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  1. that's not what I meant with my post and I wrote that they reached no. 1 with their newest album
  2. Heaven Shall Burn the last time I heard them was probably around the time when I started with metalcore (maybe 2005/2006) they reached #1 with their new one in the album charts here in germany
  3. People should shut the fuck up with "they need denis back" is he the messiah ? this guy is a fucking asshole and there are enough singers out there who can sing in this older asking alexandria style they don't need denis. they don't need danny.
  4. this album is from 2005 definitely one of my all time favorites "The Innocent Ones" is such a good song Some old bands give me certain vibes that I cannot really find in new bands nowadays
  5. thanks can't wait to use the instrumentals of "backwards pumpkin song" and "I told them..."
  6. new "We Butter The Bread With Butter" single "Dreh Auf" is coming out on Nov. 30
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