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  1. I fucking love Kurt Travis, this shit is so good
  2. This is very bad lmao, and Chris' feature wasn't even good which was the only reason I checked this in the first place
  3. Really enjoyed this, Tilian sounds so in his element here doing the pop rock sound. If he did the instrumentals as well then he did a superb job
  4. This is great so far, Tilian explores a lot of vocal styles and melodies he wouldn't in DGD
  5. Time for Donovan's sweet vox to carry me away
  6. The first time they did redone tracks was phenomenal, the second time was half good half ok, and these are just not good
  7. this shit throws hands, so good
  8. The production and vocals on this give me a Mothership vibe, I wouldn't be surprised if this was a cut track from it
  9. Solid as usual. I do wish Marcel screamed more often, and I do miss the more technical guitar work that was on Loveless, but overall this is a good change in direction for them. Zach sounds phenomenal
  10. Kinda wish Coalesce was on here, but this is still pretty good. I don't think it's as good as Natives for now, but maybe it'll grow on me
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