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  1. Just now finding this, this is insanely good
  2. Reminder to report posts with errors so the admins see them.
  3. Did Tony leave too? First their guitarist and now this? This isn't even SycAmour anymore.
  4. It was released early on accident
  5. Saw these guys open for Jeff Rosenstock, really good
  6. Wonder how I didn't know about this lol
  7. I wanna love this record more but the production is atrocious. The songwriting and dynamics are fantastic, but what were they thinking?
  8. This album is beyond good, absolutely recommend it
  9. Soul'd Me Out sounds like it'd fit on Fake History, it's wild.
  10. OKAY THIS IS SICK I was kinda worried when I heard the quality of the first few tracks, but this is insane, holy shit
  11. Woah-oh The Album TM Jokes aside this album is fantastic
  12. Captain, We're Sinking just broke up a few days ago RIP
  13. I'm psyched for this, but I want more Push Over lmao.