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  1. can someone recommend a bunch of songs or perhaps an album if i want to get in to them?
  2. Thank you there is so much going on in only one song really unique that passion def going to buy on BC thanks for sharing
  3. thanks a bunch really groovy anyone able to add the 12th track sayonara?? (japanese edition and vinyl only sadly)
  4. Amazing nu vibes and ambient parts love it thanks!! waiting for FLAC to be addded tho
  5. amazing new song since their ep thanks for sharing really good.
  6. thank you very much for sharing very solid.
  7. thank you soo much this sounds amazing!! hopefully flac can be added later? nonetheless thanks alot
  8. thank you so much this song is massive
  9. Could someone ADD Flac thanks in advance!!
  10. wrong song uplodead this aint hacktivist dude
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