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  1. All I can say is HOLY FUUUUCK! This album is absolutely amazing. I literally got shivers on Multiple occasions and for me this is the first time In a while that an album has emotion that you can actually feel. Great work for this release.
  2. As weird as it is, this album is really growing on me with every listen and I don't know why. Hated it at first....but now I find myself singing along.
  3. I am a HUGE neck deep fan, but unfortunately I totally agree with your review. For a band to be so consistent in releasing energetic and fun songs this album just downed me. I was getting in the car and I noticed it leaked...I was pumped....neck deep IS SUMMER POP PUNK. It's 35 degrees out, I rolled the windows down and opened my sunroof. After driving and running around for the entire album I was very disappointed. What was an awesome summer day turned into a Debby downer. I so wanted to enjoy this.
  4. Such a solid and consistent punk band. Great album, I've listened about 10 times already.
  5. Their best yet. Production is amazing and it's just a 160kbps. Possible AOTY....calling it now
  6. So glad to see these guys back together! Can't wait for this ep. Such good skate punk
  7. When B-Sides are better than any other bands best songs! KSE never disappoint.... amazing!
  8. One hell of a fast paced album 🤘🤘
  9. Totally agree. So many are missing out on something fantastic!
  10. @Frak The Gods So what did you think?
  11. This album is absolutely fucking amazing. Please don't pass this up anyone!
  12. I agree, there is much more maturity in this album. Still good...but I think it will grow on me the more I Listen to it. Do I miss some of those fun, fast paced breakdowns fys are known for? Hell yes, but they tried something new and I'm going to NB appreciate it more and more with each listen I think.
  13. Thanks! These guys have never disappointed from day 1. Can't Wait!
  14. Damn...this is actually really solid stuff.
  15. Such an underrated band. Everyone who's into metalcore needs to get this album. It hits HARD!
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