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  1. I must see.
  2. Apple Music.
  3. Another great tune from the boys.
  4. Been a fan since Hybrid Theory, I love this album. It all depends on how open your mind is with music
  5. Yessss really hype for this.
  6. Love it through and through, don't count out LP.
  7. Ye I saw a video of that being performed live, sounded pretty good. Living Things is probably my second favorite album by them, which is the only reason why I have anything negative to say about One More Light, because essentially it is a dumb downed Living Things.
  8. I'm seeing them in August with MGK and really idc I like all their music. ATS was hard for me to get into but I definitely can see what masterpiece it is.
  9. Ye it's been years since I've listened to toxicity lol. I am personally more excited for LP because I'm not too into PR besides getting away with murder and FEAR, and so far these singles haven't really impressed me too much, but it's new music nonetheless.
  10. YOU what do you own the MEMES, what do you own the leeaaaak the leeeaaak. *Why did I think it was no I failed.
  11. Honestly if you were honest with the source from the beginning it woild have been fine.
  12. Maybe if you submitted the album...