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  1. Ty Segall - Freedoms Goblin (2018)

  2. Pianos Become The Teeth - Wait For Love (2018)

    @Eatlightning I'm sorry, I never listened to this ever. The 1st time I did was when this leaked but I'm listening to 'Keep You' right now, as someone informed me this band used to have all unclean vocals or as I looked them up tgey were labeled as 'Screamo'. This album & 'Keep You' are Amazing, are total transformation in the right direction...imo.
  3. Pianos Become The Teeth - Wait For Love (2018)

    @coachlow Some bands take that chance to change there sound & sometimes the extra hard work they put into it pays off. To build a bigger fan base. To just appreciate the exrta stuff they can do with an electric guitar, a base, drums and even a vocals.
  4. Pianos Become The Teeth - Wait For Love (2018)

    This album is sex! Also maybe like Letlive. ?
  5. Pianos Become The Teeth - Wait For Love (2018)

    Oh ok, so they just changed it up. I like the change. I have no say on what there old stuff was nor sounded like but to me this isn't post-hardcore. I guess once a band is labeled in a genre it sticks with them forever...
  6. Pianos Become The Teeth - Wait For Love (2018)

    This is amazing, 1st time listening to this band, I've heard of there name before just never gave them a listen. To me this album sounds more on the Alt-Rock / Indie Rock side not Post-Hardcore but maybe on there previous albums they were, idk. Amazing album tho.
  7. Fall Out Boy - M A N I A (2018)

  8. Fall Out Boy - M A N I A (2018)

    @Mayhem959 can you fucking drop it, holy Shit...... You take things & just keep rolling with it...soon your gonna run out of the paper. Look I'm very straightforward & some....well most 'guys' here don't like my opinions so now I don't even fucking post, I just keep shit to everyone should do the same about me. But me replying back to you might/will start shit with more members on here attacking me, but ill be the adult.
  9. Mike Shinoda - Post Traumatic [Single] (2018)

    Stupid teens
  10. Mike Shinoda - Post Traumatic [Single] (2018)

    ...... @BRDSX You just don't know how or when to keep silent, so you think we are all showing lack of fucking experience or wisdom or Judgment....naw the only one that's doing all of those are You ok, Everyone in there life has or will lose a loved one or a friend to a needle, gunshot or a rope. & there are a lot of people that were affect & are still affected by the lose of Chester, so your Wrong. Maybe you should stop pointing fingers at everyone else & start Judging Yourself.
  11. Not to be mixed up with the PopPunk band Postcards This is some pretty good stuff.
  12. Mike Shinoda - Post Traumatic [Single] (2018)

    Its an EP.....if you don't know what an EP is look it up (not trying to be a bitch) & Mike said it himself "this is an EP" ..... so.
  13. Mike Shinoda - Post Traumatic [Single] (2018)

    Just don't argue ok. Keep the comments to the topic. This EP was a stress reliever & a deep memory for Mike. Mike said in an interview that LP will release an album but right now is just not the time. R.I.P CHESTER