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  1. This got my hopes high af, then I read all the other comments.. It’s different compared to their last album. Also it’s clearly not The Concept of Dreaming Vol. ll sadly haha, yet it’s somewhat heavier than their latest effort, less poppy I should say. I don’t really base my hopes on EPs because most of the time bands adjust their sound to something a little different because they know it’s just a sample somehow. Most bands experiment with eps, not saying this is experimental, not at all, but their next album could easily be much more similar to their last one, it wouldn’t surprise me. Coming Clean and Alive are clearly the softest songs and I wouldn’t be surprised that their next album have many of those.
  2. They called themselves Secret Band because back when some of the DGD members founded this, Jonny Craig was the singer and he was not aware of this side project. I was just using that fact to have some fun, that is all. hahah
  3. This is godlike. They're not a Secret anymore because they're making heads explode all around.
  4. Very very solid, probably better than the upcoming Northlane record, sadly. Wink wink hahah
  5. I feel like the word "Generic" has taken way to much extent in that genre...To be honest it frustrates me when someone use this word to describe a song each time it has been heard frequently, because yeah forget it there's not that many ways most bands could reinvent the wheel.. Yeah it has a similar structure to many many metalcore songs, but I wouldn't go as far as call it generic.
  6. Sometimes I have to make some research to be sure if it’s a girl or a dude doing the cleans, and this is one of those. Still, it’s good.
  7. Da hell I didn’t even know they were releasing an ep
  8. Man... That’s some top quality post-hardcore. I really like the upbeat instrumentals. They clearly have their own sound which is rare in this genre. Vocals are nothing new, but they’re solid. Thanks once again for a great new discovery!
  9. ahhh well you just lvled up in my heart hahah but yeah it meant that I can use that song to have a boner automatically.
  10. @Ccallawy34 Why are you confused at my gif?! I suppose you’re not aware of the greatess tv show to have ever grace the surface of the earth.
  11. I’m just one man... What can I do.. I see swancore I become weak and I click immediately.. Am I ever disappointed?! No...
  12. I love everything these guys ever released, but this is even better. Hopefully their next album will help them to be amongst the top post-hardcore acts, because they sure have the potential to do it.
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