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  1. thanksss sadly without the song prism....
  2. Congrats thanks for the hard work you deserve it @967-EVIL
  3. ah yess huge thanks this is gonna be good
  4. to mourn has me in tears maybe because i'm from iranian descent myself its just so haunting and sadenning but beautiful...
  5. the production is sooooo good in love with MK--Ultra and Natas
  6. dat was really damn fast much thanks to the stuff it's buffcore time
  7. I'm so in love with this style and EP in particular. Can anyone recommend anything in a similiar vein?
  8. mad love for the jazz lads damn
  9. I'm really proud of these dudes they're an inspiration by overcoming this acciedent and releasing this beautiful album go support them in whatever way you can damn its really good
  10. The new guy does a good job for the shoes he has to fill yeah it ain't mark but could've been way worse plus the instrumentation is top tier deathcore
  11. Banger! loving all these new Nu-Metalcore Bands
  12. soo damn good reminds me of cloud rap damn thanks a ton
  13. i think its prety good a breath of fresh air and different then all the other bands from murica (not trying to bash anything or anyones prefrences) just saying its really good thanks for posting
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