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  1. I found out that there is an itunes version with 1 bonus track (which was also a standalone, if I remember correctly) but what I am more interested is this japanese version with 3 bonus tracks. I can't really find what the songtitles are I am looking for this version in .flac quality but they are usually harder to find so I would be fine with the 320k bitrate quality additionally I am looking for their "Taylor Swift - Love Story" cover in a decent quality (.flac or 320k) on youtube there were always crap quality
  2. so they released all albums instrumental except for Self Titled and Downtown Battle Mountain and Whatever I Say Is Royal Ocean when can we expect them ?
  3. I have to check them out. "Killing Me" sounds dope. is this their debut release ? did they release ep's before ?
  4. Damn. Pretty cool artwork. Never listened to them though. I guess I have something to do.
  5. I think this is better version than the original I think they never recorded it with Tyler, right ? The acoustic version on the deluxe version of Number was Hance, I think.
  6. the song is on their 2nd album "Mistaken For Trophies" (I am pretty sure the single version is the same production - so no differences there)
  7. miss them (especially the original line up of the first two albums) Max (Drums) and Christoph (Guitar/Synths) have a new band together with Daniel (Guitarist of Me In A Million) no idea who the singer/bassist is
  8. I only enjoy the Demos with Craig and Deceiver and the production of Life Cycles (but not the songs, except for "Hidden Lakes" which was kind of "Like Father Like Son v2.0")
  9. I think it's not very clever to release an album with 9 "normal" songs (minus Intro + Interlude + 2 Bonus Tracks) And I find it weird that it starts with an intro, then a regular song and then an interlude.
  10. Pat (Alesana) used to be the clean singer/guitarist I always see the Cruel Summer cover on Facebook so I totally forgot this album here
  11. I doubt it 'cause they were mad/disappointed when he left and if he would rejoin it would be "a big fuck you" to ALAZKA What I heard out from his statement is, he kinda lost the passion. Maybe some health issues. I don't know exactly. btw 3:39 - 7:30 No Spit (Live) with Kassim
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