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  1. I have to admit it most definitely is a grower. At first I wasn’t sure, but now I freaking love it.
  2. I’m a huge fan of music, I sing everyday because it’s in my veins and this site really was my go to place to share my opinions on new music. I’ll be honest, I’ve been visiting this site quuiiitteee a lot everyday. I never thought a site closing down would actually make me really sad, but here I am.. I never donated, but I have so many projects and things that require money that I am always hesitant to spend money, but I wish did, even tho I know it’s not what you guys expected from everyone. I will really miss this community and I wish you guys good luck with your next endeavours. But most of all, thank you for all your great work over all those years. Same goes to everyone who shared all this amazing music. Stay in power guys!
  3. This will require a couple of listens to really make my mind about it. I agree that some sections were meh, but that the middle of the song bangs. As for the comment about the ex-vocalist from Alazka, people will need to get used to it because his vocal style is very different from Matteo's. Hopefully, he'll explore more on other songs, and I'm pretty sure I heard him doing lows more back when they were "Burning Down Alaska". I say that because I feel like their sound took a different path when they changed to "Alazka" with the clean vocalist and even when he left they recorded a couple of songs before calling it a day and it was still not like it used to be. Even tho they were never super "heavy" they used to be more technical and yes, heavier a little, so I guess his ability to use a wider range was more fitting. We'll see how it goes, but I personally really like him as a vocalist.
  4. I didn't really enjoy two of the three singles that much, it was still good, but not as much as how I enjoyed their past material. The whole album tho... There's some real top bangers, "Both Ends Of The Rope" is the perfect ending, it's a really good emotional yet heavy track.
  5. Very good answer and I respect the fact that you respectfully replied to my last message, kudos to you. I get where you come from, I feel like maybe you prefer metalcore even tho you mentioned enjoying many genre of music, and this song is really more "progressive metal" in some parts of the instrumental composition. Most people have Tool vibes from it and clearly it's not usual for Erra. I'm surprised you didn't enjoy Snowblood, but I get what you mean with the songs you compared both new songs to. One of my all time favorite album is Augment, I loved everything they did afterwards, but not as much. The main reason is that I was a huge fan of Garrison Lee, I really like JT, his vocals are amazing and live he's a beast, but I prefered Lee's range. I simply feel like the last two tracks are more complete compared to everything they released since Augment, but that's my personal opinion. Times change and nostalgia can be a real biatch, but I really like the direction they took with this song, it's different and I feel like their sound was getting a little too similar structurally, for me personally ofc.
  6. You're totaly entitled to disagree, but as I mentioned I personally feel like the "change" they made after Augment, was not really noticable as much as it could be with this song, I feel like It was just toned down. It was Erra mixed with Ghost Atlast (Jesse Cash's other project). The way you answered me I still feel like you're somewhat a closed minded person, that's the vibe I get, sorry if it's not the case, but usually someone will develop a little more instead of just replying he disagree entirely haha. Also, it was not an attack, I simply wanted to discuss about why you seem so divided on these new songs, but it's your own business, so it's all good.
  7. I agree, this is way more "progy" than the typical prog metalcore song. I suppose most people expect a similar structure when listening to Erra.
  8. Sometimes being a “number one” fan is somewhat a curse, because you fell in love with a band because of a certain sound. Clearly this song different, I follow them since the start of their career as Erra and this is the most different they sounded yet. Yes after Augment they were less “heavy” if you will, but it was still very reminiscent of the classic riffy prog metalcore. On the other hand this song has some elements that sounds more “progressive”. Riffs is not all that makes a band “progressive” but more the time changes and the way a song is structured and this is what I feel we get with this song. It might be hard at first, but maybe at some point you’ll open your mind to a different sound if they stick with it.
  9. I personally feel they took a page out of the most recent efforts by BMTH. The way the song is structured is I feel really reminiscent of a song like Ludens, to a certain extent of course, both song sound nothing alike, but the electronics with the sort of synthetized screams that acts like they’re there but not enough to be an actual “scream” that would label this song as a “heavy”. Maybe I’m the only one that hears this, who knows..
  10. Amazing EP as expected, the heaviest one so far as well. We even get a "blegh"!
  11. Have you ever heard the sound of when all your hopes get shattered? Well, I just did... haha But I agree with the other comment that the sound quality is indeed lacking, so it makes sense.
  12. If it's James doing the cleans, he really got better at it, because it was a complaint I had about him as a vocalist. Also that he had some trouble screaming a whole song live from all the live performance videos I've seen from them, but his range is incredible and it must not be easy to repeat that live. I guess he's aware of this flaw and they will most likely record stuff he'll be able to reproduce live this time around.
  13. I downloaded, I pressed "Play", then, pure & perfect catchiness ensued.
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