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  1. It took me quite a while to realise the name of band wasn't While She Sleeps actually
  2. Absolute perfection in deathcore in 2019, hands down. This album was already beyond my expectations after release, and now we have an instrumental version of it. Could we be happier? 🖤♥️
  3. So this is what you call comeback of the year. Stocked as hell to hear some new tunes, the singles released so far were lit, expect no less from the rest of the record
  4. "At least Thy Arts album will be better than Amo" © Summers
  5. Or even Bad Omens, let's hope for the best 😎
  6. This time leakday came out very fast, huh
  7. Red Pills, MZRY, Under The Skin, Sequ3nce & Sudden Sky were a huge surprise to me, since they turned out to be goddamn bangers! Nice job, the guys delivered those Runaways vibes for me in the best possible way, fire!
  8. Jesus fucking Christ, that countdown exceeded all my biggest expectations for real. Hail KL!
  9. I can't be happier realising the fact that 2019 started off strongly with such solid Russian metalcore releases
  10. Pretty much agree on their making a full-length record rather than split album/EP course. Stocked to hear the rest (+5 more songs) later this year anyway! 😎
  11. I mean I don't enter it for the second time, I simply don't feel sure now my entries will be counted since I logged out.
  12. Hey guys. I took part in the Xmas contest but logged out after that. Now I can't enter again since the system doesn't remember my login/password. Does anyone know how I can login using my KL name?
  13. I think it's way more reasonable to ask how many breakdowns there are in every single song throughout the record, lol 😂😎
  14. Hope Architects release will drop as early as this one next week
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