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  1. I have the FLAC and WAV if y'all need it!
  2. @Blade$inger If you wanted to purchase it for $12 on the site I found it from, I think they have 320, FLAC, and everything. But I already pre-ordered the vinyl so I didn't want to buy the album a second time. I believe the pre-order will come with a digital code for higher quality though, if so, I will share!
  3. Yes, this is the code from the Vinyl Card.
  4. I can attest to the album sounding better in higher quality, I got these files from the download code that came with the Vinyl. But, listening on the vinyls sounds way better than the mp3. Everything sounds cleaner, you can hear the guitars a lot better than the original, and when I was listening to "Marianas Trench" I could hear parts of the guitar and drums that I have never heard before. Overall, it does sound better than the original IMO.
  5. Does anyone have the "Live at the Orpheum" Exclusive CD?
  6. Just announced: Album drops October 5, 2018.
  7. @Worst Wishes It is! Bottom corner says "From the upcoming full length The Silver Scream"
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