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  1. These guys are so dope. Glad to hear they didn't abandon the heavy guitar sound (at least in the single) for full on trap or whatever the kids say these days lmao
  2. WOW there's a name i haven't heard in a long time. Bummer it's only a few songs
  3. I remember when it came out and just totally bombed which is a shame
  4. WHAT- better than the My Chem reunion don't @ me
  5. This would be true if it wasnt created as a "supergroup" to begin with. The hype and draw came from the fact that there were 4 damn good writers and musicians within the scene. Replacing that with Craig +4 is not what the DRUGS name should be used for.
  6. It's already been confirmed by the original members that they're not involved. Sure he could get new members but that's not really DRUGS is it
  7. Songs ok but pretty bummed it's just the Craig show under the guise of DRUGS
  8. Came for Four Year Strong, leaving because of FFDP
  9. This is incredible. I saw this as #1 trending and was like huh i don't remember singles being in that list. Can't believe its the (nearly) full album. I feel bad for the guys but this won't deter them in the slightest for their career. Absolute godfathers of pop punk
  10. These bands are a dime a dozen now but single's quite good
  11. Songs are great but for all the money they got from Kickstarter for Cameron Webb to produce is really disappointing. Easily worst sounding of their discography
  12. Wow didn't know anything about this. Hope it's not all techno pop
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