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  1. Owl City - Reel 1 (2017)

    I'd definitely throw it in there. So bad. Microsoft paint copy and paste collage
  2. Intervals - The Way Forward (2017)

    Yeah well, that's like..your opinion, man.
  3. Pendulum - Immersion (2010)

    This and their previous album never get old. So good, frequently listened to
  4. Story Of The Year - I Swear I'm Okay (Single) (2017)

    Totally agree, very good album. I dust it off probably once a year and give it a listen. Excellent gym tunes. These guys are amazing live too, I've seen them twice in stl and they can put on one hell of a performance
  5. Ghost Atlas - Cry Wolf [Single] (2017)

    I talked to him 1 on 1 a little bit after an Erra show. I asked him about a release and he wasn't certain, hopefully soon though!
  6. Ghost Atlas - Cry Wolf [Single] (2017)

    The Album's been completed for like 5-6 months now. He hit a snag making the music video and finally got it done a few weeks ago so here we are. Dude is so talented
  7. Mastodon - Show Yourself (Single) (2017)

    Brann likes going the poppier, catchier route. I like this, and am always a fan of his vocals
  8. I don't think these guys can make bad music. One Day Remains is the best and always will be IMO. I remember buying the CD the day it was released
  9. DGM - The Passage (Japanese Edition) (2016)

    As far as progressive metal goes, this is a damn good album. I can't believe I've never checked these guys out. Good instrumentals and actually pretty good vocals.
  10. God-Tier Albums

    Some good picks on here so far. Some of these have been mentioned by other but deserve to be mentioned again *Green Day- Dookie / Insomniac *Thrice- Artist in the Ambulance *Linkin Park- Hybrid Theory *Protest the Hero- Fortress *Avenged Sevenfold- Waking the Fallen *Alter Bridge- One Day Remains *Temple of the Dog- Self Titled *David Maxim Micic- Bil0 3.0 *All That Remains- The Fall of Ideals *Ghost Atlas- Gold Soul Coma *The Used- Self Titled *Story of the Year- ITWOD *Boxcar Racer- Self Titled *Sevendust- Alpha *Periphery- I *Breaking Benjamin- We Are Not Alone *Soundgarden- Superunknown *Pantera- Far Beyond Driven *Animals as Leaders- Joy of Motion
  11. Alter Bridge - The Last Hero (Preview) (2016)

    Mark's really been pumping out the music. No complaints here!
  12. Revocation - Great Is Our Sin (2016)

    Can't believe there's not more interest in this. Revocation is quality
  13. Each album has progressively gotten worse since TTOTCDUI (one of my all time favs) but this album I'm really liking.