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  1. I know Music for Cars is an old EP but I hope the new one is not only old song re-recorded
  2. Is it the whole album in instrumental?
  3. Am I the only one that thinks that most of the songs sounds the same?
  4. I loved 131 so much that I got the cover tattooed, I can already tell this EP is gonna be amazing though I wish Young Lonely would be in the tracklist
  5. This reminds me so much of an argentinian band that is no more...thats very good
  6. Will Swan please take a break I'm sure you need one at this point
  7. Miss May I
  8. This cover ain't bad but being this song and being dgd this could have been waaay better
  9. The original song of them is way better than the covers
  10. This is amazing! And i just clicked on it because the artwork reminded me of one of kurt travis tour art
  11. Im only halfway on the compilation and I already love it so much. Thx!!
  12. Yesss finally! Thank you lord
  13. Eternity Forever debut EP (Kurt Travis new band with ex-CHON guitarrist and Strawberry Girls Drummer) and I'm hoping for a reimagined EP for Emarosa's 131
  14. Im so happy for Emarosa being on the list. Imo the best album of the year