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  1. I agree, they sure do have a lot of potential. This is catchy af
  2. This “if” (wink) my kind of review! You never go full retard tho.. Big mistake.
  3. Yeah indeed... It's not bad, but you're right, their melodic ambient hardcore sound used to be so amazingly good. The old vocalist was powerful af too.
  4. This is such a dream come true. I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long and I’m not disappointed.
  5. I think bears have a tooth for oranges. wink wink
  6. I did, thing is, high cleans is not my forte. It’s only a matter of opinion, the only high pitch vocals I do enjoy are Tilian’s from DGD.
  7. You had me at Thrice. It’s softer, but I can still the similar vibe, it’s close to some of the stuff on The Alchemy Index. Very good music.
  8. I actually like their live sound way more... I could never get into this band, the singer should drop auto tune bs since he has the pipes to do it.
  9. Wow.. This band is a breath of fresh air.
  10. Clearly this is progressive metalcore tho. Good stuff.
  11. These dudes are from Quebec. They represent us really good. Awesome stuff.
  12. God this is awwww...mazing! I'll spin that for a long time.
  13. This band deserves way more attention... That’s crazy good.
  14. Sadly I wouldn’t be dead suffocating if I didn’t learn to breath each « . » & « , » in school.. R.I.P y’all. But seriously, parkway was never big on that kind of lyrics... You mistake them for all the other 2000s bands.
  15. I hear the same. I really wish Parkway would have follow a similar path to WSS tho. But as long as they do what they really love that’s all that matters. Really not my cup of tea sadly.