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  1. This band & song is amazing, I have to agree with BRDSX on the EP thing tho, with me i think as I band of such talent its kind of a waste of time just to come out with 4-6 songs....just release an album but yet I understand the band members might be busy or on tour.... Anyway can't wait for the EP then more music from TWY.
  2. Check out the album "this time next year", amazing tunes on that album.
  3. One of the first PopPunk bands I ever heard, I guess some bands just never lose their charm.
  4. Very mature
  5. You can & anyone else can think the way they want to think & listen to whatever they want, give a an album a listen or not. If I choose to or not to...that my on decision & with that many people could care a fuck less what I say. I don't really care about that at all, I just don't understand how I say one simple thing & 4 #%£!s run all over, that's the thing that's not right & or fucked up but its whatever. Now tim....I was a huge fan of AILD & yes he fucked up.....Everyone does....its life...it happens haha....I just hate Ronnie with a passion & don't like whiny boy teen voices singing. Yes they sell records & make money but they do nothing for me.....Sorry.
  6. What do you mean there....
  7. I just know what I like, will defend & can't stand.
  8. +×÷=%/\*€£)(_&;:#!$@-'",.?
  9. Once Jake joined I was hooked
  10. #2.....you sir need to do what I need to do....get new ear after that, I knew 160 was bad but I gave in anyway, sounds like roadkill. I appreciate the leak! But ill wait to listen to more then 10 seconds.
  11. #1...You sir.......need to relisten
  12. Any album by them is 1000% TRASH. Just like the singer.