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  1. this album is from 2005 definitely one of my all time favorites "The Innocent Ones" is such a good song Some old bands give me certain vibes that I cannot really find in new bands nowadays
  2. thanks can't wait to use the instrumentals of "backwards pumpkin song" and "I told them..."
  3. new "We Butter The Bread With Butter" single "Dreh Auf" is coming out on Nov. 30
  4. can you reupload this please ? and the part 2 as well ?
  5. did they release an album in 2017 ? (bands usually release albums every 2 years) because I only have one from 2015 the one with guest featurings of Jonny Craig, Craig Mabbitt and Michael Jagmin
  6. AMEN. So many old members came back. They had 7 members listed on FB including Cody. It's so sad. But they offered Mehdi the drummer position but he didn't wanna betray his brother so he left as well
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