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  1. THANK YOU... fuck tom but his music is great!
  2. Great album cover, awesome music video & amazing tunes!
  3. Dead link
  4. Hahaha, that's the best music vid I have ever seen, very creative!!!!!.
  5. Yes he is!!!!!
  6. When i when I read 'foxmulder802's reply I had to look it up Current members John Feldmann – lead vocals, rhythm guitar (1994–present) Philip Sneed – lead guitar, backing vocals (2016–present) Mike Herrera – bass guitar, backing vocals (2016–present) Travis Barker – drums (2016–present) This is crazy amazing shit. 'SuperGroup'
  7. I have to agree but not with number 1 or number 2. See John did just produce the B182 album 'California' & also the deluxe songs.... yes it is true BUT... he also has this band & they worked very hard on this album & it is Goldfinger, you just have to put what he did with B182 aside & listen to this album, appreciate that there is another Goldfinger album out & fucking love it haha.
  8. I searched it on Google.
  9. Damn the link is dead
  11. Fake
  12. Yes...I know we will never have this in those qualitys, I've had this acoustic stuff for sometime on my computer, just when I saw it I got overly excited....that happens.
  13. Amazing release. This band is outrageously good.
  14. Aaron never disappoints... Amazing.