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  1. Amazing as always... Only band I like to really concentrate on having fun discovering those lyrics that make no sense(mostly screams ofc), which I love so much.
  2. I feel like they managed to make a better overall album. The repeatability on this one is way more high, The Mortal Coil was good, but after a few listens only it got old real quick. I don't see what else you guys wish they tried, if that's the music they like to play I really I don't get what else they should do. You either master your craft or you do a Parkway Drive, which for me personally didn't hook me at all. It all comes down to each and everyone individual perspectives of how a band should evolve. Glad you enjoyed it anyway tho. Cheers.
  3. Always loved those guys, they're one of the best band that came out of Quebec CA, which I'm also from. TABARNAK!
  4. As much as I loved The Mortal Coil I’m in the same boat as well. The cleans and instrumentals formula was way too similar, the first few listens were great, but in term of repeatability, not so much. They clearly took notes this time around tho.
  5. Wow.. I have to admit I was the first to judge this man for his behaviour and my own personal dislike for some of the songs they made way back. But lately I broke the barriers of judgement we all sometimes have and discovered that this band and most of all, Radke, is one extremely talented dude.
  6. I’ll keep these guys in mind for sure. Very interesting!
  7. The end of this song really felt like it took my soul and kicked it back into my 2005’s body... It’s almost like a transcendent experience.. Bruh..
  8. He once said he wasn’t as angry teenager or whatever anymore and he wasn’t feeling the need to scream like he used to. I’m glad it was all that true because he’s such an incredible screamer, one of my all time favorite. Everything he does is awesome tho.
  9. The path I wish Wage War took instead of releasing well.. You know...
  10. Yes of course bud, it all comes down to personal tastes.
  11. You don't know what's "good" Volumes if you except cleans. hahaha Not saying their bad, but nothing can beat The Concept Of Dreaming which had 0 clean vocals. After that everything they released what alright, but it wasn't the same. That's my own personal opinion tho, I did enjoy No Sleep quite a bit, but the rest was just ok.
  12. Way better than Soaked in Bleach. What I appreciate the most is that the chorus is different a little compared to their older stuff prior to Misery. The clean/bassist vocalist always had the kind of vocals that sound exactly the same. He pretty much changed that since misery tho, which is a very good thing, because it was a huge part of why this band is renowned to always release the same album with different lyrics and song titles.
  13. Freaking awesome that Barr is back.. This track is fire! Can't wait to hear more, because this is the best stuff they've released for a while.
  14. They do have similarities, but these guys are brillant at what they do. The whole atmosphere they offer is different from anything I’ve heard. Each and every platform I go to there’s a tone of people commenting that this band brings something new to this long lasting genre. I’ve been listening to this kind of music for a long time now and I totally agree. You can’t judge them by one song because they do have songs that have structures that have been done quite a few times. It’s more about the whole package they offer.
  15. I’m pretty sure the vocalist ate his bullies. He’s really good tho, it’s just that there’s fat and very very obviously fat. Nothing against him of course, he’s just enormous. 😂
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