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  1. What's going on? The whole album leaking next week? 😂
  2. Because I'm neither a freak nor deviant as you probably hoped 😅
  3. I never thought I could say that, but this song is waaaay better than their whole debut record (When We Don't Exist) back in 2011, and I can't be happier more about that. Year Of The Moth is coming, guys 🤘🔥
  4. But yet it proves how right you still are, my dude 👍
  5. As one man said: "When there's a preview, there's a leak". Can't wait for the record to drop, cause this sounds truly amazing!
  6. Sorry to be so "thirsty" as you said, but to put things clear I simply answered to Mr. Electric comment because he asked me, nothing more than that.
  7. Yes, he has it because he's obviously a reviewer of some major outlet.
  8. Heard so many good Currents vibes on this record, especially in its second half, but they sounded much more beefy, nasty and creatively done (Always Searching, In Circles, Set Free, No Control). If this isn't an AOTY than what else can even top this masterpiece?
  9. No Control is the best track in metalcore scene this year, hands down. Such raw energy mixed with aggressive electronic background and breakdowns... I genuinely believe this will become my AOTY, no matter what comes till the rest of the year
  10. If only Fit For A King could be leaked like that...
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