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  1. I'm curious enough to check it out but only because I know I won't be contributing to their Spotify numbers lmao THANKS KL
  2. That song w/ Papa Roach is still fire
  3. This band has joined the list of going way too far out of their lane. Now we just have to patiently wait another 2 years when the inevitable pop punk banger of an album comes out to get all the fans back
  4. Its not that crazy- their last album's only 3 yrs old
  5. I remember the I remember the music video on late night MTV and being pretty shocked at the time
  6. Wow even the full legit version got leaked over 2 weeks early these guys just cannot catch a break lol
  7. lol that's been a recurring thing with this band. Check out the other posts on here
  8. Totally agree- I think this song has more of the hooky sound that FTW had that's been missing ever since
  9. Thought this was the same band who released their stellar EP in 2010 but I guess not. Not bad tho, def more pop punk
  10. Bands like this live and die by the cleans IMO. These guys do it right what an unexpected surprise
  11. Oh hell yes these guys are KILLER Edit- Release date September 25, 2020 uuugh so far away
  12. I'll have to check those out. I do remember Ben Moody did a song for the Punisher soundtrack that I enjoyed. Was better than all the next Evanecsence stuff lol so proves your point
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