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  1. Songs are great but for all the money they got from Kickstarter for Cameron Webb to produce is really disappointing. Easily worst sounding of their discography
  2. Wow didn't know anything about this. Hope it's not all techno pop
  3. Most anticipated of the year since I heard they played a new song live and couldnt find on YouTube
  4. Spot on. Not a bad song for TFK but too left field for BTE
  5. There's a Travis Barker joke here somewhere but it's too early to think of one. Anyone?
  6. One of my all time favorite albums- not a bad track on here
  7. Yes the adrenaline rush I got after beating Genichiro (still bitter that the cutscene after phase 2 wasnt a save point) was like nothing I'd experienced in a video game
  8. I played Bloodborne and hated it and never played Souls. I got this from Gamefly and got stuck and said fuck it and sent it back. Then I watched a video and finally "got" the posture system. Got it back and actually paid to keep- beat it in less than a month. Biggest video game accomplishment of my life lol
  9. This band just never dies and I love it
  10. Oh man my first thought was Aphasia from like 2005 who worked with Trapt..this ain't it lol
  11. Totally read my mind the debut was fantastic Edit- Also wtf are these genre tags Metalcore, Hardcore lolol
  12. Right? I love when amazing random bands just come out of nowhere. Esp on a Monday
  13. You should check out Random Hero. Their new release unexpectedly floored me.
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