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  1. soo damn good reminds me of cloud rap damn thanks a ton
  2. i think its prety good a breath of fresh air and different then all the other bands from murica (not trying to bash anything or anyones prefrences) just saying its really good thanks for posting
  3. The Jazz Titans hit it again! thanks for this gem dont sleep on this lads and stay safe out there!
  4. thanks!! their music always makes me feel very melancholic and sad but it's so unique if anyone knows anything in the same vein it's greatly appreciated
  5. thanks alot geat addition!! yeah also would love the addition of the shade mixtape
  6. Its here boys and giels rejoice the spßirit of christmas hell fuckin yeah
  7. Thanks the ambience is strong with this one Do you have the Physical Copy to add the bonus track "Deliverance"?
  8. dont sleep on this the ambience / atmosphere is strong with this one
  9. That would be sooo cool an entire channel dedicated to Nu-Metalcore
  10. Nu-Metalcore at its finest last segment reminds me a bit of loathe loving the atmosphere
  11. Way better then the other two songs they released thanks!!
  12. Yeeh they just released an EP plus a Split with still bloom erlier this year
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