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  1. Wow I just downloaded this after hearing Moon Child and man this is good, slept on hard
  2. Saw the bois Saturday on the Trilogy tour, they slapped so hard. Hype to check this, the wait is finally over
  3. Should I waste my time with this if I thought the last album was mediocre
  4. I don't get why this was done, the original sounds perfect as is
  5. I'm so hype for this, still a little confused why Eyes Wide Shut isn't on it tho
  6. This slaps so hard good lord, every chorus is such a bop
  7. I'm seeing this guy in February with my gf, I'll check this out
  8. This album is really good, tops the last album for me for sure. I love how much heavier it gets, and the vox are as a good as ever
  9. That was alright, was expecting way more of his harshes tho. His cleans don't sound nearly as strong as they did on their last EP
  10. This is alright but it just makes me want more Sianvar instead. I don't get why Sianvar went on hiatus when they're all working together on other projects anyway
  11. Would've been hilarious if they called this album "The Crown"
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