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  1. Gonna wait for the release but fuuuck so tempting to download and listen to this... but i wanna have most of the album fresh to enjoy all at once.
  2. Holy fuck this is amazing. 10/10. Why wouldn't this be the lead single over Prisoner lol (and i really like Prisoner). So wack.
  3. Can't listen now bit frothin to get home for it
  4. Can't wait. Hope to see a return to form after the disappointment that was The Spark.
  5. Well that was extremely disappointing.
  6. Loved the single Baddest and had pretty high hopes for their new stuff with the new singer. Have legit been disappointed by every single song they've released since. This EP included. The instrumentals are great but the vocals are so boring, generic and sound the same on every song.
  7. I was disappointed by the spark but i fucking love this.
  8. I think it's great aside from the chorus.
  9. So boring and generic. Get back to belting out insane vocals like Emarosa era.
  10. I can't believe he has to crowdfund his music. Such a talented guy with a unique voice that's better than 95% of post-hardcore rubbish.
  11. Was pretty excited for this after Baddest which i thought was fantastic. The rest is so boring and generic, shame.
  12. After a few days with it I'd have to say it tops Mothership for me.
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