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  1. This artwork deserve a comment.
  2. I didn’t know they lost members, most importantly their vocalist which was solid as hell. The new guy is almost like a copy & paste which is perfect to fit their style.
  3. I’ll never love Northlane as much as I used to. Adrian Fitipaldes was always a huge inspiration for me in term of vocals(screams). He wasn’t the best at cleans when they introduced them a little more on Singularity, but his scream was always one of my favorite amongst all vocalist, which is a personal opinion. I don’t consider him being one of the best of all time to clarify what I mean. But all the negativity around these new singles and their last two albums is way too exaggerated. They made some catchy and solid songs all around. I can’t get into them as much as before, since Discoveries and Singularity are two of my favorite albums of all time, but they’re far from being “bad”.
  4. Best song they ever released hands down. I really hope the rest of the album will have a similar heavier and darker vibe, this could be a breakthrough for them. 🤞 Always thought these guys had a solid potential, but I couldn’t get into their sound since it sounded way too much like so many other bands out there.
  5. This band rocks! “Let The Silence Stay Where It Was” was a very solid first effort.
  6. Even the Vocalist/Guitarist has a mid 2000s hairstyle. The rest well, sound pretty much from that era. Nice to see the great Howard Jones do some feat tho.
  7. You had me at Ground Dweller
  8. Man these guys have been around for so freaking long! haha They adapted their sound to today's metalcore while keeping their own signature which I think is good. I was a huge fan of theirs until lyrics took a lot of place in my life and while they write good lyrics I realised christian bands talk about god way too much and well... I'm really not into this kind of god brainwashing bs, it's okay to believe in something, but sing about it all the time and live by the words of a book that could have simply be writen by an unknown author back in those days?! Nha.... They're not amongst the worst out there, they don't mention god that much but there's still a tone of metaphors about it.
  9. Yup it's been a while already sadly... I thought there was something wrong on their last album to be honest. Maybe it has nothing to do with that, but their vocalist had solid cleans and he really displayed his ability to mix both scream and clean on Newborn Mind, but he used the same ranged scream the whole time on their latest release Epiphany. I dunno if the reason behind them splitting up has anything to do with artistic differences, but I felt like Epiphany was an obvious step back from Newbord Mind, mostly vocally.
  10. My official replacement for Napoleon since they broke up.
  11. I also love that site but it’s a love/hate type of thing. Some reviewers pushed their opinion to a level where they were just bashing on some great bands with some awful reviews. To me a good review should give positive criticism not the other way around, sadly it’s like that for pretty much every type of entertainment.. Even some of the most renowned critics are assholes soo..
  12. All these comments... When the production is different it’s usually that bands want to shake things up and have a different sound. I personally enjoy the fact that some of the patterns both vocally and instrumentally are different because they were about to go in the category of bands that sound the same records after records. It’s far from being that different but it’s enough to make it sound like an obvious change.
  13. Fucking hell, that’s freaking good, kind of remind me of The artist in the ambulance’s era of Thrice with some popier vocal parts from the lead singer.
  14. Most definitely hooked my attention. I like these young upcoming metalcore bands, nothing out of the ordinary but fresh enough to keep me interested in this new wave of metalcore sound.
  15. This just ruined it for me like FUCKING A LOT! lol Their latest albums were far from as strong as their earliest material. If the guitar work is not as interesting as the last 2 records, I'm out. xD
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