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  1. I'd be really surprised if they're still a band at this point. It's probably just Tyler now writing all this crap as a solo artist using the shortened name "Theory"
  2. Anyone see Noah calling out this site for leaking this song on his insta live? Lol
  3. It's Alter Bridge so it's good. In my opinion their first 2 albums are masterpieces. I've had those on heavy rotation since they came out. This album is a little more experimental with the synths and keys and I'm not sure yet if I like them or not. I'll have to listen to the album a few more times to really get a feel for it but upon intial listen it's good, but didn't wow me.
  4. Goddamn! What an album. So glad I stumbled across this bc it seems like a sleeper.
  5. Decent album. Huge blink fan growing up. I'll probably give this a few listens and that'll be it. Not feeling the electronic drum/ 21 pilots/ simple creatures sound, much preferred the guitar driven pop-punk stuff. With that said, Run Away is pretty damn catchy.
  6. Neon would be a much more listenable album if it had a better mix. It's just so flat, it really kills the whole thing.
  7. Fuck yes! Seeing them for the 5th time next month. Jesse knows how to make a catchy ass chorus, that's for sure.
  8. No one cares if you'll like it or not. Spare yourself the effort next time
  9. Blood I Spill is absolutely insane. Bringing back some old school heaviness. That outro on it, Jesus Christ
  10. I try to have low expectations going into most things but I was super hyped on this album and it definitely does not disappoint, so good.
  11. I'd definitely throw it in there. So bad. Microsoft paint copy and paste collage
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