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  1. This video has 3m views since March..oddly enough they're pretty popular in the Christian market
  2. I never cared much for a majority of their stuff but Poem is still a jam all these years later
  3. I'm confused how Stay is a remix when I dont think it's ever been released before
  4. Lol first time I ever seen a Ban reaction
  5. Hey guys sorry I'm late to the comments what did I mi-
  6. Pretty good- their cover from the Adam days of Fleetwood Mac- The Chain is fantastic
  7. Is this real? I haven't been able to find a non-clean version all these years later (which actually brought me to here now lol)
  8. I'm curious enough to check it out but only because I know I won't be contributing to their Spotify numbers lmao THANKS KL
  9. That song w/ Papa Roach is still fire
  10. This band has joined the list of going way too far out of their lane. Now we just have to patiently wait another 2 years when the inevitable pop punk banger of an album comes out to get all the fans back
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