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  1. Just looking at the artwork and the fact that this was released so close to their last album, this is clearly a b-side... Which means that it was recorded at the same time. Come on you guys.. Edit: Just saw on their facebook that it is, obviously.
  2. I repeat myself often, but these guys are there to take the place Wage War left vacant in term of good metalcore/post-hardcore. They bring a similar energy and they clearly are stepping in the right direction compared to Wage War, to me personally at least.
  3. Make more sense since I had a seizure. There's also more to the build up we can hear on this video compared to this shorter track and it's also freaking weird. haha The sort of prelude riffs are very reminiscent of While She Sleeps. Anyway I hope there's more shit like that because personally I want to see people constantly asking for novelty complain once again even if that's what it is. loll Our poor brains can't handle what the heart desires.
  4. The fuck bros... I’m shocked, this accelerated my toilet time x 1000. After all this time I was expecting something different since they must’ve had a lot of time to reflect on their style.. But I wasn’t expecting this at all... haha It’s very short so I doubt the whole thing will go that hard, but personally that hypes me up a lot.
  5. You should all try to understand instead of just imposing your opinion like you know everything about anything. First of all this cover is solid and their original content is far from being uninspired to me at least and that's all that matters to me..
  6. If you dare do a “hey” “hey” sort of anthem gang chant twice in a metalcore song in 2020 you automatically loose me personally... My opinion might not be popular here and trust me I listened to each and every album by FFAK... But it’s alright to have the mindset that metalcore is not dead but make a song that sounds like something that has been done so many freaking time is something I can’t even start to comprehend.
  7. Nothing new, but very well executed. That's what I expect 95% of the time when it comes to post-hardcore.
  8. Love that they're adding different instruments like a banjo and this time an harmonica. These guys are awesome, they never derailed from their style, but since their last album they found ways to add some more variety that makes them stand out more than before. Good Stuff. Songs like Guardians is the reason why I love these guys as well, they never lost their emo/post-hardcore root. They have an album they rarely talk about as well that was way more heavy, but the quality was god awful. haha
  9. Yeah same here. It's far from being bad, but it lacks in terms of standing out. It's the problem with more than 85% of bands/artists I would say tho.. it's rare that this genre really offer something that really stand out. I feel like it's the same for pretty much any genre tho... Music has been around for so long that revolutionize it is almost impossible and I feel like it's even more hard for a band. You would need a group of guys/gals that are all on the same page with a knowledge of music out of the ordinary, which is very rare.
  10. I know people like to hate on "hyped" bands/records. But if you use some logic, yes you can dislike it for sure because perfection doesn't exist that's a fact, to me at least, but if you like prog metalcore I don't see how it's possible to admit this album is not freakin solid... There's clearly not enough flaws that can put this album to shame. Also people saying the vocalist is bland clearly listen to too much music or something if that's even possible, because he delivers a more than respectable performance. Emotions sure go through this man's voice without a doubt.
  11. Nothing fulfills my soul more than melodic hardcore mixed with ambient. This stuff deserves more attention, very solid tunes.
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