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  1. Such an asshole move from Jag calling all the other ex and core members "bullies" when in fact he was the guy who infiltrated the band. Joey wanted to come back and he didn't let him (joey told that 2-3 years ago in a live stream when cory and joey had this Avant Garde project) And Cory messaged me way back and told me that Jag was the reason why he and Brian left. So all the people were leaving the band but he said they were the bullies.....
  2. lmfao I was so surprised to see them together but I can't stand this guy
  3. there is an interview with Scott Borchetta (Big Machine Records) why they hired Max Martin for the Red album but I cannot find it anymore. He did 2-3 songs on it and the half of 1989 and reputation and of the upcoming new one. I am pretty sure she is still writing the main melodies / song but when they hire people like Max/Shellback it's because of the music around the "main structure" if you know what I mean.. She never wrote every single instrument. But she had visions how they all had to sound... for the most part. most of the bandmembers were "fired" but the guitarist and bassist are still in the band.... not sure how much they write ... I guess they have some little ideas here and there but most of the instruments were probably written by Max and Shellback. The first two singles of the new album were also co written by Joel Little https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joel_Little but co written doesn't always mean so much.... maybe changing some lyrics here and there
  4. or check this out original capture the crown drummer. he went country
  5. this^ btw do you know Brett Young ? he released 2 full lengths.
  6. Damn. At first I thought he did a cover for Robbie Williams' Angels.
  7. my sleeping schedule is so fucked up that I kinda got a little bit of headache. the artwork doesn't make it better tbh trippy shit (didn't hear the song yet)
  8. How many albums did they release so far ? could it be the second full length or did they release way more ?
  9. it seems Martin is acting like a rockstar. I remember that I messaged the band and him several times and it seems they didn't give a shit. but it was kinda cool that they were part of a german daily soap opera here haha. I mean night game, not blg. but blg would ve been better haha and kirill (or this guys name is) already left night game so I guess its difficult to work with martin
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