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  1. Sooo. Is there a new album coming? The singles are excellent regardless
  2. When 10000 days was released we didnt have lyric videos ya know. Id love to see tool do a couple for this album. The lyrics sound so great. Ahh. This is what we expected and were anticipating. Just amazing
  3. YESSSSSSS Thank you. What a perfect progression from the titan ep. They really cant make bad tunes. 6 years worth the wait
  4. Oh no. I know that. it was more of just putting the words out there. Lol
  5. Didnt jesse say they demoed like 20-30 tracks??? Oh and that album art is fuckin NOICE
  6. I dont think ba r oness knows what bad music is. Holy hell im halfway through. And its a very great album so far
  7. I saw oxygen live after it came out and i loved it. Live its amazingly heavy
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