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  1. Totally agree. I don't get all the negative comments, but at the same time I know change is not for everyone and we all share different tastes. This band was long overdue for changes, everything they released in the last couple years have the same structure. So far all their singles except for maybe Son of a witch, have been a breath of fresh air. I don't feel like they strayed too far from their roots either.
  2. Yes, it was the bassist, he still does some cleans, but a lot of people told me he was really having a hard time performing those live, but I couldn’t say if it’s accurate. I know he has a solo project.
  3. It's fine mate, if that's how you perceive them that's good, each their own I guess. There's most probably singers I enjoy that most people don't, it happens. A lot of things can shape our opinions, not only from past emotional experiences, but also chemically, brains don't all perceive sounds the same. I won't go too much in details, but yeah, it all comes to personal preferences. He's one of my top screamers, that's for sure, but his cleans just don't do it for me personally.
  4. This is a step up compared to Breaking the mirror which was a very generic metalcore song. Personally I wish Kirby never started doing cleans, nothing against them, he has those cleans that for me personally, do absolutely nothing, they're far from being bad, but they're also very forgetable IMO. At least on this song they tried something different, for someone like me who's been listening to metalcore for so long it's always a +. I wouldn't say I really like this song, but I'm always happy when bands I've been listening for a while try a little something that gets them out of their comfort zone.
  5. Each their own for sure mate, but just like Aeon(Disobey is not as heavy but still) on Helix, it's a one song thing, I feel like having a song like that is great. Bands that build their carreer on that kind of heavy and bring absolutely nothing else to the table would maybe be worth mentioning. But, in this case I really hope they'll keep having at least one of those on everything they release because it's freaking cool, but that's my own opinion of course.
  6. Ohh my god... Who cares about your pointless opinion... If at least it would be funny or something.. GTFO mate.
  7. Weird I could have sworn internet already had enough useless comments, and yet we’re getting a new one.
  8. I’m not sure about some of the clean vocals sections, some of the harmonics feel odd to me personally, same for some of the prononciation.Could be because the vocalist has an accent, I don’t know, but it’s very far from being bad. When they’re mixed with the screams it really fits, but yeah, other than that this is a very nice find. The progressive aspect of this band really have a shit load of potential. It’s unpredictable and that’s what I love about music, there’s a couple of style mixed together in some parts and it fits very well, for me personally at least. Hopefully more people will check them out!
  9. The amount of quality music being leaked/released these past few days is freaking legendary. There’s so many stuff to get into, I’m quite overwhelmed and I don’t know where to start.
  10. That riff towards the end of Let me leave tho... Damn son, this was one of the best I’ve heard this year so far. I rarely react out loud, but yeah...
  11. I have to agree that it really suprised me, with the singles they've released I was really expecting same old Currents. I'll need to give it more spins, but I think they made a good decision, because they were slightly sliding into the sub category of metalcore bands that make songs that have way too many similarities in term of paterns and overall structures. At least that's how I felt personally, I was getting disinterested more and more, while they always executed that formula like real pros, I've been listening to this genre for so long that I get more and more disinterested as the years pass by. Architects won the best album in 2018 and I never even listened to the whole thing because they're amongst the top bands to fall into that sub category. For new fans of the genre it sounds amazing, that's for sure, because everything they do is great, but for many fans it's just something that have been heard way too many times. (Talking about Architects to close my point here btw.)
  12. This sure is making me feel like I should hit more cyclists with my car. Amazing stuff.
  13. Sadly, if you repeat the same lyrics more than three to four times in a song you loose me, but that's me personally. As long as these guys do what they love... Even if I have my doubts, they most likely just decided to soften their edges for you know, attract more fans, which is understandable, you want to make more money and live by doing what you love, but it's something I have a hard time respecting somehow.. It could always be because they've grown into something else, it took quite a while before they release something after their ep, so who knows. But anyway, to me personally their self-titled ep was so promising, but sadly I couldn't get into anything else they've released since.
  14. Happened the night I saw them with Crystal Lake, Northlane and Erra as well. But if you’re addicted to the hardcore music scene in general(like I am) you know these guys. But I agree that they haven’t left their mark as much as some other bands yet, but it’s spreading that’s for sure. Personally I follow them since their more deathcorish/metalcore sound with their first vocalist. It was obvious right from the start they had the « it » factor to have a more than respectable success in this genre. But in terms of live performances of bands like Crystal Lake or Northlane, it cannot compare yet, they have something that is bigger than just music, their stage presence is on another level, at least for me personally.
  15. I’m definitely buying this album and some other merch. I’ve been following this band since the myspace era and it’s crazy to see them release something after what happened. These guys are passionate by this genre and true pioneers of the underground scene that is the hardcore music community. I have huge respect for these guys.
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