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  1. Dunno what the person who imagined that video was on but damn.. Very nice shit and crazy cool song as well.
  2. Wish it had like 6-7 songs, but still, it will fulfill my crave for some top notch melodic hardcore for now!
  3. Very interesting, this sure screams “potential” a lot.
  4. Same here, it's not that it's not "good", but I don't know to be honest.. There's not much else to says hahah. I'll give this album a spin for sure tho.
  5. Finally! This band deserves so much more recognition. They have the potential to be amongst the top prog bands out there. Their structure is crazy good.
  6. Am I the only one to consider them Post-Hardcore / Pop-Punk ? Sure I get the Emo one tho, but I've always thought Post-Hardcore was a major part of their style as well.
  7. I’ve seen a video of them like they were actually in studio and they were hyping a new album, so I doubt this is a b-side.
  8. I’m sorry but if you think they peaked on Drift clearly I don’t need to read the rest haha It’s your personal opinion tho, even if you say it as it was an actual fact that Neon was “shit” in it’s entirety. I discovered these guys on myspace back in the days, and I follow them since and clearly this song mix all their styles from previous albums. So a real fan should definitely enjoy it, like pretty much all of the other comments show. But to me personally Neon was their weakest as well.
  9. I know right... He doesn't have the range of Garrison Lee, but he's one of the best vocalist, live, I've heard. He sounds exactly the same and his breathing technic is top notch. I knew he could bring more variety to his screams than what he showed since he's with Erra. I also agree this song is one of the best they've done for a while.
  10. I suppose but christian bands don’t usually swear in any of their songs. hahah
  11. How are some people confused at if they’re christian or not with a song like Dethrone?!?!?!?!
  12. You clearly said that the sound they created is not nearly as interesting as they thought it would be like you were the jury of what is supposed to sound good in all of music. You’re confused mate..
  13. Why would they be wrong?! Maybe it’s all a matter of where you’re at artistically at the moment. Doesn’t also imply that you are wrong, music is all about feeling it, it’s not because you don’t appreciate it others won’t adore it. You shouldn’t try to make them look like idiots for thinking they created the sound “they” wanted. You got likes but all you deserve is a good life lesson mate. hahaha
  14. Yes I agree, I also hate comparaisons, but those are so obvious mostly on one of the last songs which has an outro with classic tapping riffs.
  15. It’s clearly not the same quality, but these guys have potential, I agree for the breakdown of sanity’s sound as well. They’re from Athens in Greece so I doubt they’ll have the same quality of recording since the genre is far from being as “huge” there. But it does sound like most 2006-2010 metalcore albums and personally I dig it.
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