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  1. shit slaps, thanks for the upload
  2. eh, i'll take it i guess wish there was less clean vocals tho
  3. Damn I really wish I didn't read your comment, I had missed that news. Fucking rip
  4. gonna have to give this a listen
  5. Hmm, it honestly sounds like they kinda got theirs from the song I edited into my post lol. or maybe my hearing is fucked up because I'm sick Edit:
  6. Was the riff for that song stolen from TFB, or did they get it from somewhere as well? Edit: The song I'm referring to is Swimming Pool by The Front Bottoms.
  7. Before this, I've only ever listened to probably 1 song by them, so figured I'd give this a shot & I really really enjoy it. I think I'm going to have it on repeat for the next few days, and then go back & listen to their older stuff. :)
  8. hell yeah BROTHER, thanks for this
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