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  1. Looking for these in 320 please! You Vs Yesterday- s/t (2020) City Mouth- Hollows (2018)
  2. Nice I remember that one from Taste of Christmas comp and I know they tour with em. Checked it out and yeah this is great. I love these guys' sound so much
  3. Couldn't agree more and I totally missed any album announcement so this was a great surprise
  4. This song is 13 years old lol this seems to be a reincarnation of the band Fight of Your Life
  5. Looking for this in 320 please! Added 2 links Nate Parrish- I'm A Wreck (2020)
  6. The singles' got some serious crunch/groove to it. Definitely checking the album out
  7. This just feels so manufactured and I don't get it at all. I feel like that old guy who's annoyed at what the kids are listening to nowadays "that ain't real pop punk!"
  8. Looking for this in 320 please Farley Drive- Danger Danger! (2020)
  9. Looking for these in 320 City Mouth- Coping Machine (2020) Cemetery Sun- Haunted (2019) Thanks!
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