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  1. It's so weird the one original song they did for this (The Truth) is only on the standard version and not the deluxe.
  2. Wow V0 on a Tuesday! This band just never dies and the singles have been great. Also 15 tracks holy shit
  3. After my first full listen Wish You Were Here is by far my favorite followed by the closer. Definitely more low-key and softer than Astoria but still a great album. I've said for 10 years now it's insane that these guys aren't selling out arenas in the States and cleaning up at the Grammys. 7.5/10 for me as of now. 1. Astoria 2. Ever After 3. Masterpiece 4. Phantoms
  4. This is like the 4th full length he's released in a single year.. just insane
  5. This is really good..kinda what I was hoping from the new Normandie record
  6. I just listened to Ambitions last night. I dont have high hopes for this though
  7. Not what i expected from the genre description but this sounds really good.
  8. Totally forgot about this..stoked for the new songs
  9. Quietdrive's cover of Africa is the best imo
  10. This is great. I swear everything Trevor touches is just 🔥🔥
  11. 1. MxPx- S/t 2. Beartooth- Disease 3. Send Request- Perspectives 4. As It Is- The Great Depression 5. State Champs- Living Proof 6. We Were Sharks- Lost Touch 7. Arcane Haven- s/t 8. Fourbanger- Never Let Go 9. Mayday Parade- Sunnyland 10.Dropout Kings- AudioDope Honorable mentions: Savage Hands- Barely Alive Atreyu- In Our Wake Three Days Grace- Outsider Shim- S/t Fight the Fury- Still Breathing Godsmack- when Legends Rise
  12. Paramour Sessions is fantastic..prob my 2nd favorite
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