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  1. Superb as always, one of the best band in the genre. Their game is strong.
  2. It's alright mate, most of the time it comes down to personal opinions and perspectives and I get what you mean as well. I really enjoyed Mortal Coil, but I couldn't go back to it as much as I would've loved to because the songs structure has flow that's too similar for my own personal taste.
  3. Personally I feel like it's softer. There's some heavy parts, but there was more sprinkled on part 1 a little everywhere, mostly vocally. It's quite similar tho, at some part we could say the instrumentals are indeed heavier. Hysteria is clearly the heaviest track, it bangs.
  4. Agreed, nice find mate. It really explain very well where they wanted to go with this track. The way they describe this song will also reassure those who thinks it’s too “soft”. hahah
  5. I don't get most of the comments, personally I'm really glad they changed their formula a little. As much as I liked their last album, it’s always scream / same pitch cleans / scream / same pitch cleans. Those comments could clearly scare off anyone and I don't feel they're accurate, because the ratio of scream and clean is very very very close to their latest release. I don't see much difference... No basic radio would ever even think of putting this song on air. lol From a viewpoint of modifying their sound to avoid being categorized as a band that release songs that all sound the same, this is a step in the right direction.
  6. I can tolerate high pitch cleans in my swancore, but this is higher than my inability to act normally in a society. Which is high af.
  7. Still can’t believe not more people had Empty Black as their AOTY 2018. This band is insane, one of my favorite of all time.
  8. Very solid! One of the best single release I’ve heard lately.
  9. @BrickFace @DisturbedOne I simply mentionned something people didn’t seem to get in the first comments, which is that clearly it would be apart of a deluxe edition or something. Are you guys mentally ill to be confused by this kind of post?! Good lord.. It’s annoying to have some girly emoticon users in here like I was dumb to post this. I don’t go around using emoticons like a 12 years old girl.
  10. Would it be possible that this is apart of a deluxe edition or something? Because clearly this would be apart of The Silver Scream, which is mentioned many times in the song.
  11. Hold off your horses guys.. It’s just one song, I remember that one of the first mothership single was not that appreciated in here and it turned out to be one of hell of an album. For me personally like the majority, mothership is my favorite album by DGD. I found ArSe to be very catchy, but as a fan of heavier music, mothership ofc attracted my attention in many more various ways. I think it is the heaviest version of DGD, the addition of harsher vocals by Tilian is really what won me over. The rest is also incredible, but the way it mixes Tilian harsh vocals followed by Jon Mess screams is just perfect. I also agree with most of you that it is their best effort at sounding like a perfect symbiosis.
  12. I feel like they just decided to transform the interlude from the first part of this double ep. I’ve seen them mention there would be no weird short song in the second half. So I guess they just decided to redo it and this won’t be apart of the next release. Clearly this has the title and cover from the previous one so it would make sense I supppose.
  13. Can you explain what was confusing about my post? Those emoticons are kind of annoying to me... (A lot) hahaha They're not supposed to replace your opinion, just express yourself dude.
  14. I guess the clean vocalist is gone, but he was only there for one album, so it’s not like this was something I’m not used to. Their last album was so catchy but did lost the essence of when they were named Burning down alaska, which they should have kept because it had a lot more senses to me at least considering everything around the global warming situation everyone is talking about.
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