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  1. Didn't they just come out with a new record?
  2. I actually have a few of these tracks in 320, don't really remember how I got em, think it was some dropbox link from years ago.
  3. Eons better than I expected it to be, that's for sure. The opening track slays so hard, can't wait for 320 to hear it in all it's glory.
  4. This album is gonna be insane.
  5. It was posted pretty early in the day, everyone's probably off doing stuff. I'm at work right now and wanna jam out to this so bad.
  6. single

    Really odd choice to release the closing track, but hey whatever. Album is gonna slay.
  7. Think I prefer the new Can't Swim over this, but this album is fantastic either way.
  8. Bayside, '68, The Hotelier, Captain We're Sinking, AJJ, PUP, The Wonder Years, Jeff Rosenstock, SycAmour, and Tiny Moving Parts. That'd be killer.
  9. Strong option for best of March, such a good record. Gotta wait to hear the new Sorority Noise before making that call though.
  10. single

    Song is killer, this album is going to be insane
  11. @@bost42 I loved Vacancy, man. Not Fair is a jam.
  12. '68, SycAmour, Captain We're Sinking, and Brand New
  13. http://kingdom-leaks.com/index.php?/topic/948-twenty-one-pilots-discography/?hl=%2Btwenty+%2Bone+%2Bpilots
  14. I didn't expect you to actually get all of them, you are legendary!