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  1. If the rest of the album is like this single, then I have high hopes.
  2. I remember they did a tour a few years back where they were headlining for a bunch of bands who were "big names" back in the day. Lots of "They don't deserve to be so big with only one album etc etc etc." They also got really huge off of a cover that they refused to play live because they were embarrassed of it. I used to know their merch guy so I heard all about it.
  3. Didn't Disappoint, absolutely stellar. Glad Jason is still putting out rad tunes.
  4. One of the best bands in the game.
  5. Oh hey I guessed right that we were gonna get another single. Pretty solid track, stoked for the rest.
  6. Singles are easily the strongest tracks on here, still doesn't top The Season but it's damn good.
  7. This album is just phenomenal so far, might even top the season for me, which I thought they'd never pull off.
  8. Was listening to them this morning, can't even express how excited I am
  9. This song is so tight, the new album is gonna slam
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