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  1. Nah, Tilian just said on twitter that these are just 2 singles, but a new album in 2020.
  2. this sounds like a very shitty MJ song
  3. Many fans won't like this song, its very different for green day, but god damn its catchy and I love it.
  4. A man of melonboy culture, I see.
  5. eh. Good catchy adtr song. dont ever count them out, even with fbr
  6. FYI; many producers use cassette tapes as backups for master files.
  7. Maybe im not in the mood or this will grow on me, but I'm not digging it as much as everyone else. Singles are highlights by a mile.
  8. A great blend of new and old korn, fucking love it.
  9. He was @'ing ffak because this thread is for bands on hiatus too
  10. wouldnt mind the length if those two songs weren't what they are lol
  11. I figured, most people didn't sit well with the interludes. Put it this way; if I made a playlist out of this album, I'd take out s.h.i.t and in the dark.
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