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  1. local band for me i've seen them live a few times and they kick ass
  2. AP is releasing one! I'm excited as fuck.
  3. Rest in peace Operation Cunt Destroyer, Acrania (soon) and Traitors. We may as well consider Suicide Silence dead, so rip them too.
  4. Great idea! I'm feeling some OG essential deathcore like The Cleansing, Count Your Blessings, Allegiance, Infinite Death, The Somatic Defilement, etc
  5. More good songs by them are Like A Movie and Reach 2.0 If you like those, try out Once A Liar, Always A Fake by For All Those Sleeping
  6. I read the "poppy vocals" part and thought the chorus of this song fit that quite well along with the diversity of this band. That's all lol, it was a shot xD
  7. Unintelligible lows that keep getting lower and lower and lower. Fucking love it.
  8. A Night In Texas and Avenged Sevenfold got me both by surprise, being quite amazing. I, Prevail's album was also very good alongside Fit For A King. Never really got into Dance Gavin Dance, so here's the POV of someone who didn't vote for them. Avenged Sevenfold, ANIT/AngelMaker, KoRn and I, Prevail are my tops.
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