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  1. Nothing against a softer rock album but this wasn't even good. And I'm tired of these bullshit interviews with ben when he wanna explain the situation. they said similar things back during from death to destiny and then they went back to metalcore with denis so I wouldn't be surprised if they would go back to the roots when danny leaves again and it's kinda obvious he is using this band to finance his solo stuff
  2. I just started listening to their castle in the clouds album again and they are so underrated. In Reach is such a good track. I don't know why but I always thought they were a russian band and that's why they were so underated but I guess I was wrong. can't wait to hear this new album
  3. they released a instrumental version of this album ? why for this and not for the other ones ?'s+Fear/The+Lost+City+(Instrumental+Edition)
  4. pretty cool especially the clean singing parts
  5. I can totally understand why they named this album "Like A House On Fire" because the only thing that stood out is the chorus of the title song.
  6. did the songs get better with the 320k/flac upload ?
  7. Even LaFee is heavier and catchier than Asking Alexandria
  8. is a reimagined album planned or is it just a standalone single ?
  9. I can highly recommend this podcast I can't wait for their second album with Lela as their new clean vocalist.
  10. Justin was influenced by WCAR. He wrote a lot of stuff for Forever in Combat. The bridge in this song sounds like WCAR as well 2:42
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