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  1. This sounds nothing like that. When did Paramore have screaming, dual vocals or double bass?
  2. Wow I was just listening to Fishin' for Woos the other day. Stoked for new music!
  3. Wow what a pivot in sound. I don't recall any screaming from the debut. I don't hate this though
  4. I mean they didn't lie when they said it'd be more experimental. You could say very broadly it's a mix of Untitled's experimentation and California's melody but I really think they should just stick to one. This is coming from someone who absolutely loved California.
  5. Its..Skillet. Sounds exactly like Unleashed era so hopefully more string elements on the album. Now that John has Fight the Fury for the really heavy stuff I'm not expecting this record to blow me away. Comatose will always be the peak of this band for me.
  6. This isn't usually my cup of tea but The Click was in my top 10 of 2017. Excited to check this out
  7. Man how much more fun is this for Andy than hitting drum loops all night
  8. I was a little worried after reading the FIR comment and hearing the electronic intro but right after the drum roll it just explodes and I was smiling. Drums are markedly improved, love the double bass throughout. Guitar solo is fire, chorus is a little familiar melody wise but at this point you know what you're getting with Sum. Really couldnt ask for a better first single, 8.5/10
  9. Only because of this I even clicked on the video. I loved RA
  10. It's so weird the one original song they did for this (The Truth) is only on the standard version and not the deluxe.
  11. Wow V0 on a Tuesday! This band just never dies and the singles have been great. Also 15 tracks holy shit
  12. After my first full listen Wish You Were Here is by far my favorite followed by the closer. Definitely more low-key and softer than Astoria but still a great album. I've said for 10 years now it's insane that these guys aren't selling out arenas in the States and cleaning up at the Grammys. 7.5/10 for me as of now. 1. Astoria 2. Ever After 3. Masterpiece 4. Phantoms
  13. This is like the 4th full length he's released in a single year.. just insane
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