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  1. For All Eternity - The Vacated [Single] (2017)

    I always considered these guys really underated, but they were similar to a lot of good metalcore bands with post-hardcore vibes... But now... Holy shit, I know it’s only 2 singles, but this have to be the best step up I’ve heard in this genre for a while. They said they would modify their sound, at first it kind of scared me because it’s rarely a good sign when a band says that, but clearly they’re on the right track to success.
  2. Surroundings - Paper Cranes (Single) (2017)

    Like I said it’s my personal opinion. We should embrace the fact that we’re all different. That fact makes the world a little less sad place to live. Lol Yes I did btw, it’s an amazing album, it just doesn’t get through me as much as everything Surroundings have made. As a fan of vocals I prefer their vocalist, he has a wider range of screams. His lows are bone crushing.
  3. Surroundings - Paper Cranes (Single) (2017)

    Did you guys even watched the videoclip for the song?! This image is from that clip.. It’s only for the single and btw Surroundings have been around for way more time than Polaris. Their sound is also very different to me. It’s my own personal opinion, but to me they’re a more complete band, all around. I get the feels from Surroundings every damn time. Polaris is a very solid band, but it doesn’t come close when it comes to bring the goosebumps.
  4. Hail The Sun - Secret Wars [EP] (2017)

    Yes, I know them, I still have their album Stay Lost in my library! It is an awesome band indeed.
  5. Hail The Sun - Secret Wars [EP] (2017)

    Yes, I do remember trying to get into them, but I really have a problem to get into bands with high pitch vocals. This EP got me hooked somehow.
  6. Hail The Sun - Secret Wars [EP] (2017)

    So the vocalist is also the drummer?! Damn that’s impressive! Very solid EP. Sadly... I want more now!!
  7. False Accusations - I Know You Must Ache [EP] (2017)

    This is pretty intense! Me likey a lot.
  8. Polaris - The Mortal Coil (2017)

    These guys and Currents both released the best albums I heard so far this year in the genre.
  9. Like Moths to Flames - Dark Divine (2017)

    Well I have to agree with you that even if the whole package is catchy af, as I said on this forum to many times, I can’t stand repetitive lyrics / choruses. I myself wrote some lyrics to translate them as songs afterward, and never did I repeat the same shit twice. I guess it’s a matter of tastes once again, but originality really lack in many musical genre... Just trying a little harder to fit the lyrics for a whole song would help a whole lot... I really don’t get how some bands think that repeating the same chorus 5 times in a song is such a good artistic idea.. When I hear a cool part in a song I’ll be excited to listen again, but when it’s 5 times in just one tune, what’s the point..
  10. For All Eternity - Derailed (Single) (2017)

    I follow these guys since their first ep, thanks to myspace once again. They were always apart of my favorite metalcore bands. Vocally this is the best thing I’ve heard from them. The screamer was always a beast, but he seems to have added more depth to his range.
  11. Hotel Books - Equivalency (2017)

    I do agree that the spoken words genre is nice, but I’m personally disappointed, their last album had more vocals versatility. Critics often criticized them for being a little too bland, mostly instrumentally. Their last one had good instrumentals, screams, cleans and spoken words. I don’t get why they would go back to almost only spoken words. These guys are very talented and if they do what they love it’s all that matters in the end, this is just what I personally think, I’ll still give a shot at the whole thing. The singles didn’t impressed me as I wish they would have.
  12. Misery Signals - Of Malice and the Magnum Heart (2004)

    When has this been announced?! How the hell did I miss that. Is it in their documentary?! I’ve only seen the trailer so far.
  13. Movements - Feel Something (2017)

    Damn... I don’t take drugs, but I guess that somehow I do, this is addictive as hell. This will spin for a long time.
  14. War of Ages - Cut Throat (Single) (2017)

    Sounds like early War Of Ages. I follow them since the myspace era, these guys always flew under the radar somehow, yet they made some of the best metalcore songs I’ve ever heard. This is not their best, but it still great, can’t wait to hear more.
  15. Damn I love this band, but this is way too repetitive it’s like a song made of the same chorus for 5 minutes.. I’m kind of disappointed, if there’s something I can’t stand is a band that can’t write something more original, if you take those lyrics and you write them on a piece of paper, you’ll have like 4-5 lines... A 5min song...