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  1. I read this as whitney, Strange overdose....
  2. Now lets get a new shai hulud album this year.
  3. Om my holy fuck that was a ride. This is not only a killer ep. But its just fun. All the way through. Hell yeah The opening to chains of agony has serious slipknot vibes
  4. YESSSS NEW AARON TURNER!!! Sumac is such an underrated band
  5. Wow. Wasnt expecting this to be as good as it is. Wayne may have died but he left us with a great wealth of music. Cant wait to see whats in vol 2.
  6. Theres @Summers doin the good work again
  7. Fuck. Yes. I called slow decay. And hey did anyone else catch that they released D.E.C.A.Y. slowly. Throughout the last few months. Slow decay. Lets do this boys.
  8. So they are really re recording their earlier albums!!!!!
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