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  1. I had an album I was gonna talk about but I just realized it came out last year lmao 2020 isn't real.
  2. This kinda reminds me of early Rx Bandits, it's sick.
  3. This albums a weird one, I really enjoyed their early releases, not a lot of standout moments on this one though. I will mention the overall message and how it's dedicated to their friend who died in the bus crash they were in is sweet, though.
  4. Jeff is a forever moving train
  5. I read the release date for this forever ago as May 10th fuck, I'm stoked to hear this.
  6. This is a band to watch, excited to see what they do in the future, cause this has a LOT of promise.
  7. Definitely getting some mid-era Thrice vibes. Worth checking out.
  8. @hundegsicht Been telling people this band was gonna get worse and worse without em.
  9. @allandude I'm having a hard time finding ALL the ones I know about, one of em is on this guy's website. The renditions they uploaded to YouTube forever ago with guest vocals have the updated masters too tho.
  10. @LKA I've gotten used to the way it sounds at this point, but the mastered versions producers have put online makes me wish for what could have been ;(
  11. Not huge on it after first listen, might grow on me though. I really love their other releases and Diva Sweetly, so hopefully.
  12. Album of the decade, here we go
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