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  1. I just met and hung out with this kid. Super fuckin talented and very nice. I may listen to extreme music. But this is like a breath of fresh air.
  2. Fuck yeah!!! Clients is the shit. Thanks for posting
  3. $ TheHunteraciaStrain. Idk why, but im so happy you finally heard it. I also agree. This thing is fucking evil man. The vocal delivery alone is fucking downright nasty. And instrumentally i feel they not only experimented and pulled it off fantastically, but they capitalized on what they do best. Doomy gloomy deppressingly down tempoed evil-core. With a dash of pure hate
  4. 1 song. 7 movements. Acacia again continue to not only exceed my expectations but produce some evil fucking music. This rules. Merry Christmas everyone
  5. For those unaware, this is Cameron argon(big chocolate)'s death metal band.
  6. I cant believe it. I love elo. This is awesome news guys!!
  7. Lol my bad. I love oh sleeper. But this... Ehh
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