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  1. I mean this wasn't released, it's just a leaked demo that was labeled under Linkin Park. This could very well be something Mike plans to release under his name or on a upcoming LPU album if they plan to release another one of those with other b-sides/demos. But I don't really agree with "real LP songs have Chester in them". I mean he obviously was an important part of LP but the other members are just as important. They have said they plan to continue making music together, more than likely under the Linkin Park name which I don't see as a big deal. I think Chester would love for them to continue on.
  2. Also Invisible and the majority of Sorry For Now from their last album are sung by Mike too.
  3. It's the same album, whoever leaked it originally labeled it under the "Uzi" name for some reason. But it's the same songs except remastered and officially released by Epitaph.
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