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  1. The similarities have been mentioned about the intro to Teardrops being a close resemblance to classic Linkin Park. Just realized 'Itch for the Cure' is an instrumental track just like 'Cure for the Itch' is on Hybrid Theory
  2. Pretty good album. As mentioned by others, wish they would have cut back on the softer tracks. Nothing will ever top Alpha, that whole album is just relentless heavy front to back.
  3. Alex left because they're turning soft. Oh, and they're working with Feldman. So that's just a recipe for generic radio-rock.
  4. Holy fuck I love Erra. Seen them live 5 times. They put on such an energetic show That riff at 2:50 is very Tool-esque. I know Jesse was listening to a lot of Tool's last album while recording their new stuff.
  5. I've never listened to this band before but holy hell. This is fucking good. Really dialed in, catchy pop-punk, I'm loving it.
  6. An endless assault of nasty riffs and aggression. Such a good album
  7. This is really good. Sad it's going to be slept on
  8. Could see these songs in a Rob Zombie movie
  9. The music scene changes. What sold then doesn't necessarily mean it'd sell now
  10. Sadly that will never happen as they're too far gone. It reaches a point for artists where there's just no turning back. They tasted that money so it's all about radio-friendly, billboard charting albums that sell a bunch
  11. I'd be really surprised if they're still a band at this point. It's probably just Tyler now writing all this crap as a solo artist using the shortened name "Theory"
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