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  1. Definitely real, it was uploaded to the director's official Vimeo page and it looks like he finally removed it (I downloaded it). He probably accidentally made it public instead of private. It was a previsualization video so I doubt they even filmed the actual music video for it yet and they didn't plan on releasing the song for a while. Here's the cached Vimeo page.
  2. Man I really enjoyed this. Not too familiar with Varials but they caught my attention with this record. 🔥🤘
  3. Not a huge fan honestly. I'll listen through again later on and see if it grows on me.
  4. It's not necessarily bad, I'm just surprised this got included on the album lmao. Sounds like it'd be a one off single they'd release after the album as a joke or something. I'm interested to hear how it sounds with the rest of the album.
  5. Overall a pretty solid and enjoyable album. Definitely has some Madness vibes which is cool. I'm just glad the Gossip era is gone.
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