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  1. What is sad is that all the fans that bashed on them after they released something different don't even realize the pain it caused to this man. You pour your heart in everything you create and a bunch fucking trolling loosers shit on everything you hold dear. When I don't personally enjoy something I don't even comment. Actually I might, but to explain why I don't like it, respectfully of course, while other shit heads loose their fucking humanity as soon as they touch a keyboard or cell phone. The world was already doomed even before internet, but now it's even worse. But it has been this way since the beginning of existence, as soon as something great is created, we find a way to use it to destroy.
  2. This is my shit right there. This dude is a musical genius.
  3. I didn't know this band was still going. Nice for them!
  4. That's smoke dripping from her mouth or she can't swallow a load... ?!
  5. I myself think metalcore is very stale, but these guys bring in the goods. I don't know if this album will be as good as their first one, but they have that little something that I can really enjoy, it's a matter of personal taste tho. I personally never listened to Asking Alexandria because at the time I thought they were sellouts. These guys don't sound as artificial as AA, far from it.
  6. So much crap gets attention while gems like this ep are practically ignored, what a shame.
  7. When I listen to Wage War it's not for musical evolution, it's to hear some really well executed metalcore. I've never been disappointed so far.
  8. Yeah well I don't hold much hope (wink) they seem to have chose a different path, but as long as you get what you need from their music, it is all that matters in the end. Keep your head up mate, rough times happen to all of us, but all you have to do is try and keep positive thoughts. Life is full of mixed emotions, but god damnit can it be a fun ride.
  9. In my book, Know Hope from TCM was probably the best post-hardcore release I ever heard. But damn... These guys really took the crown for me personally. They're evolving the way I wish TCM did.
  10. Haha thx mate. It is one of their best song in my opinion. I only specified the vocals, but also the riffs are well placed, it's not the same shit all over the place like most of the stuff we hear in the genre right now. I really hope the rest of their new material will have a similar structure.
  11. Personally I think more bands should do that, I hate repetitive lyrics/choruses. Most of us have to deal with routines in our everyday lives, I don't want to feel the same way listening to music. In prog and metalcore most bands do screams, clean choruses then repeat. But I get your point.
  12. After reading some comments about the heaviness I was anticipating stuff like Saviour. It might not be as heavy as before, but it's far from being "not heavy". I don't personally get how some fans can't get into this so far, this is not that different from their older stuff, it is at some point, but not enough to scare me as a long time fan of this band.
  13. hahah well my gif didn't work so... Lets just stop.. Nice chat.
  14. @A Bale of Turtles
  15. I answered to your last post with respect, get over it mate.. It's just an expression to express the fact that even from afar the similarities are easy to notice. Which means they're obvious. I agree it doesn't sound alike as much as I thought at first, but saying that it sounds nothing like Erra is a false analogy.