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  1. I know Taylor & Logic dropped, but show some love for Lupe!
  2. I refused to listen to this for a while, but now that it's 03:45 and a good temperature, this is suddenly the most atmospheric thing ever
  3. Thank you so much! I pre-ordered the CD, but seems they don't send download links. Haven't been this excited for a record in ages
  4. Is this the same as the official release?
  5. Madlib & his brother Oh No for those of you who dunnu what this is
  6. If they had to release it, why not just release it the way it sounded before he died? Not out of respect or anything, I don't have much respect for XXXTentacion, but come on. He never found his identity, so trying to make it sound somewhat polished just feels stupid. Even I know/presume there's no way an album of his would ever sound like this.
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