeous, and it's cool how prominent that instrument is throughout. I actually think some of the songs that are the most different from this band's old wheelhouse are some of the best.
  2. Excuse me, I believe the correct genre is “muhtroopscore”. Thanks.
  3. I came in here to post this exact song... amazing lmao
  4. If you don't really know this band or Maynard's work overall, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say this isn't a good starting point. Start with the old Tool and APC albums. I'm really excited for this but it still seems like it's gonna be very different from what he's usually known for.
  5. Singles have been really cool, stoked to hear this whole thing.
  6. I went in with not super high expectations because I hadn't really been into BB in a while, and only listened to one or two singles... but wow, this may be the best album I've heard by them. VERY consistently great album, not a single weak track imo. Gotta hand it to them for still going strong after all this time.
  8. Nailed it. Was surprised how much I didn't dislike this haha... There are definitely tracks which remind me of the more electronic-tinged moments on This Is War, plus some of the chill electronic moments are pretty well-done. Also, "Remedy" is really really catchy (that's Shannon on lead vocals btw). Between 5-6/10.
  9. Yeah it’s VERY reminiscent of “Seeds of Gold” from Pink Lemonade, in a good/surprising way. Literally just clicked on this due to nostalgia, and I’m actually pretty impressed.
  10. Lol was definitely NOT expecting that. Not gonna lie, I actually kind of like it though... don't expect a lot of people to agree.
  11. Rise’s homepage updated and confirms the release date as June 8th
  12. Check out my review of this album on The New Fury!
  13. It only took a couple hours for someone to make the most predictable comment, I’m impressed.
  14. Yeahhhhh, there’s no chance they’ll drop off that hard lol... if anything I could see them getting quite a few new fans from the more accessible tracks.