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  1. Overall a pretty solid and enjoyable album. Definitely has some Madness vibes which is cool. I'm just glad the Gossip era is gone.
  2. Damn three way tie between Northlane, Knocked Loose and Slipknot. I personally think Slipknot had the better release, but all 3 are amazing.
  3. Hope everything is going well, wish you well in your future.
  4. I'm such a sucker for "scenecore" sounding stuff tbh.
  5. I like it. The breakdown near the end is probably my favorite part. Excited to hear more Kinda surprised to see they signed to FBR.
  6. Not bad, pretty enjoyable listen. I still listen to Reign of Terror every once in a while, which is still their best album imo.
  7. Saw them at Warped Tour a few weeks ago. Wonder if they're coming back 🤔
  8. All the singles so far are really good. Excited to hear the whole thing
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