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  1. this^ btw do you know Brett Young ? he released 2 full lengths.
  2. Damn. At first I thought he did a cover for Robbie Williams' Angels.
  3. my sleeping schedule is so fucked up that I kinda got a little bit of headache. the artwork doesn't make it better tbh trippy shit (didn't hear the song yet)
  4. How many albums did they release so far ? could it be the second full length or did they release way more ?
  5. it seems Martin is acting like a rockstar. I remember that I messaged the band and him several times and it seems they didn't give a shit. but it was kinda cool that they were part of a german daily soap opera here haha. I mean night game, not blg. but blg would ve been better haha and kirill (or this guys name is) already left night game so I guess its difficult to work with martin
  6. it sounds like martin's voice was pitch corrected. There is an effect on his voice. But yea the bassist is pretty good. But did anyone see The Night Game live ? I think Martin got better. And the bassist has a new band in which he is the lead singer or what ? I didn't really follow him after his departure from BLG
  7. Killer album. My favorite track is Oceans Apart. Love how the first half is more melodic and then jonny comes in and kills it But now you're back with another guy. Don’t bother to call or write, Because you're dead in my eyes. You fucking bitch no one ever deserves this, And I hope when you hear this you’ll think of our last kiss. So tonight when you crawl into his bed, Just remember what those few words I wrote said. “I hope you're happy, Loving life with each breath.” But now, When I think about you I fucking wish you were dead.
  8. the album came out end of last september. why didn't you upload it yet ? is it so bad ?
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