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  1. Silent Planet sure was one of my first thoughts when I heard this. It is some good stuff indeed.
  2. Wow these guys still exist, that takes me back. I used to jam A new beginning all the time back in high school.
  3. They do seem to try to go back to a heavier sound, Selective Hearing has scream on almost every songs. I feel like their next original stuff will have even more. I really like the fact that Trevor use different range of vocals now. I don't really mind that they do covers of popular songs. They seem to love to produce new stuff and I respect that + they don't seem to take themselves that seriously.
  4. This is my kind of shit. Really good stuff, this band has a very interesting potential.
  5. Dude... There's a big difference between being not good and something you personally don't enjoy. Personally I really am not getting into all the singles they released so far, but they're talented af, its just not my cup of tea. Exoplanet is also one my favs, but I respect the artistic choices they made, you have to play what you love. We all evolve and the path sometimes lead you to different tastes in a lot of areas.
  6. With a line up like that it can't go wrong. So many talented musicians, this is an all star team. It's the best song I heard for a couple of months.
  7. Same here. All Our Gods is a good album, but I find it a little too repetitive for my tastes. It's my own personal opinion tho, sometimes we hear music differently depending on what's our mindset at the time and all that stuff. I do understand that it might have been on purpose just to get the feel of the album as a whole, but I got tired fast.
  8. Damn... this band is so awesome. They deliver the catchy riffs every freaking time.+ It's not some recycled shit
  9. In some part I just feel like the new clean vocalist take too much place, considering they used to be mostly melodic hardcore, but it's still pretty good. I guess I need to get used to that new style they decided to go for. It's less technical then it used to be, but like I said, it's far from being bad. There's still some of the cool riffs that made their signature.
  10. Wow life so fucking strange sometimes... I haven't been listening to their last ep(which was fucking heavy and awesome) for a long time and today I did on my way home and I was wondering when they would release something new. It's fire as usual.
  11. First time I heard the vocalist/guitarist on The Elijah I was instantly amazed at how good he can make me feel the emotions of each words he sings. I'm really glad he's appart of another band I adore. I was sad when The Elijah broke up, but this is some good shit.
  12. Trevor was only screaming when I saw them live btw, and he's an excellent vocalist when it comes to screams. I've never seen him live since he's also singing. His brother was just fine with the cleans and the rest was also solid. I've seen many bands live, I'm not saying they're the best I ever seen, but they were pretty good that's for sure.
  13. I played with my old band in montreal once and they were one of the big band there, it was back when they released we will all evolve and they're one of the best band I've seen live. This is bullshit. Btw I think OLN really decided to bring back more heaviness in their style and it's freaking amazing.
  14. Damn that's some good shitttzzz.. Track 9 is not in the file tho.
  15. I listened to the whole album at least 3 times so far and considered the genre they play, I really don't get where you get the generic sound. So far I find more originality in this album than the new Wage War's and I'm a fan of them.