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  1. I wanna love this record more but the production is atrocious. The songwriting and dynamics are fantastic, but what were they thinking?
  2. This album is beyond good, absolutely recommend it
  3. Soul'd Me Out sounds like it'd fit on Fake History, it's wild.
  4. OKAY THIS IS SICK I was kinda worried when I heard the quality of the first few tracks, but this is insane, holy shit
  5. Woah-oh The Album TM Jokes aside this album is fantastic
  6. Captain, We're Sinking just broke up a few days ago RIP
  7. I'm psyched for this, but I want more Push Over lmao.
  8. Yeah every member left the band except Dawson, the lead singer. Never made an official statement about it, just kept going without saying anything. They're all related too besides the bass player so it's this weird, unexplained situation. Album slays though.
  9. Also good to mention that 35% of the profits that this band makes goes towards charity (ADAA). Please support this amazing project.
  10. I'm actually speechless. This is unreal.
  11. Been waiting for something like this, people need to start jumping on it.
  12. Loving this track waaaaaay more than the last one. Makes me wonder why they didn't lead with this.
  13. This is actually really good, don't sleep on it.