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  1. Hollywood Undead - Coming Home (Friday 9/18)
  2. I like it, need to start listening to this band more.
  3. Love this a lot. Excited for their live performance of this in full on Saturday!
  4. Only listened once, and it's alright. I'm sure it'll grow on me once I listen a few more times, but I wasn't too impressed on first listen. Vol. 1 is still great though, definitely in my top 3 albums of this year so far.
  5. Hollywood Undead - Idol (feat. Tech N9ne) July 31st
  6. Actually really good, can't wait to hear the rest!
  7. I enjoyed DXXM when it came out, but I kinda lost interest in him as time went on. Dude pumps out way too many albums.
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