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  1. Fuck this is so good. This band has slowly become one of my favorites. Keep bringin the heat 🔥🔥
  2. Holy shit these dudes are so crazy consistent. Somehow they've found a sound they can replicate album after album, and still bring the heat every time. Another quality release from them.
  3. This looks like an angry country music album cover
  4. Not bad... Throw that "ft Kellin Quinn" on the track and people will eat this up.
  5. Extremely boring and such a waste of talent. Dude is more interested in flippin his sticks and looking "cool" for 15 year old chicks, than he is actual drumming
  6. As a fan of their older albums too, this song is so beautiful and the hype is real
  7. Oh fuck that new song is tasty. This EP is quality progressive post whatever
  8. This new dude reminds me of the guy from old My Ticket Home
  9. That's crazy.. I was literally just jamming them so hard on spotify all day at work yesterday and was thinking I wonder if kingdom has their discography
  10. Makari struck GOLD in adding Andy. Front to back this is so good
  11. This is so fucking good. Very nice change of sound for them
  12. Never heard of these dudes...this is DOPE.
  13. Reservations for Dorsia is a fucking JAM.
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