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  1. You think this band is overhyped and you have a banner of ADTR?! Shame on you... I'm just kidding, but it's all a matter of opinions and someone who appreciates a band that never released anything that revolutionized post-hardcore should understand that.
  2. Already something new from Erra, that was fa... wow wooopps.. But seriously it does sound good, but everything screams Erra. I would even go as far as say that I prefer this to anything on their last two records(erra’s), and I did enjoy them.
  3. That is true, that’s not how I meant it, but you bring a good point.
  4. No matter what people will say this song is post-hardcore gold... 2 singles in a row with screams, I’m sold! They really seem to have found the sound that fits them perfectly with Selective Hearing and they decided to go through with it, I couldn’t be happier.
  5. I still don’t get it when bands cover a song pass it’s prime.. ?!?! Why now.. It’s not a new song and also not an old classic. Don’t really see the point.
  6. I’m just glad they’re back at it! As a canadian I’ve always been a fan of Alexisonfire. They’re one of the best act in the genre to come out of Canada. I’m glad to hear George Pettit screams, on their latest material it was mostly harsh vocals, but nothing to compare to what he used to do. This comes closer, of course this song is not as fast paced as their old material, but it’s a good mix of both of the sounds they had over the years with an original twist. As for Dallas Green he’s one of my favorite vocalist ever, he’s the one who actually gave me inspiration to start singing myself. Not sure about his cleans on this one, their great as I always, but not as catchy as they could be, I’ll probably get used to it. Nonetheless, I can’t wait to hear more.
  7. As I always say, I respect each and everyone’s opinions, but this is delusional... No one would ever choose to play La Dispute on a mainstream radio station or whatever... They offer ambient, spoken words and screams.. When is the last time you heard that on a popular radio station?! Imagine dragons have none of those, the vocals and the instrumentals are universes away to even remotely sound similar.
  8. I agree with this... It's stupid to say a singer wants to display his talent to much... If the dude can sing, let him... If he would restrain, it would sound way worst. People just dig so deep to find any kind of negative criticism it's just insane... I do appreciate to share my opinion on internet, but it's still the worst thing that was invented, it gives a voice to all the negativity most people are to afraid to say out loud.
  9. Hahaha each their own, but logically it makes no sense indeed... No where near any universes they ever or will ever sound like Disturbed... lol Maybe the single’s cover blurred their judgements, but yeah... They were always post-hardcore. They do have alt rock vibes in there and some pop influences, but the best way to describe them is post-hardcore that’s for sure.
  10. Got that It Prevails vibe which I need in my life.
  11. Their new album will be released on march 8th, hopefully it’ll be good. Their cleans always had that “pop” feeling like most post-hardcore bands, maybe not as obvious as their latest material, but still.. For a first official single released for that album, it’s far from bad.
  12. Very interesting, there was obvious potential on their previous material, but it wasn’t anything extraordinary. If they develop that sound in the right direction it is going to be extremely promising.
  13. Never really took time to get into these guys, but this is tasty af... I’ll have a closer look at what they release in the future.
  14. The ballad of planet earth really gets me back, this song is short but ohhh so sweet.
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