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Everything posted by Tiggobitz

  1. Oh fuck that new song is tasty. This EP is quality progressive post whatever
  2. This new dude reminds me of the guy from old My Ticket Home
  3. That's crazy.. I was literally just jamming them so hard on spotify all day at work yesterday and was thinking I wonder if kingdom has their discography
  4. Makari struck GOLD in adding Andy. Front to back this is so good
  5. This is so fucking good. Very nice change of sound for them
  6. Never heard of these dudes...this is DOPE.
  7. Reservations for Dorsia is a fucking JAM.
  8. I'm so psyched to listen to this after work. I have high hopes so i guess we'll see
  9. I rarely write lengthy posts, i just have a lot to say about this album. So I waited to give my opinion after listening to it in FLAC, with some nice headphones. So after listening thru this the first couple times in 128 I had my first impression already...i thought it was solid, but i wasnt as impressed as I had anticipated on being, especially an album following Mothership. But after the quality update, it really gives the album that extra oomph that it kinda needed to really appreciate the quality tunes these dudes put out, at least for me...and oh god those guitar tones are soo lovely. Personally, I enjoy this album more than Mothership, it almost has got like a more refined sound of Mothership, which was a top tier album already. Tillian sounds better then ever on this album, his voice is just so god damm silky smooth, and Jon has always been a beast, such distinct sounding screams. Count Bassy grooves. I love the way Suspended in This Disaster starts, and it has the best chorus on the album, hands down. Bloodsucker is another jam. Story of my Bro's is just simply a fun fucking song, and has my favorite lyric line in the whole album; "im smoking weed out of a pussy filled with money i like this". And If you're not smoking weed out of a pussy, you're doing it wrong. Shelf Life is probably my favorite if I absolutely had to pick just one song, it's just incredible from start to finish, it meshes older DGD with their newer sound so flawlessly. I also think that the singles they released were perfect representations/teases of what to expect out of the album. Normally when I listen to singles before the album I over play the shit out of them, so when the album actually drops I'm almost over them already, but these ones are still solid songs to listen to in the flow of the album. Son of Robot is a great opening track. The middle groovy part of Midnight Crusade is so beautiful. Care is meh in comparison to the rest of the album, it just blends in. The only song I honestly dont really care for and find myself skipping, is Flash. Everything else on this album is pure gold. DGD has done it again. And lets be honest, it wouldnt be a DGD album if it wasn't an AOTY contender 🤷‍♂️ well that's just my two cents. Also. This is not pop punk... in the slightest bit. Influences/Elements of pop punk, sure. But musically it sounds nothing like pop punk. I'd say alternative before pop punk
  10. Blows my mind bands can still get away with this bs. They just released an EP with those reimagined songs. Why not just make those exclusive to the Deluxe edition to make it more valuable.
  11. I dont understand all the album comparison BS in this thread...who the fuck cares. Solid album nevertheless
  12. The 2nd half of the album rips. In Blood is awesome. Chronos is dope. Shadow Boxing is probably my favorite off the album.
  13. The last minute and a half of guidance is so chill
  14. Alison Wonderland is bae. Prove me wrong
  15. Solid stuff. Kinda reminds me of a heavier i the mighty
  16. This is very good. I was skeptical at first, especially after their last attempt, but this is surprisingly solid as fuck. Not a single song id skip listening thru it. The singles fit in well with the overall sound of the album. Not fragile figures caliber, but I'm impressed
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