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  1. you got banned?

    1. BecameTheCatalyst


      and he was banned too lmao

  2. On that bandcamp link. The album is $420.
  3. No argument needed like I said, I don't come on site thinking "who can I start an argument with" if you or anyone gets that impression about me, I'm sorry. I just say what I I have no filler. If I offended anyone in the past, I Am Sorry...let bygones be bygones.
  4. It was in the 30 Seconds To Mars post & I believe the comment was "why can't you just say the album was good". & please I don't wanta have another stupid argument, I posted a comment about an album...said NOTHING about a user in that post & right after....boom I'm fucking attacked.
  5. Actually it's Anything but 'cuntry' & jazz but they didn't have that option
  6. If people stopped talking about me and stopped attacking me I would.... it's that simple.
  7. Come on, really , do I have to prove it?
  8. I understand I was told to only comment (this is a good album or great album) like a robot but idg2f. This album is perfect, love everything about this album. The lyrics....DAMN, his sexy. I could listen to this album forever.
  9. Not comparing artists, the genre...'Hip/Hop'-'Rap'. Plus no one can compare Biggie & Cardi together because Biggie rapped about hoes while Cardi danced like one in the past.
  10. This. Is. A. Good. Album. 'the dark in you' is a great song
  11. Every post my fucking pussy. Last post I made about an album was in Jan or Feb so don't start lying, then when I comment leave it be, I know I have people on here that did like the fuck what.....the thing that gets me is I have to read all your comments on albums I download & yes they piss me off but I don't fucking reply with a bitchy fucking comment do I.....NOPE....I let it go...I move should do the same....the end.
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