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  1. I didn't really listen to the last album but I think it was better than the one before. LOVELESS is still their best album.
  2. he is known for being a narcissist here is the complete make me famous statement when they kicked denis out and here is another one when he left aa
  3. I never really checked the underground albums. worth to check them out ?
  4. my favorite of this album brandon should def. sing more
  5. they did a cover für "türlich türlich" But I prefer the original
  6. they show them a lot here on german television they were even part of a german soap/series martin is definitely one of my favorite musicians. boys like girls are still one of my all time faves
  7. i don't know if the band broke up but Tanner (Lead Vocals) and Christian (Guitar) left Youth In Revolt Maybe someone has more infos about that ?
  8. yea i mean even Justin (Forever In Combat) commented with "99 % of the song is the same" under the youtube video
  9. yea I mean apart from that it's not bad although I need more time to listen I think they changed the vocal effects in nightfall because it had more effects in the music video version, I think
  10. I guess I never found the right time did I to tell you I'm sorry I gave up but until you're broken you don't know what you're made of
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