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  1. He was @'ing ffak because this thread is for bands on hiatus too
  2. wouldnt mind the length if those two songs weren't what they are lol
  3. I figured, most people didn't sit well with the interludes. Put it this way; if I made a playlist out of this album, I'd take out s.h.i.t and in the dark.
  4. Thought it could do without s.h.i.t and in the dark
  5. If I'm gonna be honest, I'll probably like it the more I listen to it, just like with TTS.
  6. Idk. I dont dislike anything, but in not really getting a hard on for any of it either.
  7. Its okay. Nothing mind blowing, but I can promise you this album or next will shoot bmth into true mainstream territory in terms of popularity.
  8. god. mindsweep and flash flood are neck and neck for my fav album by them. love these fuckers
  9. @maximomckinnon Yep. top left and bottom right
  10. I don't care that they went for the softer sound, I think that was neccessary. However, losing ALL the heavier vocals, and a lot of the energy Help! and the rest of their music has, this discount Meteora is some of the worst material Sylar has put out. I'm still seeing them tomorrow though so fuck it.
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