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  1. Sweet! I'm glad Rise picked them up, I think they have big things ahead of them.
  2. I love these guys!! Is this the debut single from the album? Haven't kept up.
  3. I honestly wasn't sure about this as a whole album at first, but it's already growing on me like crazy. Very enjoyable listen.
  4. Interesting poll idea however... alll three are great albums, but DIVISI has resonated emotionally the most for me already, even if it isn't as technical as perhaps the other two are. Probably gonna have to give it the edge.
  5. Yeah these three albums are definitely not the same sound, especially DIVISI compared to the other two.
  6. Extremely cohesive album from front to back... the way it all ties together is almost as impressive as any of the individual tracks. Highly, highly recommended.
  7. Yeah this is definitely really different for them, but it's also pretty good... better than the first two songs imo, and I actually liked both of those.
  8. single

    Yeah this is way better than I would've expected... definitely interested in his album now.
  9. single

    One album and one EP in 2015... neither of which came close to their previous stuff imo.
  10. single

    I really think this album may end up their best release since Light Grenades or even earlier... all three tracks so far are top-notch.
  11. Damn this sounds fantastic... can't wait.
  12. single

    It's alright... musically it's decent but I think them trying so hard since Tom left to recapture their youth in these songs just comes across as forced and not genuine to me. Don't really need 40-year-old multi-millionaires singing "We are forgotten young suburbia"... the untitled album ruled because it felt like progression, and this doesn't feel like that at all. I also hope they ditch Feldmann on the next album... the overdone vocalizings, "teen battle cry" lyrics, and overall disjointed or generic vibe is a hallmark of a lot of his recent work regardless of the artist, and it shows no signs of stopping with Blink unless they go with some else to be honest.
  13. single

    Wow, best song of theirs in years imo.
  14. Yeah, he still tracked drums on the album too. Crazy that there's only three of them playing on the album, it's so dense.