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  1. i probably like this even more than unbreakable.
  2. i just listened to the album but I don't like it. the last song i really really liked was "A Line In The Sand" from the album before
  3. thats not what Mike thinks 2:30 - 2:45
  4. yes please I prefer it to download flac and rip it for myself so i know what I get
  5. the deceiver & voices and vessels & i will destroy the wisdom of the wise are my fave tracks
  6. I didn't know the screamer of ABFPB is in this band. well... i need to check it out then. can anyone tell me if derrick (abfpb clean singer on revision:revise) has a new band ?
  7. is this the post-hc band from boston ?
  8. biggest disappointment of this year
  9. did he announce a new album or just a standalone single ?
  10. Brett Young - Self Titled Debut Album
  11. who was the producer for this record ? i think the last one was produced by sturgis right
  12. they said they couldn't find a decent clean singer. but my opinion is they had a too high standards because kassim was so good. kassim wanted to tour full time. he wants as his full time job BAT didn't want that but on the other hand they wanted a singer who can sing like kassim which makes no sense because top notch singers wouldn't join a mediocre metalcore band with few gigs every months and i think deep within they know it
  13. 2 weeks till the album release