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  1. On that bandcamp link. The album is $420.
  2. No argument needed like I said, I don't come on site thinking "who can I start an argument with" if you or anyone gets that impression about me, I'm sorry. I just say what I I have no filler. If I offended anyone in the past, I Am Sorry...let bygones be bygones.
  3. It was in the 30 Seconds To Mars post & I believe the comment was "why can't you just say the album was good". & please I don't wanta have another stupid argument, I posted a comment about an album...said NOTHING about a user in that post & right after....boom I'm fucking attacked.
  4. Actually it's Anything but 'cuntry' & jazz but they didn't have that option
  5. If people stopped talking about me and stopped attacking me I would.... it's that simple.
  6. Come on, really , do I have to prove it?
  7. I understand I was told to only comment (this is a good album or great album) like a robot but idg2f. This album is perfect, love everything about this album. The lyrics....DAMN, his sexy. I could listen to this album forever.
  8. Not comparing artists, the genre...'Hip/Hop'-'Rap'. Plus no one can compare Biggie & Cardi together because Biggie rapped about hoes while Cardi danced like one in the past.
  9. This. Is. A. Good. Album. 'the dark in you' is a great song
  10. Ok, now your lying big time.......ptfo
  11. Every post my fucking pussy. Last post I made about an album was in Jan or Feb so don't start lying, then when I comment leave it be, I know I have people on here that did like the fuck what.....the thing that gets me is I have to read all your comments on albums I download & yes they piss me off but I don't fucking reply with a bitchy fucking comment do I.....NOPE....I let it go...I move should do the same....the end.
  12. & if you read I did state why I like the fucking album. Also your a said I was "whining" so you can hear my voice I guess then.
  13. Was or am I whining.... whine (h)wīn/ verb gerund or present participle: whining give or make a long, high-pitched complaining cry or sound. "the dog whined and scratched at the back door" complain in a feeble or petulant way. "the waitress whined about the increased work" synonyms: complaint [noun], complain [verb], grouse, grumble, murmur; More ... It's always better to tell "-"why"-" you like sometime then just to say 'it was good' . image if everyone comment like & IT IS CALLED AN OPINION (which everyone is FREE to have) or I guess now a days you gotta pay for people to listen to yours.... I'm so fucking sick this stupid high school baby shit
  14. I get why everyone on this site hates this album, I wasn't going to comment because it seems when I do ... In the minds of the other users on here "oh fuck here goes this bitch again, rambling on about stupid shit". But really I get why you guys Hate this album. Leto was creative on his own, his view on religion & there's not a lot of full band. To that I say who give a shit... 1 at least they released another album 2 if you wanta listen to the AOTY & think you can do better...create a band, get signed, write an album, come up with the money to make that album & release it all in this year.... & if it matters....I love this album.
  15. John was one of the people to go out on her own. On a live DVD I have she sings 'Drugs Or Me' & that was the first I heard of her. voice is GOLD ×1,000,000,000
  16. Lmfao with right after ...... Look...anything in this genre nowadays is fucking terrible....Biggie was/is the best ever...hands down, sorry if you don't agree with me on this. Cops killed Biggie, those fucked a were paid to keep there mouths shut.
  17. Why can't anyone just be happy bands put out new albums or just EPs, DAMN!!!!
  18. ..... New album out this summer....keep ya pants on. Possibly. Damn, so much hate.
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