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  1. Doesn't get whiter than this (?) Good stuff tho!
  2. Gorgeous artwork.
  3. Ancient meme
  4. this album is fantastic
  5. >Assuming I am "trying to green text" and that I'm or would like to be associated to the cesspool that is 4chan >Thinking Wage War is not just some metalcore band Two can play that game. I'm not saying people aren't allowed to like it because it's metalcore and I don't like metalcore btw, I'm just surprised since Science Fiction is probably the most highly praised album that came out in August this year.
  6. >some metalcore band having more votes than Brand New lol
  7. This album is horrible, but not as horrible as the kinda people that call it "cuckcore" lmao
  8. I don't even like this band but imma listen to it just because of that one song that got the 4chins and liberals triggered
  9. Make Emo great again
  10. The cover reminds me of Vaya The song is pretty meh
  11. First Hoodwinker and now this... RIP Enter Shikari.
  12. This is how you do Pop Punk.
  13. I don't get all the praise for this band, it sounds like every other metalcore band but with a "progressive" label on it.
  14. Good stuff. Too bad stuff like this doesn't get much attention nowadays.