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  1. Also good to mention that 35% of the profits that this band makes goes towards charity (ADAA). Please support this amazing project.
  2. I'm actually speechless. This is unreal.
  3. Been waiting for something like this, people need to start jumping on it.
  4. Loving this track waaaaaay more than the last one. Makes me wonder why they didn't lead with this.
  5. This is actually really good, don't sleep on it.
  6. Jeez slow down, how? They just gonna drop a new album every year?
  7. Unless it's a rerelease under Hopeless so they'll hold the rights to it.
  8. Pretty Same-y, to be fair. I still dig it, but it's incredibly similar to everything off of dissonants, which already had the problem of everything sounding the same.
  9. What are these bonus tracks, what?
  10. All of them.
  11. This album is incredible.
  12. Didn't they just come out with a new record?
  13. I actually have a few of these tracks in 320, don't really remember how I got em, think it was some dropbox link from years ago.
  14. Eons better than I expected it to be, that's for sure. The opening track slays so hard, can't wait for 320 to hear it in all it's glory.
  15. This album is gonna be insane.