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  1. I really dig this one. More raw-sounding than this band has been in quite a while, and Justin's guitar work is great.
  2. This album rules. Support this awesome band.
  3. Damn this is phenomenal. They seem to be toning down the heaviness a bit on both new songs, but I think it works really well because the songwriting has tightened and is stronger than ever.
  4. This is really something special. Perfectly conveys the feeling it sets out to. Just wow.
  5. I'm really stoked to hear this.
  6. I'll listen out of morbid curiosity later I guess... not exactly looking forward to it but I'll do it anyway hahaha
  7. Legends is the STRONGEST SONG?!? That's the only one I listened to so far... dear god I'm going to hate this aren't I?
  8. Wow, this is a masterpiece.
  9. Emarosa did it before it was cool! (I guess it was still pretty trendy in 2015 but still lol)
  10. Nice, good choices! Love that album
  11. Which track is your favorite off 131?
  12. This is absolutely insane. Wowwwwwww.
  13. Oh fuck yes. Jamming the HELL out of this when I get home! All three singles have been top notch.
  14. Definitely. They were made to make music like this.
  15. This is an incredible album. If you enjoyed Language you will definitely find things to love here.