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  2. Fake
  3. Yes...I know we will never have this in those qualitys, I've had this acoustic stuff for sometime on my computer, just when I saw it I got overly excited....that happens.
  4. Amazing release. This band is outrageously good.
  5. Aaron never disappoints... Amazing.
  6. Ahhhhhhhhh....need this in 320 or VBR...ASAP...please.
  7. They were a PopPunk band 'the soivet' but 2 band members left... They found a drummer...named the band 'Sleepwave' & yes I know haha...why they named the band that Idk...but finally the band is Saint Slumber.
  8. There going to be in NYC & Easton PA soon.
  9. Haha its mainly chill music
  10. I know this guy...he has there 18 as a tattoo...he got it 2 weeks before they broke up....amazing band
  11. Respected by most PopPunk band. One of the band POPPUNK bands EVER!!!
  12. Had this for a week, can't wait to get my acoustic cover.... I'm hoping this band definitely developes into something fantastic. Great album.
  13. This is great stuff!