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  1. Such an amazing album. Thank you for posting.
  2. Jaden Smith - SYRE (2017)

    Leaky toilet
  3. Mr Adams....why were you 'justing' me & should I be concerned for my life??!! ..... Music is the only that matters hunny, now think....if there was no music...NO MUSIC...could you live, could any of you live, I sure of hell couldn't, so with that said...Ill give MY opinions, MY views, MY likes or dislikes on music because MUSIC = LIFE. ..... Ill take on a traffic jam of people who are not liking my views on anything haha, you only have one life, you gotta say what you think, even when your holding a plastic knife going into a gun fight. ..... & its called 'auto-text' -> 'hitting the Mic button & talking into your phone'. ..... .'<|QJ|>'.
  4. Vampire 'Emo' ... That better
  5. Your my buddy now!!! your on my team & @Smash_Adams I was 'just' giving my opinion, its your & everyones else's to 'except' that....if not.....maybe take a relisten or 4 oh & thanks for judging. Maybe round 2???
  6. .....don't fuck with the pussy.....remember that. & everyone has there own opinions & views....why do we all have to fucking argue with each other about what we believe in....if you believe unicorns once roamed this earth then believe it, the sun is blue....believe it, the moon is red...believe it....holy shit.
  7. Taylor Swift - reputation (2017)

    Saw this in Walmart...Labeled under the genre 'Country' I just laughed & was like I guess Walmart doesn't know about KL
  8. 'The Black Parade' is a billion times better btw...
  9. More like just 'Emo' but yes great album.....
  10. (w.p.) - At Peace, At Last (2017)

    I love this. Best track - You Are As Beautiful As The Night Sky. Its so peaceful (as the other tracks are but this one stands out to me the most) Amazing job
  11. Eminem - Walk On Water (ft. Beyoncé) [Single] (2017)

    Oh & ..... This 'person' should be able to write his own shit as labels himself as the 'rapgod'.......that shit is just plain messed 'he' can't even 'write' his own songs?!...what, does he need help taking shits too?... Oh Yes, Dre wipes his ass.
  12. Eminem - Walk On Water (ft. Beyoncé) [Single] (2017)

    Are you talking to me?! Haha
  13. Eminem - Walk On Water (ft. Beyoncé) [Single] (2017)

    I see what your doing....
  14. Eminem - Walk On Water (ft. Beyoncé) [Single] (2017)

    Beyonce made the song Fuck Eminem
  15. Taylor Swift - reputation (2017)