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  1. @maximomckinnon Yep. top left and bottom right
  2. I don't care that they went for the softer sound, I think that was neccessary. However, losing ALL the heavier vocals, and a lot of the energy Help! and the rest of their music has, this discount Meteora is some of the worst material Sylar has put out. I'm still seeing them tomorrow though so fuck it.
  3. I guess I have to listen to it since not everyone thinks it is shit.
  4. Will give this a third listen but its a solid 3/10 for me as of now
  5. Yea. At this point I'd rather have an album entirely of Pittsburgh, but everyone version is produced by a different person.
  6. Wouldn't feel right if you weren't
  7. I love this band and followed FACT for the longest time, and even love Joy Opposites. anything to do with any of those bands is gold for me. I felt their debut was missing something and I like torches a lot more.
  8. I've been looking for this since May 24. Was starting to think I'd have to fly to Japan and got to their show to get it lol
  9. album cover makes me want to play earthbound
  10. The apple music description of this album is life.
  11. Michael can make some powerful music. damn.
  12. Good luck. They are only selling it at their shows
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