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  1. Ok.....but for people who have seen it....what's her role....a hooker...a pornstar....a stripper? Why put a pornstar in a movie...& why Tori Black? Haha...smh.
  2. Can't wait for this album...!!
  3. Ok if you saw the movie....who does Tori Black play, just wondering because she's a pornstar
  4. Thanks guys for liking my comment
  5. Holy. Shit. Ok at 1st when I saw the genre mix I was like "um I don't know about this one" but the album cover caught my eye... so I downloaded it & Wow! Im happy I did because... The 1st track sold me. This guy is amazing, the lyrics.....so undescribable touching in a way that I felt empathy.
  6. Im with ya on that. After one listen & 14 skips....this album blows. My take on things....after deuce left...HU went downhill.
  7. Is this like the debut album or their last one...?
  8. I knew that one
  9. Who does Tori Black play in this?
  10. Haha I didn't see your comment
  11. 320?
  12. Nah you just did & made a fool of yourself & didn't do your research hunny.... That's 3 to 0 punk.
  13. & why judge someone's music abilities & there views on life/religion........When you listen to Eminem...he just made the biggest mistake of his life.
  14. If you don't think you'll like it.....Don't download it. THAT SIMPLE!
  15. Last one....your a douche
  16. You hide behind memes/gifs because you can't truly express yourself.
  17. Still waiting ..... .... ... .. .
  18. So how is it "unmatched"
  19. .........good movie
  20. & you must be blind 'the opening of the vid' "Romans 8:38-39"
  21. As you think.... If you don't know then, look it up....
  22. Kool Bruh .
  23. Oh & FUCK JARROD ALONGE. Everytime I see "Kanookla Pook" I think how shitty his music is....which on here is a lot.